Code-free dashboards and data visualizations

Code-free dashboards and data visualizations
NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch allows you to quickly and easily create business applications.


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July 26, 2011 - 13:36
Code-free dashboards and data visualizations
Sample dashboard using NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch.

NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed for developers and business power users alike who are looking for an easy and fast way to create business applications using LightSwitch. The toolset offers custom shells, unique themes for creating code-free dashboards, interactive maps and other rich, visual editing experiences. NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch is perfect for building eye-catching geospatial representations with the interactive Map control which features panning, zooming, image tiling and more. The Gauge control offers the ability to create multi-scale, round or semi-round dashboard dials with the look and feel of an automotive dashboard or even an aircraft cockpit. Designed for handling high data volumes, the Data Chart control offers high performance, particularly with large data sets. You can also deliver engaging intelligence with the Bullet Graph or apply the Slider control and relegate traditional edit boxes to the dust bin. Infragistics have even included Editor controls such as the Numeric Editor with spin buttons, so you can easily adjust values and a Mask Editor to help users intuitively fill-in text values. The Outlook Bar/Tileview shell extension is designed to provide expressive layouts. And any of Infragistic’s Theme choices will add a modern style to your application.


UI Control Extensions - NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch extends applications built in Visual Studio LightSwitch with custom shells, themes and controls for creating code-free dashboards, interactive maps, and other eye-catching data visualizations.

  • Map control - Present rich geospatial data with interactive which features like panning, zooming, image tiling, mouse over effects and tooltips. This control supports Open GIS standards for creating polygon-based shapes (lots, states, countries), polyline-based shapes (roads, rivers, transmission lines), point-based shapes (cities, points of interest), geometry and geography data, and tiled geo-imagery.  Additional features includes: Map Layers, Map Tile Source, Navigational panes, Color Swatch panes, Scale panes.
  • Gauge control - Create multi-scale, round or semi-round dashboard dials with the look and feel of an automotive dashboard or aircraft cockpit. You can also create linear Gauges with straight line measurement scales that can orient vertically or horizontally. You can even build digital displays with up to seven numeric segments or 14 alphanumeric segments.
  • Data Chart control - Build dashboards and chart types for every business scenario. This control is designed for high performance, particularly with large data sets ranging into the millions of data points. It is also capable of updates every few milliseconds. The Data Chart offers zooming, range selection and the stacking of chart layers to the popular Area, Column, Line, Spline, Step and Pie charts with ease and elegance.
  • Bullet Graph Control - Deliver a simple and concise view of your key performance indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence with the Bullet Graph. This control will allow you to compare multiple measurements. You can even enliven its look and feel with visually impressive animations, “template” and style its look and feel, and data bind this control to a particular value.
  • Slider Control - To provide users with a far more compelling editing experience than simple edit boxes, and to prevent errors in data entry, Infragistics are including the Slider control with this toolset. Similar to the Silverlight xamSlider control, this Slider presents an extensible range of features including datetime, numeric, datetime range, and numeric range sliders that will quickly relegate traditional edit boxes to the dust bin.
  • Editor Controls - The Numeric Editor control extension simplifies the entry and editing of numeric data to any number of decimal places and reduces erroneous input by confining data within programmable upper and lower bounds. It also includes fun-to-use spin buttons for both serially and arbitrarily adjusting data values. When your application calls for formatted or text data with more stringent constraints, the Mask Editor extension couldn't be more timely. Its input mask will help your users “intuitively” fill-in values.
  • Custom Shell Extensions - Elevate your application to a rich, modern, visually stunning delight. The stylish Outlook / TileView shell allows you to aggregate activity and data from multiple Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch screens into one view allowing for faster switching between screens in an intuitive, visually pleasing manner. 
  • Themes - Build custom interfaces with simplicity and beauty. Easy to implement, and NeoMetro and Office 2010 compatible, the intuitive style guidelines are the result of years of User Design and User Experience work. Benefit from the IG Theme, Metro Theme, Orange Theme, and Office 2010 Blue Theme styles that will allow you to represent your application in a visually appealing, modern and “natural” way.

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