VSCommands 2010 released

VSCommands 2010 released
Lightweight Productivity Plug-in for Visual Studio.


Press Release

February 02, 2012 - 9:52
VSCommands 2010 released
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VSCommands 2010 provides code navigation and code generation improvements which make everyday coding tasks faster and more productive. It includes IDE Enhancements, Debugging, Build, Navigation, Search and Code Assistance.


  • Find Results Window - Find what you search for easily with smart context highlighting
  • Build Output Window - Highlight errors and warnings to make them easier to spot
  • Debug Output Window - Highlight exceptions, build errors, warnings and other events logged to the Debug Output Window during program execution
  • Friendly Solution Name - Visual clue as to which solution (or branch) is open in Visual Studio
  • Preview Images - Preview window allows you to quickly see images selected in the Solution Explorer without opening each of them separately
  • Reload all modified projects - Reload or ignore changes to all modified projects at once
  • Show Assembly Details - See detailed information about your referenced assemblies
  • Build Startup Project - Build startup projects only, rebuilding the whole solution is no longer required
  • Locate Source File - Navigate to the source of linked file with just one click
  • Group / Ungroup Items - Easily group and ungroup items using IDE (DependentUpon)
  • Copy / Paste as Link - Quickly copy and paste linked files between projects
  • Copy / Paste Reference - Copy and paste references between projects (assembly, projects and ActiveX references)
  • Open In Expression Blend - Open project in Expression Blend directly from Visual Studio
  • Collapse All - Collapse all projects and folders in the Solution Explorer
  • Attach to Local IIS - Quickly attach to local IIS to debug ASP.NET projects
  • Solution Properties - View and edit referenced paths and properties of all projects from one place
  • Apply Fix - Automatically fix build errors and StyleCop warnings
  • Locate in Solution - Find and highlight currently opened file in the Solution Explorer
  • Start Without Debugger - Launch compiled output of projects without attaching a debugger

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