Urban Turtle for TFS 2013 Specification

  Urban Turtle for TFS 2013
Product Management
Manage your project with features
Break your features in stories instantly
View all feature details at a glance
View all features completion in the same page
Create, remove, edit your features
Filter features by Area and Iteration
Custom Boards
Customize multiple boards in seconds
On-demand board creation and management
Configurable columns (WIP, Name, Disposition)
Every team can have its own process
Display a different board (process) for each iteration
Support any process
Support Kanban
Support Scrum
Manage work interuptions on a separate board
Agile Dashboard
Sunset Graph to monitor release delivery
Velocity Chart
Hour Burndown Chart
Story Point Burndown Chart
Budget Graph
Consistency of Critical Factors Graph
Earned Value Management
Work Completed
Sprint Goal
Iteration and area selection for each widget
Report on live data (what is happening now)
Report on historical data (what happened in the past)
Product Backlog
Agile project management tools
Release planning
Iteration metrics
Deal with all work item types
Use areas for product backlog categorisation
Filtering by work item type
Different color for each work item type
Trash can to remove unwanted work items
Parent-child work items in the backlog
Quick Add for all iterations
Multi-Team iteration planning
Release management with parent-child iterations and areas
Drag and drop prioritisation
Drag and drop planning
Team management
Custom column selection
Sprint Backlog
Custom column configuration
Different color cues for all work item types
Multiple iteration selection
Area management
Trash can to remove unwanted work items
Hide completed work items
Customizable information on the card
Total work item count per column
Filter work items by iteration and area
Work item filters
Simple drag and drop interface
Hour Burndown Chart
Estimation Board
Estimation Board add-on
Show standard of values
Filter work items by iteration and area
Works on iPad (and other tablets too)
Hour Burndown Chart
Story Point Burndown Chart