PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.57.14712

PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.57.14712
Improves Debugger, Editor and Remote Explorer.


Feature Release

October 18, 2021 - 10:55
PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.57.14712
PHP Tools for Visual Studio
  • Debugger
    • Make Object ID - Added the ability to pin an object from Watch Window or Quick Watch using Make Object ID context menu command. The pinned object can be tracked during the whole request execution.
    • Pinning an object creates a weak reference which can always be revealed in the Locals window or in the Watch window using $1 alias (or $2, $3, ... correspondingly). Pinned objects are also marked in quick watches by the {$-index} alias. This works even within arrays and inside other objects.
  • Editor
    • IntelliSense tool-tips and error tool-tips are now shown during debugging. Previously, tool-tips were only displayed when Microsoft Visual Studio was in design mode (not debug mode).
  • Remote Explorer
    • Publish and the whole Remote Explorer is now more configurable. Open the Remote Explorer and follow the Manage button.
    • Added the ability to specify wildcard file mask to simply ignore files or folders from being tracked by the Remote Explorer. Folders or files matching the Ignored wildcards won't be shown and won't be uploaded to the remote servers.
    • Added the option to choose Publish Scope, whether to track the whole project directory (Entire Project Directory) or to track files included in the project, i.e. the files shown in the project in Solution Explorer (Files Included in Project Hierarchy).
    • The Remote Explorer now respects the legacy setting - Publishable - which could be set in project items properties. File items annotated with this project property are ignored by the Remote Explorer. This feature requires you to set the Publish Scope to Files Included in Project Hierarchy.