SmartWord4TFS released

SmartWord4TFS released
Seamless connection between Microsoft Word and Team Foundation Server.


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August 29, 2014 - 15:20
SmartWord4TFS released
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SmartWord4TFS is a Microsoft Word plug-in that enables you to integrate Microsoft Word with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. It provides Work Item management for Team Foundation Server and allows business analysts to use Word to author requirements, specifications and save them to TFS. Managers may create status reports and business stakeholders may submit defects, issues and change requests directly to TFS from Word.


  • Access Any TFS Process Templates - Employ predefined TFS process templates for Agile, SCRUM and CMMI, as well as custom process templates and author requirements based on the Work Item types they support.
  • Author TFS Work Items and Publish to Team Foundation Server - Create new requirements and instantly publish them to TFS as linked Work Items within a hierarchy. Also, retrieve Work Items from TFS, revise them and then update TFS with the changes, including revisions to the Work Item hierarchy.
  • Keep Documents Live with TFS Work items - Maintain Word documents in constant sync with TFS (via a two-way connection) so that they never get stale, and stay up to date throughout the requirements definition process.
  • Create new Work Items within Word - Create Work Items based on the Work Item types supported by the associated Process Template within Word. These Work Items are exported to Team Foundation Server upon publishing the document.
  • Import Requirements From TFS - Get Work Items from TFS and import them into Word, based on a Query and Search approach.
  • Manage Work Item Details - Access and modify Work Item details, even those not displayed in Word such as history, attachments, links and other properties, from within Word. All updates are saved to Team Foundation Server.
  • Create Smart Parts for Reuse - Create document section templates, called Smart Parts, with Work Item layouts for reuse. Using these Smart Part’s you may design ‘Smart’ Word document templates.
  • Generate Reports based on Queries from TFS - Produce reports and documentation from Work Items in TFS-based private or shared queries.
  • Customize and Create Templates According to your Needs - Create rich-structured Word Templates when creating your Requirements documentation. These templates are fully customizable according to your needs.
  • Distribute Templates Among Teams - Distribute templates to reuse them for other projects as well as team collaboration.
  • Share Documents with External Reviewers/Approvers - Send Smart Word documents to stakeholders who may not have SmartWord4TFS and then publish their accepted changes to TFS.
  • Multi Lingual Support - Multi-Lingual support at functional level for different languages that MS Word supports.

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