Where to Buy

Actipro WPF Controls can be purchased directly from either ComponentSource or from Actipro Software.

Buy now from ComponentSource

The following Actipro WPF Controls are available to buy and download from ComponentSource, click the links to visit the product store page and 'Add to Cart'.

  1. Actipro WPF Studio
  2. Actipro WPF Essentials
  3. Actipro Bar Code for WPF
  4. Actipro Docking & MDI for WPF
  5. Actipro Editors for WPF
  6. Actipro Gauge for WPF
  7. Actipro Navigation for WPF
  8. Actipro PropertyGrid for WPF
  9. Actipro Ribbon for WPF
  10. Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF
  11. Actipro Views for WPF
  12. Actipro Wizard for WPF

Buy from Actipro Software

  1. Follow this link to the Actipro Software purchase page.