DevExpress WinForms 21.2.4

DevExpress WinForms 21.2.4
Improves PDF Viewer, Charts and Spreadsheet controls.


Feature Release

December 14, 2021 - 10:24
DevExpress WinForms 21.2.4
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms products

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - The use of the StyleSheetPath property causes design-time exceptions.
  • [Microsoft .NET 5 Designer] Subreports - It is not possible to choose a report with parameters as the Report Source.
  • A data source added to a report via the Data Source Wizard ignores the name in a model.
  • End User Report Designer - It's not possible to set the Font property using the Property Grid if UseOfficeInspiredView is False.
  • End-User Report Designer - Cannot select a *.SQLITE database file in the Data Source wizard.
  • End-User Report Designer crashes with localized resources for the NL culture.
  • End-User Report Designer for WinForms - The Table Report item is not initially selected on the "Select the report type.." wizard page.
  • Filtering is incorrectly applied to a report when a "?parameter Is Null" filter condition is used with a MultiValue parameter.
  • Formatting Rule Sheet Editor - The Color Editor is displayed incorrectly in high DPI environment.
  • ImageOptions' Image selector cannot be opened in Visual Studio 2022.
  • Insert Detail Report context menu - The default sorting does not match the default sorting of Field List.
  • Parameters Panel - Parameters from a nested sub report that is placed in another sub report are not displayed.
  • Parameters Panel - The MinimumSize property for a parameter's editor does not work.
  • Preview - Text is cut when zooming if the UseDirectXPaint property is enabled.
  • RemoteDocumentSource - The "Type 'ReportParameterLayoutItem' with data contract name 'ReportParameterLayoutItem' is not expected." error occurs after upgrading to 21.2.
  • Report Analyzer - The XRE030 warning is incorrectly shown for navigation paths with a complex property.
  • Report Designer - The dialog closes on submit when renaming a table in the Query Builder.
  • SchedulerControl - A null reference exception occurs when loading a Scheduler Report in the Report Designer.
  • StaticListLookUpSettings - NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to select the (none) item.
  • StaticListLookUpSettings with default values - Default values are not displayed after reopening the parameter editing window.
  • The "Cannot get properties for the type returned by this method" error occurs when ObjectDataSource is added to a report.
  • The "None" value is duplicated in the Parameters panel after a user clicks Submit.
  • The current group property is not selected if the property name starts with the name of the DataMember's collection.
  • The GraphicsCache.DrawLine method raises ArgumentException when HatchBrush is used.
  • The rendering order is changed for a label overlapped by a label in a panel in v21.1.
  • Visual Inheritance stops working in Visual Studio 2022.
  • Visual Studio 2019 Report Designer crashes when loading a report with JSON nullable fields.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - The Open/Import command does not update report margins.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - XRSubreport generates incorrect code in the "Designer.cs" file in .NET 5 applications.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer (Microsoft .NET Core/.NET 5+) - Data types are serialized in code behind as RemoteClassStub.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer (.NET Core/.NET 5+) stops working after the System.Drawing.Common package v6.0.0+ is added to the project.
  • WinForms Designer - An error occurs when deleting a control using the Delete key in Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6.
  • XRCrossTab - A column is split in half by the right margin.
  • XRCrossTab - The "Shrink and Grow" Auto Width feature does not work for the rotated Grand Total Column Header.
  • XRPageBreak is ignored in ReportHeaderBand when RollPaper is set to "True".

Installation (.NET)

  • Visual Studio 2022 DevExpress integration - The list of project templates is empty when Visual Studio is started for the first time after the installation is finished.

MVVM Framework

  • MVVMContext - ArgumentException is thrown when binding to a property at design time.
  • OpenFileDialogService - There is no way to access selected files in MultiSelect mode.

PDF Viewer

  • Annotations - Full page size watermark annotations block all interactivity in a document.
  • Control - Forced creation of a handle on document loading breaks PdfViewer when it's used via COM interop.
  • Interactivity - A hyperlink to an external document doesn't work when the current document is loaded with the use of a relative path.
  • Rendering - A CFF font with a name that contains non-ASCII characters cannot be rendered.
  • Rendering - Tiling pattern with content that uses a blend mode other than Normal is not rendered correctly.
  • Usability - The PdfAnnotationFacade class does not have an API to change annotation flags.
  • Usability - The PdfWidgetFacade class does not have an API to change form field flags.

Project Templates

  • Template Gallery - The Target Framework field allows selecting only the Preview version of .NET 6.
  • The "Add new DevExpress item" dialog may show a different option set for projects of the same type.
  • Visual Studio 2022 DevExpress integration - The list of project templates is empty when Visual Studio is started for the first time after the installation is finished.


  • An internal error is thrown on an attempt to iterate through elements in a specific SNX document using a custom Document Visitor.
  • Snap - ArgumentException occurs on an attempt to create a new theme under non-English locale.

XtraBars Suite

  • .NET 5 WinForms Designer - A new document is created when the designer is re-opened.
  • AccordionControl - Performance issues when using a large number of items.
  • Added an option to ask for confirmation when overwriting a workspace stored in an XML file.
  • AlertControl does not display images from HtmlCollection when the AutoHeight property is set to true.
  • BackstageViewControl - Multiline text of the RecentLabelItem element is partially hidden.
  • BackStageViewControl shows an unused Ribbon Tab overlapping other UI elements.
  • BarItem - The "Customize Layout" menu item is available in the "Delete Confirmation" form.
  • BarItem's image has an incorrect size in the search menu.
  • BarManager - Bar items are not drawn as hovered when the manager is located on a UserControl that is part of the control hierarchy.
  • BarManager - Captions in Runtime Customization Form are scaled incorrectly in PerMonitorV2 mode.
  • BarManager - Skin is incorrectly applied to toolbars in certain cases.
  • BarManager - The BarItemCustomDrawEventArgs.DrawDropDownBackground method does not draw the arrow background.
  • Child items can not be added to BarSubItem at design time.
  • DockManager - A panel flickers when it is docked to the panel container.
  • Element in the minimized AccordionControl remains in the Pressed state after the ElementClick event is handled.
  • Images are not loaded in the dropdown popup form using the GetThumbnailImage event when the OptionsImageLoad.AsyncLoad option is enabled.
  • RibbonControl - A RibbonPage cannot be hidden at runtime when the ribbon works in Minimized mode.
  • RibbonControl - It's impossible to customize the BarItem.RibbonStyle property using the Smart Tag dialog in .NET 5.
  • RibbonControl - Smart Tag Menu isn't shown on clicking the Smart Tag.
  • RibbonControl - The Image Picker form is shown under the Ribbon Control Designer form.
  • RibbonControl - The Search Item has an incorrect appearance when a custom Microsoft Office 2019 skin is used.
  • RibbonControl - There is no way to drag bar items in .NET 5/6 at design time.
  • RibbonControl's designer menus cannot be closed until a menu item is clicked in them.
  • RibbonMiniToolbar - A toolbar is not properly refreshed if it is displayed outside the form area and its size is changed.
  • SkinPatch - Customizations of the XtraTabControl header properties are not taken into account.
  • StandaloneBarDockControl - The AutoSize function does not work when the UseWholeRow option is enabled.
  • TabPane - HTML tags are visible in page captions in the popup menu.
  • The AppearanceCaption property is used to calculate text in AlertControl instead of AppearanceText.
  • TileNavPane - A dropdown is moved to the wrong location when an active TabbedView document is changed.
  • WidgetView - Table Layout - Document changes location on resizing.
  • WidgetView doesn't repaint the document removed using the WidgetView.Controller.RemoveDocument method.
  • WinForms Designer - A handler of the ItemClick event is not generated when double clicking a bar item in .NET 5/6 and Visual Studio 2022.
  • WinForms Designer - Visual Studio hangs when expanding a minimized Ribbon Page Group.

XtraCharts Suite

  • Changes in the ReductionOptions settings for CandleStick series do not work in the CustomDrawSeriesPoint event.
  • Chart Designer for WinForms - 'Cannot set or get the ValueOptions property unless the series is added to the chart's collection' error occurs in Chart Designer when changing the Series view type.
  • Chart for WinForms incorrectly calculates DateTime arguments for series after their View Type is changed.
  • Grid Pane layout is incorrectly displayed in certain situations.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - XRChart Series View settings do not work (WaterfallRelativeValueOptions).
  • Waterfall - ValueOptions are not serialized when modifying the chart layout in the designer.
  • WinForms Pivot and Chart - Application is incorrectly rendered when calling the BeginInit/EndInit methods in the BoundDataChanged event handler.
  • XRChart - Enabling the Pango drawing engine makes the axis labels disappear.
  • XRChart - Series Point labels overlap the label box on Linux.
  • XtraReport - XRChart axis labels are truncated on Linux (no word wrap).

XtraEditors Library

  • AccessViolationException occurs when adding MapControl to the HTMLContentControl in certain cases.
  • An Overlay form does not have rounded corners on Microsoft Windows 11 if the AllowRoundedWindowCorners option is enabled.
  • BeepOnError does not work.
  • CalendarControl - The transition animation displays an artifact when switching months.
  • CameraControl obtains available resolutions incorrectly on some devices.
  • Checked state of items in CheckedListBoxControl cannot be changed in SelectionMode.MultiExtended when BehaviorManager Drag&Drop is attached.
  • ColorPickEdit - A custom color dialog is not interactive when it is shown in an Microsoft Outlook Inspired App.
  • DirectX - A memory leak related to the DirectXFormatCacheKey object occurs after running an application for a few days.
  • FileExplorerAssistant - Rows do not change their height automatically after switching to the Details mode.
  • FlyoutPanel.Show method does not work the first time it is called when the window is maximized.
  • PerMonitorV2 DPI issues occur when display scaling is changed within a user session.
  • PictureEdit Edit Form - The buttons' tooltip doesn't use a skin.
  • PictureEdit Edit Form - The caption of the Width and Height editors is truncated.
  • PictureEdit Edit Form - The context menu of the Width and Height editors does not use skins.
  • PopupContainerEdit - The popup form is closed when displaying a Column Chooser of the embedded GridControl.
  • PopupGalleryEdit - Selection is not preserved when selecting a gallery item using a mouse.
  • SearchLookUpEdit - CustomUnboundColumnData is not fired for the first popup when using TileView.
  • Selecting an item in CheckedListBox generates the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" exception.
  • SpinEdit - The Separator button is invisible in some cases.
  • SVG Icon Builder crashes with NullReferenceException when a user applies a custom color.
  • SvgImageBox - OutOfMemoryException is thrown when the ItemHitTestType property is set to BoundingBox.
  • System.ArgumentException occurs when filtering columns using ExcelFilter and the column editor (RepositoryItemDateEdit) has a RegEx mask.
  • TextEdit - The AutoCompleteCustomSource data source is not populated for in-place editors based on the RepositoryItem object in Advanced Mode.
  • TextEdit - The label text is not completely shown in Advanced mode.
  • TextEdit - The popup form of the AutoComplete feature cannot be closed by the Enter key for in-place editors in Advanced Mode.
  • The glow effect is applied to certain forms when rounded window corners are enabled.
  • The popup form of PopupContainerEdit is closed immediately after it is opened if another popup form was already opened.
  • The Splitter's current position is not visible when resizing panels on a secondary display.
  • TokenEdit - The MaxTokenCount property doesn't limit the maximum number of tokens in bound mode.
  • WinForms Designer - DevExpress designer forms are shown as TopMost forms in .NET 6.
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog - The name of a new folder is not reset when replacing is not confirmed.
  • XtraMessageBox - Message text is truncated when the parent form is scaled to a non-default DPI in PerMonitor mode.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - A breadcrumb and grid show navigation to a folder without permission as successful.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - ArgumentNullException is thrown and an invalid path is returned when opening files from the MTP drive.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - Double click between column headers does not set the best column width.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - Dragging attachments from Outlook is not allowed.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog does not save the sort order of a grid.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog/XtraSaveFileDialog - Splitter position is incorrectly restored in PerMonitor V2 mode.
  • XtraSaveFileDialog - An unplugged USB drive is not removed.


  • The pressed state of the Task element's image is not taken into account during a drag operation.
  • TreeList header has empty space in Print Preview when the ColumnHeaderAutoHeight property is set to True.
  • GanttControl does not use the CurrentTaskFinish property to calculate the task range.
  • Split tasks are merged when a new dependency is created.
  • The bottom line is not printed if the Tree area is hidden.
  • The tree indicator does not have the bottom line in the printed document.

XtraGauges Suite

  • GaugeControl forms are not supported in the WinForms .NET 5/.NET 6 designer.

XtraGrid Suite

  • The GridBandColumnCollection collection does not implement the IEnumerable<T> interface.
  • CardView - The Customization Form has an incorrect size when the parent form is scaled to a higher DPI in PerMonitorV2 mode.
  • DataController - Short-circuit expression evaluation may not work under specific circumstances.
  • RepositoryItemHypertextLabel's height is incorrect when the text contains Emojis.
  • The AutoSelectAllInEditor option doesn't work when an editor's mask is used and a touch monitor is plugged in.
  • A grid is used as an object and not a cell when setting the ToolTipAnchor property to Object.
  • The find panel overlaps column headers when using the Touch UI mode.
  • GridView is not refreshed after adding a row to a data source if column properties are modified after that.
  • Group captions are missing in Kanban Tileview print preview.
  • Introduce an event that fires when changes are discarded (CancelUpdateRow).
  • Items View - NullReferenceException is thrown when an HTML template uses a non-existing field.
  • ItemsView - Text is incorrectly trimmed while pressed if a row is refreshed in FocusedRowChanged or SelectionChanged.
  • Reference to the obsolete ShowGridMenu event in the Feature Browser.
  • System.ArgumentException occurs when filtering columns using ExcelFilter and the column editor (RepositoryItemDateEdit) has a RegEx mask.
  • The formula of an unbound column is not exported in data-aware mode if the UnboundDataType property is used.
  • The summary item is not formatted if IListServer is used when GridView is printed.
  • The wrong cursor position is set when the editor is being activated and the AutoSelectAllInEditor property is set to true.
  • TileView - Print preview doesn't display the text of group captions correctly if they contain HTML text.
  • TileView - The "Cannot access a disposed object" error is thrown when a form is closed if the kanban groups were created manually.
  • TileView - The group caption of a collapsed group is overlapped by the group text of the next group.
  • TileView.RowUpdated does not fire for certain groups when a user drags a tile from one group to another.
  • WinExplorerView - An exception is thrown by the form's designer when SVGImageCollection or ImageCollection is assigned to the ExtraLargeImages property.
  • WinExplorerView - Groups are painted incorrectly when an HTML template is assigned.
  • WinExplorerView - HtmlTemplate - NullReferenceException is thrown when pressing the Page Down key.
  • WinExplorerView HTML Demo - Popup cannot be closed if the close button is not clicked in the center.
  • WinExplorerView with an HTML/CSS template - An image cannot be assigned in the GetThumbnailImage event handler.
  • WinExplorerView with an HTML/CSS template - Group rows are duplicated when scrolling.
  • XtraGrid - Navigating through the View with Shift-Tab clears the selection in CheckBoxRowSelect mode.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs when the ToolTipEnabled option is true and DataSource is empty.
  • Values' pattern is shown in labels instead of correct data source values.

XtraLayout Suite

  • TablePanel - The height of LabelControl placed in TablePanel's cell is incorrect when another column's Style is set to AutoSize.
  • The column width is changed based on row visibility.
  • The LayoutControl.IsModified property is not updated after changing the LayoutGroup.GroupStyle property.
  • WinForms - System.StackOverflowException occurs if the target framework is set to .NET 6.0.


  • AccessViolationException occurs when adding MapControl to the HTMLContentControl in certain cases.
  • Usability - There is no capability to obtain the current transform mode of MapEditor.
  • Vector Layer - A bounding box is displayed near MapCustomElements after the Windows 21H1 update.


  • Space between items is too large when using the PerMonitorV2 mode.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • A layout is incorrectly restored in Asynchronous mode.
  • Data is slowly exported if the grid control's data source is received using the CreateSummaryDataSource method.
  • The "Error" text is displayed in the Visual Studio Designer's Layout tab when using SQL Data Source.
  • Data area fields are not exported in WYSIWYG mode.


  • Applying the Normal style to a range with the Hyperlink style doesn't clear the range formatting.
  • ColorPickEdit - A custom color dialog is not interactive when it is shown in an Outlook Inspired App.
  • Document Layout - RichEditDocumentServer hangs when formatting certain DOCX documents.
  • Document Layout - System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while a specific DOCX document is being formatted.
  • Editing - The Document.Selections collection returns ranges linked to the main document even though selected ranges are in other subdocument types.
  • Export to DOCX - A checkbox from an XRRichText document is not exported to a DOCX document.
  • Import from DOCX - InvalidCastException is thrown on an attempt to load a specific document.
  • Import from HTML - An application goes into an infinite loop on an attempt to append HTML content.
  • OLE Objects - An embedded DOCX file is converted to an image when it is copied from Microsoft Word to RichEditControl and back.
  • OpenXML documents and ZIP archives can be incorrectly read in a .NET 6 project.
  • The start number for the numbering list is incorrect in the specific OpenXml document.
  • UI - The Language form does not detect the language of the selected text in a specific Word document.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • ASP.NET MVC - XtraSchedulerReport - Some elements are incorrectly displayed.
  • TimeLine - The last separator line is not drawn when a view is grouped by resources and their height is limited.


  • A specific XLT document is corrupted after it is re-saved using the Spreadsheet Document API library.
  • A worksheet picture disappears after sorting another hidden worksheet.
  • Multiple columns' size unexpectedly changes when changing a single column's size in a specific document.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to load a specific XML document.
  • OpenXML documents and ZIP archives can be incorrectly read in a .NET 6 project.
  • SpreadsheetControl removes a data validation rule in a cell when the preceding row is deleted.
  • The RangeAreas parameter may return incorrect cells for a custom function with a certain range argument.
  • The Sort command executed for a value cell in a Pivot table sorts the table by a row field instead of the chosen value field.
  • Usability - Added the ability to link a shape's text to a cell.
  • Usability - There is no API to set the gridlines' color for a worksheet.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Find Panel module in XtraTreeList MainDemo - Icons do not scale correctly in a print preview with high DPI.
  • Modified data is added to an incorrect column in the CustomizeNewNodeFromOuterData event handler.
  • There is no option to prevent dropping a node in the CustomizeNewNodeFromOuterData event handler.
  • A filter performs poorly when many rows are selected.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown during fast scrolling.
  • There is no static UseAdvancedCustomizationForm property.
  • The MoveNode method moves a node to an incorrect position after upgrading DevExpress version from 20.1 to 21.1.
  • TreeList does not apply the skin specified in DefaultLookAndFeel.
  • TreeList/GanttControl - Pasting with OptionsClipboardPasteMode = Update may result in an exception if there aren't enough nodes that can be updated.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • PropertyGridControl - A memory leak occurs when the RefreshAllProperties method is called.
  • PropertyGridControl - Appearance of editor borders in Office View changed in v21.1.
  • PropertyGridControl - Filtering performance got worse starting with version 17.1.6.
  • PropertyGridControl - The FixRowHeaderPanelWidth option is not taken into account in the Office view.
  • VGrid doesn't calculate expressions of unbound rows in Unbound Mode.
  • The group expand/collapse buttons are not visible when the Touch or Fluent scrollbars are used.
  • The TokenEdit.ValidateToken event is not raised if an event handler is created in the VGridControl.ShownEditor event handler.
  • XtraVerticalGrid.Events.HyperlinkClickEventArgs conflicts with DevExpress.Utils.HyperlinkClickEventArgs.