DevExpress WPF 21.2.4

DevExpress WPF 21.2.4
Improves Diagram, Scheduler and RichEdit controls.


Feature Release

December 14, 2021 - 10:22
DevExpress WPF 21.2.4
DevExpress WPF

DXGrid and DXTreeList for WPF

  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a node is dragged from one TreeListView to another.
  • A cell editor immediately closes when EnableImmediatePosting is set to True and the Edit Entire Row mode is enabled.
  • A cell editor is not focused after an attempt to post its invalid value via the Update button.
  • An external FilterEditorControl doesn't allow filtering columns if TableView's AllowFilterEditor property is disabled.
  • GridControl - Formatting Rules Editor generates an error when the "Use formula..." rule type is selected.
  • GridControl throws a NullReferenceException when reconnecting to a Remote Desktop Session after an upgrade to v21.1.6.
  • GridControl throws an exception when the column's Width property is set to * and the BestFitModeOnSourceChange property is set to AllRows.
  • GridControl throws NullReferencException on grouping for a column with Null values when TextEditSettings.NullText is bound to a property set to Null.
  • GridControl throws the NullReference exception if the mouse pointer is moved above column headers while they are being updating.
  • InfiniteAsyncSource throws an InvalidOperationException after calling its Dispose method if the GetTotalSummaries event does not have a handler.
  • RichTextBox located in ScrollViewer cannot be scrolled using the mouse wheel when DevExpress themes are applied.
  • The delete operation doesn't work for collapsed group rows.
  • The HorizontalContentAlignment property does not work for HyperlinkEditSettings.
  • The New Item Row contains values from one of existing rows after committing a new row if it's located at the bottom.
  • There is no way to access a grid's View from DataControlBase.ActiveView in the dialog edit form.

All WPF products

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - The use of the StyleSheetPath property causes design-time exceptions.
  • Custom controls in editing preview - The EditingFieldChanged event is not raised when closing the main window.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - The Parameters panel gets disabled on interaction with a Drill-Down Report.
  • End-User Report Designer - No properties are available in the Group Field Collection Editor.
  • Filtering is incorrectly applied to a report when a "?parameter Is Null" filter condition is used with a MultiValue parameter.
  • Parameters Panel - Parameters from a nested sub report that is placed in another sub report are not displayed.
  • The designerrunner.exe tool requires Microsoft .NET Core 3.1.
  • The ParameterTemplateSelector class does not work in v21.2.3.
  • Visual Studio 2019 Report Designer crashes when loading a report with JSON nullable fields.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - Report Controls disappear on an attempt to Undo changes.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - XRSubreport generates incorrect code in the "Designer.cs" file in Microsoft .NET 5 applications.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer (.NET Core/.NET 5+) - Data types are serialized in code behind as RemoteClassStub.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer (.NET Core/.NET 5+) stops working after the System.Drawing.Common package v6.0.0+ is added to the project.
  • WPF Report Designer - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown upon dropping a field from the Field List onto the Cross Tab Data area.

DXBars for WPF

  • Badges do not raise the CustomPlacement event.
  • BarButtonItem's tooltip displays incorrect text when Content contains XmlElement.

DXCharts for WPF

  • An incorrect chart layout is displayed after the state of the Legend checkbox is changed subsequently.
  • Funnel Series - An unhandled exception occurs when setting the DataSourceSorted property to True in certain situations.
  • Selection - Points are selected with a delay when Date-Time aggregation is enabled.
  • Waterfall - The Start bar label color is incorrect in certain situations.

DXDiagram for WPF

  • A custom DiagramImage shape throws an exception if the CustomStyleId property is assigned in a factory.
  • DiagramDataBindingBehavior doesn't refresh items if it is attached to DiagramControl after it is loaded.
  • DiagramList doesn't layout inner items when it's located in the toolbox preview.
  • InvalidOperationException occurs if DiagramControl's Template property is overridden and a theme is switched.

DXDocking for WPF

  • A panel is maximized and doesn't respond to actions after double-clicking the header.
  • An application hangs in the debugger in certain cases when DockLayoutManager is serialized and EnableWin32Compatibility is enabled.
  • DockLayoutManager - LayoutSplitter moves inconsistently when ItemSize of panels is lower than 1.

DXEditors for WPF

  • ButtonEdit's background isn't correctly displayed and covers the editor's buttons.
  • ComboBoxEdit ignores EnableTokenWrapping from a new TokenComboBoxStyleSettings object used in StyleSettings.
  • DateNavigator cannot scroll through months when placed in a certain layout.
  • PasswordBoxEdit always shows the Caps Lock Warning Tooltip if Caps Lock is pressed before a window is shown.
  • PasswordBoxEdit uses two different styles for the Caps Lock Warning Tooltip when it's focused and not focused.
  • SearchLookUpEdit adds the "Search" null text to the search value when the Paste operation is performed in the Search Panel.
  • The HorizontalContentAlignment property does not work for HyperlinkEditSettings.
  • TokenComboBoxStyleSettings throws InvalidCastException on editing with masked input.
  • TrackBarEdit doesn't display the ending tick and label in certain cases.

DXLayoutControl for WPF

  • LayoutGroups can be removed in a restored layout if they don't have names.

DXMap for WPF

  • Map for WPF - Custom Map Tile Provider does not display a map if there are no tile images for a certain zoom level.
  • Map for WPF - The "BindingExpression path error: 'Kind' property not found" warning message appears in console when using MapDataProviderBase descendant.
  • Map for WPF - The ViewportChanged event is not raised on map rotation.
  • Usability - BingSearchDataProvider does not include an option to include the neighborhood in the response.
  • Vector tiles - Some tiles are not loaded correctly during zooming.
  • Vector tiles - Some vector tiles cannot be loaded.
  • WPF MapControl - An unhandled exception occurs when scrolling MapControl on a touch display with a custom OnManipulationInertiaStarting procedure.

DXPrinting for WPF

  • BackstagePrintPreview - Clicking the Print button leads to an XamlParseException.

DXRibbon for WPF

  • Gallery's FirstCheckedItem isn't initially highlighted when it's bound to a property at the ViewModel level.
  • RibbonControl does not have a selected page on loading when the HideWhenEmpty option is used.

DXRichEdit for WPF

  • Applying the Normal style to a range with the Hyperlink style doesn't clear the range formatting.
  • Editing - ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to execute the Undo operation if several cells in a table are selected.
  • Editing - RichEditControl enters typed text into the next table cell if the cell was selected by a triple click.
  • Editing - The Document.Selections collection returns ranges linked to the main document even though selected ranges are in other subdocument types.
  • Import from DOCX - InvalidCastException is thrown on an attempt to load a specific document.
  • OpenXML documents and ZIP archives can be incorrectly read in a Microsoft .NET 6 project.
  • Rendering - Specific images are not rendered correctly if an application's Target Framework is set to .NET 6.0.
  • Rendering - The pasted RTL content is not visible until the RichEditControl is refreshed.
  • RTL - RichEditControl does not apply the font size setting selected in the "Font Size" combo box to the selected RTL text.
  • Shapes - NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to load a specific document containing shapes to RichEditControl for WPF.
  • UI - The Language form does not detect the language of the selected text in a specific Microsoft Word document.

DXScheduler for WPF

  • Display a warning when AppointmentMappings.ResourceId and ResourceMappings.Id have different types.
  • Scheduler RecurrenceWindow shows WeekOfMonth.Fourth when RecurrenceInfo contains WeekOfMonth.Last.

DXSpellChecker for WPF

  • SpellChecker - NullReferenceException is thrown while SpellChecker checks the spelling of controls located on the WinForms form.

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • Multiple columns' size unexpectedly changes when changing a single column's size in a specific document.
  • OpenXML documents and ZIP archives can be incorrectly read in a .NET 6 project.
  • Usability - Added the ability to link a shape's text to a cell.
  • Usability - There is no API to set the gridlines' color for a worksheet.

DXWizard for WPF

  • DefaultButton and DefaultFocus options do not work in Wizard when navigation is executed through code.

Installation (.NET)

  • Visual Studio 2022 DevExpress integration - The list of project templates is empty when Visual Studio is started for the first time after the installation is finished.

MVVM Framework

  • ThemedWindow opens more slowly each time if the Glow feature is enabled.

Navigation Controls for WPF

  • AccordionItem resets the property value bound to IsExpanded.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when TreeView with ItemContainerStyle for TreeViewItem is declared in AccordionControl's ItemTemplate.

PDF Viewer for WPF

  • DirectX Printing - Some standard fonts are incorrectly replaced in the printed document.
  • Rendering - Tiling pattern with content that uses a blend mode other than Normal is not rendered correctly.
  • Text Search - A specific text cannot be found in a PDF document.
  • Usability - The PdfAnnotationFacade class does not have an API to change annotation flags.
  • Usability - The PdfWidgetFacade class does not have an API to change form field flags.
  • Usability - There is no event to cancel sticky note editing.

Project Templates

  • Visual Studio 2022 DevExpress integration - The list of project templates is empty when Visual Studio is started for the first time after the installation is finished.

Themes and Theme Designer

  • CheckEdit and BarEditItem have the same color in the MetropolisDark theme.
  • RichTextBox located in ScrollViewer cannot be scrolled using the mouse wheel when DevExpress themes are applied.
  • Undeclared namespace errors occur when building the Visual Studio 2010 theme.

Microsoft Windows and Utility Controls for WPF

  • A ThemedWindow shown in dialog mode produces a leak in "User Objects".
  • An application hangs when a theme is applied to a window in another thread after the upgrade to v21.1.6.
  • Calling the ThemedWindow.CloseDialog method with null as a parameter causes an exception.
  • DXTabControl allows selecting tabs even if its IsEnabled is set to False.
  • NavigationFrame throws an exception if an extremely large animation delay is set.
  • The IsDefaulted Border is not rounded when the SimpleButton.CornerRadius property is set.
  • The SvgImageSource extension throws InvalidOperationException for certain images.
  • ThemedMessageBox incorrectly aligns its icons.
  • ThemedWindow doesn't change its size at runtime when SizeToContent is set to WidthAndHeight.