Gnostice PDFOne .NET Specification

  Gnostice PDFOne .NET Pro Plus
General Features, I/O and Security Support
Load from file and memory stream
Save to file and memory stream
Save to HTTP response
Email after saving to file
Fully support PDF version 1.3 through 1.6 (Acrobat 4 through 7) files
Support TrueType and OpenType fonts
Support full embedding of TrueType and OpenType fonts
Support subset embedding of TrueType and OpenType fonts
Support for text rendering in Unicode (for all character sets – Eastern Europe, Chinese, Japanese…)
Support for Unicode text in watermarks, document information, bookmarks and text annotations
Password-protect document with 40-bit and 128-bit encryption
Read encrypted documents (password required)
Read XML metadata of document
Read and edit document information properties, such as Title, Author, Subject, Keywords…
Read and edit document's viewer preferences
Add and remove thumbnails
Rendering of all image formats supported by .NET framework
Support Flate Encode/Decode, ASCII85 Encode/Decode, ASCIIHex Encode/Decode, RunLength Encode/Decode, LZW Encode/Decode compression techniques
100% .NET code
Document Creation
(new documents)
Support advanced rendering functions – header/hooter, paragraph, table, text box, watermark/stamping and auto-pagination for text
Add annotations - text, link, free text, line, square, circle, highlight, underline, squiggly, strikeout, stamp, ink, caret and more
Insert page-level file attachments
Add actions to links and annotations
Add document-level and page-level actions
Specify transparency levels for text, images, and shapes
Render shapes, images and text using CMYK
Embed document-level file attachments
Add signature form fields - visible and hidden digital signatures, blank signature form fields
Document Modification / Processing (existing documents)
Insert watermarks and stamps with text and images
Add, edit, and delete annotations
Add actions to bookmarks [URI, go-to, remote go-to, launch, JavaScript, and named]
Add actions to annotations [URI, go-to, remote go-to, launch, JavaScript, and named]
Add, edit, and delete bookmarks
Change page layout
Change document viewer settings
Change document viewer window settings
Change owner and user passwords
Change document restrictions
Insert page-level and document-level attachments
Add page headers and footers
Draw shapes such as circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles, lines, polylines, polygons…
Write formatted text with various fonts
Place autotext in rendered text [page number, total page count, time, and date]
Add various transition effects to enable a PDF document to be used as a presentation slide
Redact text (using literal text and regular expressions) and page regions
Extract text
Search text (using literal text and regular expressions)
Parse PDF page elements
Modify signature form fields - filling blank signature form fields, removing all existing signatures
Document Re-organization
Merge several documents into one
Copy pages from one document and append or insert them in to another document
Split a document into several new documents
Include/exclude bookmarks, annotations, form-fields, page-level actions, document-level actions from page reorganization operations
Acroforms Processing
(PDF eForms)
Read and Fill form field values
Create new PDF form fields
Flatten existing form fields to make them non-interactive
Delete form field
Clone form field
Import form field values from an FDF file
Export form field values to an FDF file
Document Viewing
Rendering JBIG2 images
Render text, shape and image elements
Support for TrueType and Type 1 fonts
Specify character and word spacing
Rendering CCITT4 images
Navigate using keys
Page buffering for smooth scrolling
Document Printing
Rendering JBIG2 images
Scaling to printable area
Print page sub ranges (All, even, odd and custom-selected pages)
Page-level printing events
Document Outline Viewing
Interactive tree-view display of PDF bookmarks
Integration with viewer component