Instant code review

Instant code review
Static code analysis and automatic refactoring.


Press Release

April 03, 2013 - 10:59
Instant code review
Analyse code using Code.It.Right.

Code.It.Right helps improve software quality, ensure code correctness, find issues early and resolve them quickly. It combines static code analysis and automatic refactoring in one application. CodeIt.Right will automatically correct code errors and violations (e.g. naming conventions, incorrectly implemented coding patterns, etc) and the Instant Code Review provides real-time feedback to developers in the Visual Studio Editor.


  • Instant Code Review - Highlights code elements that trigger a violation and shows a complete list of issues.
  • Microsoft Guidelines and Best Practices - Rule set based on Microsoft .NET Guidelines, Framework Design Guidelines and industry best practices.
  • Automatic Code Refactoring - IntelliFix technology automatically remedies code smells and violations.
  • Follow Your Own Standards - Configure the shipped rule set based on Microsoft guidelines and industry best practices to your needs.
  • Reduce Noise - Reduce false positives and noise down to zero and tweak the tool to your needs.
  • Code Reviews - Automated code reviews are part of the routine.
  • Custom Rule SDK - Define and develop Custom Rules that prevent application-specific issues from re-occurring.
  • Code Metrics - Use Code Metrics to gain insight into your application's overall complexity and to spot potential problem areas.
  • Reporting - Includes extensive and customizable set of reports.
  • Integrated into Visual Studio - Analyze code in Visual Studio and quickly navigate to violation source code.

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SubMain is a privately held company founded in 2002. It provides innovative and original software quality tools for .NET developers.