ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2022 v1

ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2022 v1
Gauges, SpellChecker, FlexPivotSlicer and DashboardLayout WinForms controls have been ported to .NET 6.


Feature Release

April 01, 2022 - 16:34
ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2022 v1
FlexGrid Column Picker
  • .NET 6 Controls - The following controls have been ported to Microsoft .NET 6: Gauges, SpellChecker, FlexPivotSlicer, and DashboardLayout.
  • FlexGrid Column Picker - The WinForms FlexGrid now has a built-in column picker that can be enabled by setting one property. This feature allows end-users to add or remove a visible column through the gear icon on the top left corner of the grid or through column context menus.
  • FlexGrid Column Bands Designer - Now you can easily design banded (or grouped) columns at design time in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022. The feature is supported in .NET 6 through the collection editor. There are new samples that demonstrate advanced column bands.
  • FlexReport JSON Data Integration - The FlexReport Designer now supports a direct connection to JSON data sources through the data connection wizard. Design reports connecting to JSON data from a file or REST APIs that send JSON.
  • TreeView Nested Binding Enhancements - The WinForms TreeView can be bound to nested properties more easily using path indexers.
  • SuperTooltip is now compatible with the .NET DataGridView.
  • FlexChart runtime toolbar is officially released. The toolbar integration is available in Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2 and .NET 6.