Nevron Chart for .NET 2021.1

Nevron Chart for .NET 2021.1
Improves Axes and Triangulated Heat Map Series performance.


Feature Release

July 09, 2021 - 10:07
Nevron Chart for .NET 2021.1
Sample Triangulated Surface chart
  • New and Improved Installer - The new version is distributed as a single installation that can deploy the controls to all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio from 2010. This includes VS2010, VS2013, VS2015, VS2017 and VS2019. Prior versions of Visual Studio (VS2005 and VS2008) are still supported and the installer also includes DLLs for Microsoft .NET 2.0, but does not register the controls in the VS2005 and VS2008 toolbox.
  • Surface Series Improvements - The Grid, Mesh, and Triangulated Surface Series have been completely redesigned for improved performance and better GPU utilization. The new Surface Series is much faster (more than x10 times in some scenarios):
    • Faster rendering with the ability to store generated surface output on the GPU for faster redraws.
    • Faster contour and isoline level generation.
    • Faster and more robust multi-threaded triangulation for the Triangulated Surface Series.
    • Added the ability to perform all surface-related scale and lighting computations on the GPU. This feature is very useful for large, dynamically changing surfaces.
  • Triangulated Heat Map Series Improvements - The algorithm for triangulation of a passed set has been replaced with a new algorithm with up to 6 times better performance on a single core. It also has the ability to perform multi-threaded triangulation which further improves speed depending on the number of cores on the machine. Also added support for Tooltips.
  • Axes Improvements:
    • Added properties to allow for alignment of axes relative to a user-specified value - AlignValue and AlignFactor.
    • Added support for excluding a series from axis calculation - IncludeInXAxisRange, IncludeInYAxisRange, IncludeInZAxisRange.
    • Added properties to allow the display of text next to axis cursors.
  • Heat Map Series Improvements - The algorithm for heatmap contour generation has been improved.
  • Various Stability and Performance Improvements - The new version features bug fixes for all reported problems as well as other performance improvements in the control.