Bogdan Constantin verified customerRomania5 star
Name Withheld verified customerSpain5 star
Name Withheld verified customerItaly5 star
Name Withheld verified customerIsrael5 star
Name Withheld verified customerSwitzerland5 star
daveHAWKES, New Zealand4 star
Since the other reviews are about ten years old, let me say that I have been using ConponentOne Studio for Winforms for many years now, and it has become a very mature product. Controls such as Inputpanel can be used to whip up applications just as quick as MS Access apps. The support from their website is very good, and they have Help in all formats including PDF.
MarkUnited Kingdom5 star
I have recently upgraded from using VS Flex Grid with Visual Basic to using the new ComponentOne Flex Grid with .NET and I am considerably impressed with the new package. It is an added bonus that all the other controls come with the studio. I have also started using the charting component and have not yet found anything which either of these controls cannot do. They are easy to use and their are extensive samples to refer to in most cases. Highly recommended!
Anonymous2 star
I downloaded the entire 150mb plus thing, and mapped it to IIS, it has still yet to work for me. Too many files and modules, needs to be oragnized properly. I am not recommending this.
ossoftArgentina5 star
Excellent!!! The best suite of components ever made!!! Specially the data objects components. It makes C# development easy Highly recommendable!!
tomCanada1 star
Worst customer support and service I've ever seen. We bought this package because their controls were very flexible. Great grids, multicolumn combos and listboxes... overall a great set of tools. However, each of them are buggy and partially featured. After waiting 7 days for a response on my first support incident and a further 2 weeks of getting nowhere, I asked for a refund. That's the last I've ever heard from them. We now have a buggy toolbox that they are unable to fix within a reasonable amount of time. Or in other words, we were blatanlty ripped off. Stay well clear of Component One. Infragistics or DevExpress are far better products and have great customer support and service.