NOV Rich Text Editor 2021.1

NOV Rich Text Editor 2021.1
Improves Table support and PDF exporting.


Feature Release

March 19, 2021 - 12:42
NOV Rich Text Editor 2021.1
NOV Rich Text Editor

General NOV Improvements

  • Hardware Accelerated Rendering - This release includes a new hardware-accelerated rendering engine based on OpenGL. This greatly improves NOV rendering speed and responsiveness in all UI-related tasks. All controls in the suite benefit directly from this new feature which is enabled by default. If the current hardware does not support hardware acceleration the rendering falls back to software rendering automatically.
  • Better Microsoft Visual Studio Integration - NOV design-time controls for WinForms/WPF now expose the full programmatic interface (API) of the Widget they wrap. This makes it possible to write code that calls methods or properties of the widget directly using the reference to the WinForms/WPF host control. This also applies to widget exposed events - for example, Clicked, CheckedChanged, etc.
  • Faster Startup and AOT (Ahead Of Time compilation) - NOV startup processes have been significantly optimized, so you can expect startup to be up to 20% faster. The Apple Mac version also uses ahead of time compilation (AOT), which translates into an even faster startup on this OS.
  • Turkish Language Translation of the UI - Localization dictionaries now include a Turkish translation of the UI and shapes.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Theme - NOV now comes with the new Windows 10 UI theme.
  • ZIP Compression and Decompression Improvements - The ZIP compression/decompression performance has been significantly improved.
  • Image Processing Improvements - The image processing (grayscale, image format conversions, etc.), as well as NOV image decoders, have been significantly optimized.

Text Improvements

  • Improved Table Support - The tables in the rich text editor component now have improved support for table ranges:
    • Added the ability to select table ranges using the mouse.
    • Added the ability to select table columns or rows using the mouse.
  • Improved PDF Export - PDF export now supports interactive hyperlinks. You can now create PDF documents that can redirect to a specified URL or navigate the PDF viewer to a bookmark inside the PDF document.
  • Improved Customization - The control's customization capabilities have been significantly improved to support custom keyboard interaction, custom copy/paste formats and others.
  • Added Support for Turning off Word Wrapping - The control can now be configured to turn off word wrapping. In this mode, it will behave like a normal text box with word wrapping disabled. This feature is very useful when you have to display <pre> tags in HTML as well as if you want to create a custom code editor.