Actipro WinForms Studio 22.1.0

Actipro WinForms Studio 22.1.0
Adds support for Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6.


Feature Release

December 13, 2021 - 13:19
Actipro WinForms Studio 22.1.0
Actipro WinForms Studio
  • All
    • Validated Microsoft .NET 6 compatibility.
    • Added Microsoft .NET 5 variations of the product assemblies to the NuGet feeds.
    • Added Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5+ designer support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and updated the 'About...' designer action to open product-specific online documentation.
  • SyntaxEditor
    • Added an 'Editor Views - Synchronization QuickStart' to demonstrate synchronizing the scroller and splitter of one editor instance with another.
    • Added support for customizing drag/drop text when dragging within the same editor.
    • Added new non-generic interfaces ITaggerBase (implemented by ITagger<T>) and ITagAggregatorBase (implemented by ITagAggregator<T>) for a type-safe way of working with these types when the type of ITag is not relevant.
    • Added ITaggerBase.NotifyTagAggregatorAttached and ITaggerBase.NotifyTagAggregatorDetached which are called when an instance of TagAggregatorBase<T> attaches to or detaches from a tagger.
    • Added CanKeepCaretVisible property to ScrollDownAction and ScrollUpAction to control if the caret should optionally be moved to remain visible after scrolling. Corresponding overloads added to IEditorScrollViewer.ScrollDown and ScrollUp methods.
    • Added various IQuickInfoSession.Placement* properties that return values if the placement-oriented Open method was used to open the session. Updated the IntelliPrompt Quick Info QuickStart to demonstrate repositioning the QuickInfoSession.PlacementRectangle property for these kinds of sessions as the view is scrolled.
    • Improved the vertical scrollbar behavior when dealing with collapsed regions.
    • Improved the positioning logic for IntelliPrompt popups.
    • Improved the logic for the EditorSnapshotChangedEventArgs.TypedText property to remove whitespace that might have been added to pad a typed character for proper virtual space positioning.
    • Updated drag-and-drop behavior to support customization through DragEventArgs.Effect.
    • Updated drag-and-drop to scroll horizontally when the drop caret is near the edges of the control.
    • Updated drag-and-drop to remove possible unnecessary scrolling following a drop.
    • Updated feedback when dragging to only show the 'Copy' or 'Move' indicator over valid drop locations.
    • Updated Single-Line Mode QuickStart to include a formula example with alternate style for nested parenthesis.
    • Updated TagAggregatorBase<T> so it no longer calls Dispose when detaching from taggers which implement IDisposable. Taggers can use the new ITaggerBase.NotifyTagAggregatorDetached method to determine the most appropriate time to dispose of the tagger.
    • Updated IntelliPrompt to show drop shadows only when user preference for drop shadows is enabled.
    • Updated the SyntaxEditor.SuspendCaretBlinking and ResumeCaretBlinking methods to support caret display when focus is not in the editor.
    • Updated the IntelliPrompt repositioning logic to better handle when a session is closed due to being scrolled out of view.
    • Updated the MoveSelectedLinesDownAction logic to prevent unexpected results when at the document end.
    • Updated outlining logic to ensure that a collapsed outlining node expands if its end is removed and it becomes an open node.
  • .NET Languages Add-on
    • Added a Go To Definition QuickStart to demonstrate using an IResolver to navigate to the source of a reference.
    • Updated the C# parser grammar to support C# 8.0 syntax.
    • Updated the C# outliner to create outlining nodes for code-level constructs such as block statements. This feature can be disabled by setting the CSharpOutliner.CanOutlineCodeLevelConstructs property to false.
    • Updated the SourceFileLocation property to be populated on all ITypeMemberDefinition objects from source, and added it to IParameterDefinition and IVariableDefinition objects loaded from source. This allows for Go To Definition functionality to be implemented for all kinds of resolved objects.
    • Updated the DocumentationProvider.ToString method to return the raw XML documentation comment text.
    • Updated CSharpContextFactory and VBContextFactory to better handle target expression resolution when positioned immediately after a significant token.
  • Web Languages Add-on
    • Updated the JavaScript parser grammar to support ECMAScript 2021 (12th Edition) syntax.
    • Updated JsonSyntaxLanguage with a new constructor overload for whether the lexer supports JavaScript style comments, as in Microsoft's JSONC variant.
    • Updated the XML context factory to return an AST node for the target element, if the AST is in sync with the tokens that generated the target element.
  • Python Language Add-on
    • Updated the parser grammar to support Python v3.9.5 syntax.
    • Updated the resolver to support namespace packages.
    • Removed support for Python v2.x syntax, which is well past end of life.
  • Shared
    • Updated the ScrollBar context menu to be displayed on right click release instead of press.