VS Anywhere released

VS Anywhere released
Real-time collaborative tool for Visual Studio.


Press Release

December 20, 2013 - 10:21
VS Anywhere released
Collaborate using VS Anywhere.

VS Anywhere lets distributed teams work together inside Visual Studio. By viewing and working together in synced files, developers, architects, project managers and designers collaborate efficiently, creating high-quality products in less time. Built-in visual and communication tools inside the development environment enable full transparency, adherence to best practices, less bugs and improved hiring and training. Teams get up and running fast and work cohesively, regardless of the miles, languages and coding styles between them.


  • Fast, Stable Collaboration - Session startup is initiated by selecting participants inside the Visual Studio interface. VS Anywhere’s own asynchronous technology means there are no latency or bandwidth issues, regardless geographic distribution.
  • Concurrent Editing - Participants enter and collaborate on a synched file (XAML, Entity Framework, Xamarin, Phalanger or PHP). Teams watch each other edit and write code in real-time with color-coded cursors.
  • Project Content Fully Synced - All code is synced and saved within the IDE and team members can work on different files within the same session. Real-time edits are applied in the background and projects are backed up locally, so you can always roll back to a previous point.
  • Zero Footprint Integration with Source Control - No code remains on the VS Anywhere Server after a session is ended. Work is saved to local participant files. Integration with Source Controls Managers is transparent.
  • Team Communication Tools - VS Anywhere integrates with a range of tools that make it easy to communicate during sessions. They include multi-user chat rooms, an online/offline indicator that shows you who’s available to collaborate and optional VoIP Skype integration.
  • Multiple Delivery Models (Cloud/On-Premises) - VS Anywhere is available as an On-Premise or Cloud-based delivery model. You can also set up VS Anywhere on Azure.

About VS Anywhere

VS Anywhere is a software company based in Madrid, Spain. They specialise in software collaboration tools for Visual Studio.