Telerik Reporting R1 2022

Telerik Reporting R1 2022
Adds new React ReportViewer component that can be embedded in your React applications.


Feature Release

January 20, 2022 - 17:20
Telerik Reporting R1 2022
Report viewer
  • Web Report Designer has a new resource file manager
    • A new resource manager is now accessible from the main menu and corresponding property editors. It allows you to upload, download and select files such as CSV, JSON, images and XML external styles, and use them as shared resources in reports.
  • Web Report Designer supports ReportBook reports
    • The Web Report Designer now makes it possible to create or edit ReportBook reports, reorder the referenced reports and configure their parameters and ToC settings.
  • Snap lines support on Web Report Designer design surface
    • Web Report Designer now has snap lines - linear visual cues that aid the positioning and sizing the items on the design surface.
  • React Report Viewer
    • Added a brand new ReportViewer React component that can be embedded in your React applications.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio item templates for adding Telerik Report Viewer in WPF and WinForms Microsoft .NET Core and .NET 5+ applications
    • Users can now effortlessly add and configure Telerik Report Viewer in WPF and WinForms .NET Core and .NET 5+ applications through the Visual Studio item templates.
  • What's Improved
    • Custom assemblies are now consistently resolved in User and Aggregate functions and in ObjectDataSource.
    • .NET 6 default project templates with Minimal Web APIs are now supported for ASP.NET Core and Blazor Web applications.
  • What's Changed
    • The WinUI Report Viewer now targets Microsoft.WindowsAppSDK 1.0.0 instead of Microsoft.ProjectReunion 0.8.1.
    • Telerik.WebReportDesigner.Services.IResourceStorage interface has been extended with new members to support more scenarios for resource storing and retrieval. All custom implementations of this interface need to include the new members.