Dotfuscator Specification

  Community Edition
Baseline obfuscation, instrumentation & exception tracking (all SKUs except VS Express)
WP7 Edition
Commercial-grade SKU exclusively available for WP7 apps being distributed via the Windows Phone Marketplace
Professional Edition
Our flagship, enterprise-ready tool for maximizing security, instrumentation & Visual Studio support
Cross Assembly Renaming
Renaming Schemes
Silverlight XAML Renaming
WPF BAML Renaming
Renaming Prefix  
Enhanced Overload Induction  
Incremental Obfuscation  
HTML Renaming Report  
Control Flow  
String Encryption  
User Interface
Standalone UI
Visual Studio Project Template  
Command Line  
Supported Application Types
Windows Phone 8    
Windows Phone 7
Integrated ClickOnce    
Office Applications    
SQL CLR Applications  
Generic Types and Methods Only in VS2012
Managed C++ (Mixed Mode) Assembly Support    
Satellite Assembly Support  
Build / Packaging
Strong Named Assembly Resigning  
Authenticode Signing  
Pre and Post Build Events  
User definable dependent assembly search path  
Directory Wildcard
AppX Round Tripping    
XAP Round Tripping  
Debuggin Support
PDB Round Tripping  
Stack Trace Translation  
Deployment Optimizations
Assembly Linking  
HTML/XML Removal Report  
Unused Code Removal  
Const Removal  
Advanced Application Protection
Tamper Detection (Default Action)  
Tamper Notification    
Tamper Detection (Custom Action)    
Application Life Cycle Management
Embedded Shelf Life Token  
Default Action on Expiration  
Custom Action on Expiration    
Custom Shelf Life Token Source    
PreEmptive Analytics Support
Runtime Intelligence Service Support
PreEmptive Analytics for TFS Support
Custom Endpoint Support
Opt-in/Opt-out Support
Application Tracking
Feature Tick
Feature Duration
Exception Reporting Only in VS2012
Performance Probe  
System Profile  
Extended Keys  
Send Custom Instance ID (Application Serial Number)