SmartOutlook4TFS released

SmartOutlook4TFS released
Convert your emails, meetings and tasks to Work Items.


Press Release

September 01, 2014 - 13:09
SmartOutlook4TFS released
Open tasks displayed in SmartOutlook4TFS.

SmartOutlook4TFS is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that enables you to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Outlook with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. It can easily convert emails, meetings and tasks to Work Items and organize them using Outlook views. It enhances visibility and communication between Outlook and Team Foundation Server.


  • Work Item Management - SmartOutlook4TFS equips Outlook with the fundamental work item tracking tools of TFS. You can create new Work Items, edit existing Work Items, view and organize Work Items, all within the environment of Outlook.
  • Email and Work Item Integration - Create a new Work Item from an email or attach an email to a Work Item. It automatically copies information from email into a Work Item.
  • Task and Work Item Integration - Convert Outlook tasks to Work Items in Team Foundation Server.
  • Manage Work Item Details - Access and modify Work Item details from within Outlook. All updates are saved to Team Foundation Server.
  • Create new Work Items within Outlook - Create Work Items from within Outlook. These Work Items are exported to Team Foundation Server upon saving.
  • Provides Feedback for Each Work Item - Provide specific feedback on the functionality from a user perspective without requiring meetings and demo sessions. Also, provide a rating to each feedback showing the cumulative feedback.
  • Provides Discussion for Each Work Item - Allow a user to enter or view comments related to selected Work Item within Outlook.
  • View TFS Queries from Outlook - SmartOutlook4TFS encompasses the powerful organizational and grouping capabilities of Outlook to your Team Foundation Server project. It provides access to your project queries and Work Items directly from inside Outlook, with filtering, sorting and fully custom Work Item field mappings, you can unify your information the way you want.

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