Nevron Rich Text Editor Specification

  Nevron Rich text Editor 
Nevron Rich text Editor
Nevron Rich text Editor
Inline Formatting
Font style support (Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough)
Font name (ability to switch the font family)
Font Panose
Font Rasterization
Font size
Superscript / Subscript
Foreground Fill
Advanced Foreground Fill Options    
Highlight Fill and Background Fill
Advanced Highlight Fill and Background Fill Options    
Controllable visibility of special characters (page breaks, line breaks etc.)
Widgets – other controls can be inserted inside paragraphs    
Raster Images  
WMF Images    
EMF Images    
Page Breaks
Paragraph Formatting
Line indentation – first line indent, hanging indent
Alignment (Left, Right, Center, Justify)
Line Height control
Right To Left language support (Arabic, Hebrew etc.)
Tabs – custom tab positions and tab alignment (Left, Center, Right and Decimal), tab leader styles.    
Widow/Orphan control
Bullets and Numbering
Arabic, Roman, Alphabetic, Symbol, Cardinal, Ordinal etc. bullet numbering
Multi level bullets list – bullet lists can be nested in each other to produce bullets such as (2.1, 2.1.1 etc).  
Bullet Tabs – tabs can follow the bullet list item to produce equally indented text in the paragraph
Counters – bullet lists can use a custom or automatically assigned bullet counter.    
Templates – bullet lists can specify a bullet list template that governs how bullets are created and formatted.
Bullets Embedding can be embedded in the paragraphs or displayed next to the bullet list item content (like in HTML).    
Columns - Tables columns with Fixed, Automatic and Percentage width and custom specified appearance.
Rows – Table rows with preferred, min, max height and custom specified appearance.
Row / Col Merge Cells – each table cell can be configured to span a range of cells in the table.  
Nested Tables – tables can be nested in each other
Table Borders – support for collapsed and expanded table border.    
Ability to specify horizontal and vertical cell spacing.    
Cell Vertical Alignment    
Column Appearance  
Headers and Footers – ability to specify headers and footer for first, even or odd page.  
Page Size / Orientation - page size and orientation can be specified per section.    
Columns – multiple columns per section with controllable column spacing.    
Column Separator – separator line between columns on the page    
Section Breaks – Continous, Even Page, Odd Page, New Page section break separators.    
Section Appearance customization.    
Group Blocks
Group blocks    
Document Information
Block Layout And Size
Flow Positioned Blocks
Page Positioned Blocks    
Relative And Absolute Positioned Blocks    
Margins, Padding and Border
Avoid page breaks    
Page Break Before    
Page Break After    
Minimum Size
Maximum Size
Preferred Size
Editing Features
In place property editing
Normal View
Print View  
Web View    
In place editing for header / footer    
Characters formatting - font size, font style, font name, superscript, subscript etc.
Unlimited Undo / Redo
Find / Replace
Insert Breaks – line break, page break, section break, column break.    
Insert Image  
Format the current selection as bullet list
Increase / Decrease block indentation  
Zoom – zoom in / out and free zoom slider.
Horizontal and Vertical Ruler Bars
Open URL    
Supported File Formats
Export to PDF    
NTX (Native Nevron Text XML Format)    
NTB (Native Nevron Text Binary Format)