List & Label 27 Enterprise Reporting Edition

List & Label 27 Enterprise Reporting Edition
Adds a new Web Report Designer, plus easy deployment to the Cloud with no more printer driver dependencies.


Feature Release

October 22, 2021 - 14:57
List & Label 27 Enterprise Reporting Edition
New Web Report Designer for ASP.NET MVC.
  • Web & Cloud
    • Web Report Designer for ASP.NET MVC
      • Let your users create report templates for their web applications directly in the browser. No additional software installation required.
      • Integrate the Web Report Designer easily into all common JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue, thanks to Web Components technology.
      • Work platform-independent in the browser, on Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Linux and Android. The user interface has also been optimized for all common browsers on tablets.
      • Edit your existing List & Label templates right in the Web Report Designer without any data loss even with objects and features that aren’t supported yet. We’re going to continuously extend the feature set, until fully supported.
      • Benefit from the new Web Report Designer in the List & Label Enterprise Edition at no additional cost.
    • Easy Deployment to the Cloud
      • Use List & Label even in cloud environments that do not offer any infrastructure for printer drivers and spoolers.
      • Use the Microsoft Visual Studio Deployment Pipeline to publish containerized applications quick and easy, e.g. on the Microsoft Azure App Service platform. For this, all Microsoft Windows Docker container images may serve as basis.
  • Operating Systems & Technology
    • Up-to-Date with List & Label 27
      • The new version grants full support for Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft Windows Server 2022, Microsoft Visual Studio 2022, Microsoft .NET 6 and Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.
  • Report Designer
    • Drag & Drop for Charts
      • With List & Label 27, creating charts is conveniently done by drag & drop. Simply drag the required fields into your work area, then select the desired chart type.
  • Export
    • Set Hyperlinks and Name Worksheets
      • Hyperlinks in text objects and table cells are now also supported within the Microsoft Excel export. Additionally, you have more flexibility than before in regards to naming the various worksheets during export, as well as to hide the grid lines.
  • Report Server
    • Reporting in Your Own Corporate Design
      • Adapt the Report Server to your own branding. Swap Report Server logos for your own and define accent colors, i.e. for the sidebar.
      • Stay up-to-date and safe: the Report Server is based on Microsoft’s current Framework .NET 5. The utilized components are also up-to-date.
      • Upload scheduled reports to an SFTP server: In addition to FTP, the SSH File Transfer Protocol is now supported as well.
      • Define language options for report templates in order to print reports in different languages. Many practical functions allow you to automatically adapt your content, as for example currency and date format, dependent on the language used for printing.
      • Use new settings for Microsoft Excel export: assign flexible names to worksheets, hide grid lines or create endless pages without page breaks.
  • More Highlights of List & Label 27
    • https Support for HTML Objects
      • The HTML object now supports the https protocol for downloads.
    • Number of Segments in Pie Charts
      • From now on, pie charts support a maximum number of segments. All further segments will be combined as “Others”.
    • Direct SVG Support in Drawing()
      • A valid SVG string can be passed on to the Drawing() function, which will then be converted into an image on-the-fly.
    • Extended Embarcadero FireDAC VCL Component
      • For Embarcadero Delphi developers, it’s becoming much easier now to set export options and pass on general options.