Object Pascal language for Java and Android

Object Pascal language for Java and Android
A compiler for managed platforms that includes Class Contracts, Parallelized Execution and Error Reporting.


Press Release

December 21, 2011 - 0:00
Object Pascal language for Java and Android
Creating a project in Oxygene for Java.

Oxygene for Java brings Object Pascal to Java and Android platforms. Use one language to develop for Java and .NET. Both platforms are driven by the same compiler, and the language is 99% syntax compatible between the two platforms.


  • Java Language - Oxygene is a true super-set of the Java Language. Anything you can do in Java, you can do in Oxygene, but in addition you can also take advantage of dozens of advanced language features.
  • IDE - Oxygene for Java integrates into Visual Studio to provide the same development experience you know from .NET.
  • Toolchain Integration - Oxygene integrates platform native tools into the IDE workflow, letting you build Android applications right from the Visual Studio IDE
  • Complete Debugger Integration - Press F5 and debug your Java and Android applications inside Visual Studio. Set breakpoints in your project, step through Oxygene code or Java language code from references libraries. Launch and debug your Android applications in the Emulator or on your connected device.
  • 100% Native Java - Directly work with the core Java and Android base classes and reference and reuse any Java frameworks available from the platform vendor or third parties.
  • Generate 100% Native .jar Files - Create .jar libraries that can be consumed by other Java language developers.

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