DevExpress WinForms 21.1.6

DevExpress WinForms 21.1.6
Improves PDF Viewer, Editors and RichEdit controls.


Feature Release

October 04, 2021 - 14:48
DevExpress WinForms 21.1.6
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms products

  • A relation in the Master-Detail Relationships Editor is incorrectly displayed if custom scaling is defined for a monitor.
  • CachedReportSource - A report's watermark disappears if the report is exported or previewed on a machine that has no Verdana font installed.
  • Document Viewer - The Print button hangs when used in th-TH culture.
  • Microsoft Entity Framework Data Source Wizard - "Cannot connect to the database" error occurs in Microsoft Visual Studio after selecting a connection.
  • Hierarchical Reports do not work with Calculated Fields.
  • ObjectDataSource - A report bound to a sub class loses the data structure after the designer is closed.
  • Query Builder - FilterString is cleared when Filter Editor is opened for the third time.
  • ReportPrintTool - NullReferenceException is thrown when the second print tool is created.
  • Skin Editor - Skin patch doesn't apply icon palette.
  • SkinPatch - NullReferenceException is thrown when applying customizations to a skin element that is missing in the original skin.
  • The "DevExpress v21.1 Report" item template invokes the Template Gallery in case a specified report's name is not a valid C# class name.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - A report's parameter values are reset to the default values when this report is loaded.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - The cursor's position and selection have incorrect coordinates in the in-place editor of XRRichText if the 125% text scaling is used in the operating system.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer (CTP) - Binding to a class in the Data Source Wizard results in the NullReference exception.
  • When a form with a popup control that contains a grid is opened using ShowDialog, the column chooser displays the popup but closes it once it's clicked.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation - Cell cannot be selected in XRTable after changing the language of the system from Russian to English.
  • XRLabel.AllowMarkupText - Some text may be missed when HTML markup is used.
  • XRSubreport - Changing the ReportSourceUrl property dynamically at runtime does not reload a subreport.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - Incremental search by folders does not work.
  • XtraReport - XRRichText incorrectly splits text in a text box (a data loss issue).

Data Access Library

  • A report cannot display data from multiple data tables when it is connected to SqlDataSource that is connected to an XML file.
  • EFDataSource - Filtering by a multi-value report parameter results in the StackOverflow exception.
  • FederationDataSource - NullReferenceException is thrown after the Flatten transformation rule is applied.

MVVM Framework

  • IDialogService - A memory leak occurs when a dialog is shown.

PDF Viewer

  • Parsing - A document with a definition of a stream object without the 'endobj' token is incorrectly processed.
  • Parsing - Specific text form field values are decoded incorrectly.
  • Rendering - PdfViewer does not render specific ink annotations.
  • Rendering - Text rendered with the invalid Type1 font cannot be rendered.
  • Text in a particular document isn't rendered bold.
  • UI - Find tool window is flicking when 'WindowsFormsSettings.AnimationMode' is set to 'AnimationMode.DisableAll'.

Project Templates

  • DXTemplateGallery item template is not available with Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 projects.


  • Usability - There is no way to change the barcode size.

XtraBars Suite

  • Microsoft .NET 5 WinForms Designer - The AccordionControl designer closes on an attempt to add a separator.
  • AccordionControl - The size of AccordionContentContainer is incorrect in Stretch mode if its parent group has a large image in the header.
  • AlertControl - NullReferenceException is thrown when an alert with a nullable caption is displayed and the AllowHtmlText option is enabled.
  • An item's caption cannot be shown in the Ribbon header if the item is added to BarLinkContainerExItem.
  • BarManager - The Customization dialog becomes locked on an attempt to insert an item at design time when .NET 5 is used.
  • BarManager - The Menu Conversion dialog does not respond to button clicks at design time when .NET 5 is used.
  • BarSubItem - The ComboBoxEdit editor's popup form is shown below the popup form of the parent sub item.
  • In v21.1, expanding an element throws StackOverflowException when there is an element that contains a control.
  • Overlay Form - A custom button cannot be clicked when DirectX is enabled.
  • RadialMenu - The "Parameter is not valid" exception is thrown when a menu is shown.
  • RibbonControl - A drop-down control's drop-down window is shown behind a collapsed RibbonPageGroup's drop-down.
  • RibbonControl - The background color is black when the ShowApplicationButton property is set to False and the ShowPageHeadersMode property is set to Hide.
  • RibbonControl - The Quick Access Toolbar has an incorrect color when page headers are hidden and the DevExpress Style skin is applied.
  • RibbonControl doesn't offer an option to hide the Empty Area Image if it cannot be displayed in full size.
  • RibbonControl's designer menus aren't closed until a menu item is clicked in them.
  • System.FormatException is thrown when restoring document manager layout.
  • TabbedView - A tab is not selected when its header is clicked.
  • TabbedView - The AddFloatingDocumentsHost method throws a NullReferenceException.
  • ToolboxControl - ArgumentNullException occurs when clicking a ToolboxControl item.

XtraCharts Suite

  • NullReferenceException occurs on data updates in ChartControl if the BeginInit/EndInit methods are used.


  • An exception is raised in DiagramControl when the background is drawn.
  • PanAndZoomPanel is displayed even when ShowPanAndZoomPanel is false.

XtraEditors Library

  • .NET 5 WinForms Designer - DesignToolsServerException is thrown when trying to open the DefaultLookAndFeel designer.
  • Accessibility - The DisableAccessibility option doesn't work for the BaseListBox and RadioGroup controls.
  • An edit mask converted to MaskSettings doesn't allow leaving an empty editor.
  • BarCheckItem - The DrawCheckBox method in the CustomDrawItem event handler does nothing, despite the fact that the ShouldDrawCheckBox property is true.
  • BUG: XtraForm Dialog reduces in size each time it is shown when "OptimizeRemoteConnectionPerformance" is used.
  • CalendarControl - Header text is drawn as disabled when months are switched if DirectX is enabled.
  • CalendarControl incorrectly draws elements on animation when the DirectX option is enabled.
  • ComboBoxEdit - NullReferenceException is thrown when closing a form that contains an editor with an image in the selected item.
  • DPIAwareImageCollection returns the same image in PerMonitorV2 mode.
  • Flyout Panel and its child controls are not scaled properly with PerMonitor V2 scaling mode.
  • GridLookupEdit's auto-search functionality does not properly work in certain custom cases.
  • HyperLinkEdit - A cursor and selection are not visible in the editor when the text editor area is enabled in Advanced mode.
  • ListBoxControl - Skin colors are not used to draw the highlighted text when using templates.
  • Overlay Form - A custom button cannot be clicked when DirectX is enabled.
  • OverlayForm - A parent form is not locked when the application uses DirectX rendering.
  • OverlayForm - The overlay form is hidden when its parent form is restored from the minimized state.
  • ProgressPanel - Text ignores the Padding property.
  • ProgressPanel - The Description text cannot be wrapped when the WaitAnimationType property is set to Bar.
  • SearchLookUpEdit - The entered Plus or Minus symbol does not open the editor popup form.
  • SpinEdit - The editor doesn't update its EditValue after pasting a value using the editor context menu when the advanced mode is used.
  • Svg Image Picker - NullReferenceException is thrown when importing an SVG image in .NET 5 at design time.
  • SvgImageBox - SVG Image Picker is not shown at design time if the SvgImage property is simultaneously updated in multiple controls in a .NET 5 project.
  • System.ArgumentException occurs when DirectX is enabled and gradient brush is used.
  • System.IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown during spell checking in MemoEdit that uses the DirectX renderer.
  • TablePanel - A control is docked incorrectly when DockStyle = Right.
  • TextEdit - A text pasted using the Shift+Insert keys combination does not pass the mask validation in Advanced Mode.
  • TextEdit - CharacterCasing.Upper is applied to the AdvancedMode Label in v21.1.
  • TextEdit - TextEditAdvancedModeOptions.LabelAppearance settings are not applied to embedded labels.
  • The StyleController .NET 5 designer is not working.
  • The ToolbarForm.AllowMdiBar property doesn't work in v21.1.
  • TileControl - TileItem does not get updated when TileControl is disabled during ItemClick event.
  • TokenEdit - An exception occurs when TokenEdit is activated in FilterControl.
  • TokenEdit - It is possible to select more tokens than specified in the MaxTokenCount property using a drop-down list.
  • TokenEdit - More than one token cannot be selected when using a collection of strings.
  • TokenEdit - The ValidateToken event is not raised when the editor works in in-place mode and it is closed by clicking another cell in an EditorContainer.
  • WinForms .NET 5 Designer - NotImplementedException is thrown when adding an image from the DevExpress gallery to ImageCollection.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - Items are not focused by pressing a key.


  • Child tasks' data is not updated when the parent's summary task is moved.
  • The finish date of a summary task cannot be changed in interactive editing.
  • How to export only the chart area.
  • Several tasks have an incorrect position in the print output when the High DPI settings are used.
  • The appearance of the control differs on printing.
  • The summary task has incorrect duration when changing child tasks.
  • There is no way to move the summary bar when task constraints are used, even if the schedule mode is set to Manual.
  • GanttControl cannot remove a dependency in unbound mode.
  • GanttControl does not update a task's constraint date if ConstraintType is used.
  • GanttControl prints the column header without the chart area when a report is used.
  • Print output does not occupy the entire space when the FitToPage option is used in v.21.1.5.
  • The column headers are printed for an empty chart area if the document paddings are changed.
  • The latest task is not printed when the High DPI settings are used.
  • The legend is duplicated when the FitTopage option is used.

XtraGrid Suite

  • .NET 5 Winforms XtraGridControl cannot assign Column Edit in the Designer.
  • Microsoft Excel Style Filter - The list is used to filter numbers even if the PopupExcelFilterNumericValuesTabFilterType property is set to Range.
  • How to hide data update rules in Conditional Formatting Rules Manager.
  • GridLookUpEdit - The BestFitResizePopup option doesn't work when a popup is opened for the second time if a different editor was shown before.
  • "Does not contain" is not displayed correctly in the filter panel when using FilterCriteriaDisplayStyle.Visual.
  • AutoFilterRow does not save RepositoryItemCheckEdit's cell value if the bound field/column is of the string type.
  • Excel-style popup filter does not show all multiline text under certain circumstances.
  • Partially formatted Excel cells are not pasted.
  • Row Preview text drawn using CustomDrawRowPreview is cut off when columns have max width.
  • The preview section shows only one line when WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedTextEdit is enabled.
  • The DataUpdate rule can be selected in the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager when the server mode is used.
  • VerticalGridControl - Right bound looks incorrect on printing.
  • WinExplorerView - Conditional formatting does not apply the background color and replaces the default text alignment.
  • WinExplorerView - The DrawCheckedItemsAsSelected property has no effect.
  • WinForms .NET 5 Designer - "Specified method is not supported" error occurs when trying to create an event handler using a property grid.
  • Printing a grouped GridView raises the SelectionChanged event in Server mode.

XtraLayout Suite

  • Controls in TablePanel become unbound from cells when a column removal is canceled.
  • DevExpress design time editor is used in LayoutControl's Runtime Customization for editing CaptionImageOptions.
  • In v21.1, expanding an element throws StackOverflowException when there is an element that contains a control.
  • A control has an incorrect size when the parent form's WindowState is changed from Maximized to Normal.
  • NullReferenceExcepion occurs when a group is removed by clicking a custom header button.
  • TabPages in TabbedControlGroup cannot be reordered using the Runtime Customization functionality.
  • TablePanel - Controls have an incorrect layout when displaying a form with the TouchUI mode enabled.
  • The NullReferenceException is thrown in DXPropertyGridEx.get_Doccomment.


  • Clustered items disappear in certain situations.


  • Scroll bars are not shown for NavigationPane if it has many items.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Pivot Grid Control Exports an empty document if the ExportTo~ or ShowPrintPreview method is called after a layout with Asynchronous Mode is restored.

XtraPrinting Library

  • End-User Report Designer - It is possible to insert a detailed report for a collection whose Browsable Attribute is set to "False".


  • Export to DOCX - Specific shapes are lost on saving a document to DOCX.
  • Import from DOCX - Inline images located in table cells are aligned incorrectly.
  • Layout API - The DocumentLayout.GetElement<InlineDrawingObjectBox>() method does not return an inline text box based on the caret position if the caret is located inside this text box.
  • OLE Objects - An embedded TXT file is corrupted when it is copied from Microsoft Word to RichEditControl and back.
  • Rendering - A scaled image looks blurred.
  • Shapes - ArgumentNullException occurs on an attempt to load a specific document.
  • Web Document Viewer - DisableCachedDocumentSource results in the Internal Server Error.
  • The Calibri Light font is not embedded after a report is exported to PDF.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Agenda View - The Resource caption does not fit the visible boundaries.
  • Edit appointment form automatically closes when source appointments are changed.
  • ResourceTree performance is slow when it contains multiple resources.
  • Exceptions and new patterns cannot be converted back to RecurrenceInfoObject via RecurrenceInfoConverter in InPlaceOfMapping mode.
  • The Tentative caption is incorrectly translated into German.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when the appointment status image is too large in the Full Week View.
  • Scrolling with scroll buttons is slow in the Timeline View when Pixel Scrolling is enabled.
  • System.ArgumentException: ''1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM' is not a valid value for 'End'' error occurs when the TimeScaleWeek.Enabled property is set to true.
  • Skin Editor - The background color of the Appointment Flyout is not refreshed when a corresponding skin element changes.
  • TimelineView - Additional borders are displayed for specific cells.


  • System.IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown during spell checking in MemoEdit that uses the DirectX renderer.


  • A bubble may be cropped if the manual layout is enabled for the chart plot area.
  • A particular stacked bar chart is rendered incorrectly.
  • A reference to the chart data range isn't adjusted after moving the source range to a new position in a worksheet.
  • Bubbles are incorrectly scaled for a particular bubble chart with multiple series.
  • Certain custom functions are not calculated if conditional formatting is used in a worksheet.
  • Font size and auto properties are changed unexpectedly when setting the TextDirection property for the axis title of a spreadsheet chart.
  • Saving a document in SpreadsheetControl corrupts the resulting file.
  • Scatterline chart doesn't respect min/max axis settings.
  • Significant performance issues when navigating through worksheets that contain Korean characters in cells.
  • SpreadsheetControl cannot load a document containing formulas with the '=' sign in data validation rules.
  • SpreadsheetControl incorrectly works when two external workbooks have the same name and different file paths.
  • The "Show Detail" button incorrectly works for specific nested groups of data.
  • The Columns.AutoFit method call resets the currently copied range.
  • The Worksheet.CopyFrom method copies frozen panes into a target worksheet if the PasteSpecial.Values paste mode is used.
  • The Worksheet.Rows.Remove method throws System.ArgumentException when a worksheet does not contain any rows.
  • Usability - There is no API to insert a new column formatted as a previous column.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Nodes without children are not counted when calculating summaries in the exported Excel file if the AllNodesSummary property is set to false.
  • The Edit Form truncates a checkbox.
  • There is no way to scroll TreeList to the first columns if TreeList has been scrolled and the scrollbar is not displayed.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • A report's data source is deleted when changing the data source for a multi-value report parameter.
  • DXCollectionEditor is not shown in a system that has different DPI settings for monitors.


  • Button size is not recalculated if a new font is set in the CustomizeCommandButtons event handler.
  • Button width is not set correctly in the CustomizeCommandButtons event handler.
  • There is no way to customize the Next button in the CustomizeCommandButtons event handler.