AnonymousItaly5 star
Julie verified customerUnited Kingdom5 star

I've used the software for many, many years, and see no reason to change. When I have needed technical support, it's been there, and that was prior to having a support subscription initially ... just took a little longer for a reply.

Marco Casaburi verified customerItaly5 star

Amazing Suite of controls for the development of applications designed to handle data. We use it on daily basis since 2004 to develop both Desktop and Web applications.

A special note to the Support team who would work fast to resolve any software bug in the software. I will buy it again as I am already a customer for the last 15 years.

Name Withheld verified customerFrance5 star
Name Withheld verified customerNetherlands, The5 star
Mick O'Rourke, Ward Data verified customerIreland3 star

After 20+ years we have decided to move from the Janus Grid and the related components. We need to ensure that our software is future proofed.

To that end we have purchased Component One Studio Enterprise. The C1 controls have some nice features, even though we feel the features of some other products are much easier to implement. For instance, the C1 grid requires us to add an additional control (record navigator) to simply show row positioning. Other components have this feature implemented within the grid itself.

That said, C1 support has been excellent and cannot be faulted.

etimuso verified customerFCT, Nigeria5 star

This is a great tool for developers who want quick and efficient results without the hassles of low level coding. It has been my companion for years and I don't think I will drop it anytime soon.

contactThe Netherlands5 star
I upgraded my ComponentOne license and I am now focussing on the Silverlight controls. They look very impressive indeed! And because I own other product suites too I can say they offer the most for your money. But of course this opinion is just a snapshot in time, it can change every 6 months is my experience. Yours sincerely, Evert Wiesenekker Lone wolf developer at Wiesweb
Richard.JudgeUnited Kingdom5 star
Do NOT be put off by the early reviews of this product, the current versions of the controls or at least from 2007 v1 have been significantly improved. The inclusion of the Ribbon tool, the UI styling. Flexgrid is extremely efficient, trueDBgrid with it's simple sorting and grouping facility is essential for rapid development. I have used many of the controls for one purpose or another and I have not had reason to purchase another toolset. I have found my development process improved with the ease of use the controls. I haven't as yet used the WPF toolset so cannot comment on those particular tools. Thumbs up from me.
trungbravo verified customerViet Nam5 star
I like Flexgrid, becouse It's easy to use and support is very good