PHP Tools for Visual Studio Specification

  PHP Tools for Visual Studio
Main benefits
Stable and fast integration into Visual Studio.
Tight PHP language integration for Visual Studio.
Team collaboration; Source control providers including TFS, Git or SVN
Built-in PHP debugger.
Automatic updates through Visual Studio Extension Manager
Visual PHP Debugging
Locals view
Autos view
Watch window
Conditional breakpoints
Multiple session debugging
Remote debugging
Call stack view
Step Into / Step Over
Quick Watch view
Modifying values in run-time
View values as XML, HTML or text
Immediate Window during PHP debugging
PHP Editor
Work with PHP code in the same way as native languages in Visual Studio
Definition occurences highlighting
Syntactic errors underlining
Customizable colors setting respecting user's theme
Support for additional Visual Studio extensions
HTML, JavaScript or CSS code blocks within PHP files
Schema validation
HTML Element path view
Design view, Split view, Code view
Support for additional HTML plugins
Format document
Format selection
Automatic format on paste
Automatic format on closing brace
Automatic format on closing statement
Format of inserted code snippets
Builtin code snippets for PHP
Content-related completion of snippet parameter
Brace matching
Collapse code blocks to navigate through code faster
Collapse definitions for better overview of your code
Show classes, functions, fields, constants within source file
Show full declaration of functions merged with documentary comments
Smart icons simplifies code overview
Organizes all the functions and classes by namespace
Shows class functions and properties
Navigate To support
Any other file extension can be mapped to PHP. Work with .inc, .module, .test and other files (required e.g. for Drupal)
Works with all the features like IntelliSense, highlighting, outlining or navigation bar
Comment/Uncomment code
Generating PHPDoc comments
Find/Search replacement within projects and solutions. Supports regular expressions and wildcards.
Unicode support and line ending configuration
Build better code, verified during typing.
Full IntelliSense features support of PHP 4 and PHP 5, including namespaces and lambda functions.
Code Completion assistance offers possible symbols, based on current context and objects value.
Complete characters users usually miss
Fixes letter casing to keep code clean.
Searches symbols using partially typed name.
Fixes qualified name of namespace identifier, based on scope aliases and namespace.
Filters out symbols only available in current context, like classes name after 'new' or 'extends' keywords.
Tags every symbol with smart icon showing its accessibility.
Filters out static or non-static members based on used syntax.
Smart code analysis infers possible types of dynamic variables.
Shows as much information as possible in every symbol description, including documentation, declaration, value of constants etc. in one place.
Displayed aside of code completion list to offer an additional information about symbol being typed.
Tracking of variable declaration reconstructs values and shows you possible object members without running the code.
Including base classes and interfaces, 'new', indirect 'new', 'global', function call, 'self', '$this', 'parent', assignments, type hints, inclusions
Built-in functions and classes are generated from metadata to get you PHP view of definitions
Find Symbol Results window with list of symbol definitions
Full PHPDoc support
PHPDoc editting
Shows PHPDoc content within IntelliSense
Integrated PHP manual
Generating PHP code of builtin classes from metadata
Shows description of a function/method you are just calling.
Function documentation and whole declaration.
Function parameters with type hints and detailed description while you type
PHP project system
Support for running, debugging
Publish project through FTP, SFTP and FTPS
Visual Studio Source Control Providers support (TFS, SVN, Git)
Built-in PHP developmnet server
PHP routing script support
Automatic installation of PHP from Web Platform Installer
Standard Msbuild format