List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition 26 Service Pack 26.001

List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition 26 Service Pack 26.001
Improves Exporting, Designer and Report Server.


Feature Release

February 03, 2021 - 10:19
List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition 26 Service Pack 26.001
List & Label Enterprise Reporting Edition

New Features


  • Added TLlPreviewControl to the FireDac package.
  • Downward compatibility for Enum assignments in Embarcadero Delphi.
  • VCL FireDac component now supports 64bit Embarcadero C++ Builder applications.


  • LL_OPTION_NOFILEVERSIONUPGRADEWARNING can now also be used to suppress the message box that is triggered by a conversion from a different expression mode.
  • The InMemoryDataProvider's AddRelation method now has an overload that allows you to assign a name to the relation.
  • The CsvDataProvider's stream constructor now supports the same default values as the file name constructor, making construction much easier for standard CSV streams.


  • Added URL hyperlinks to charts supported in the viewer and in PDF files.


  • Added support for XRechnung in PDF export.
  • The <page> tag in XML export now contains information on the page dimensions.

Report Server

  • Added options to change proxy settings that can be used for web-based data sources.
  • Salesforce datasource is now available again.
  • WorkerService has been ported to Microsoft .NET Core and is now supported by the Report Server.



  • Internetmarke: Updated internal GUID to get new price lists from 01.01.2021.
  • Java/JNI: Updated main Java declaration files for LL and LS to new/missing const values/options based on C++ header files.

Microsoft .NET

  • Added SaveProjectInUtf8 to LlOption enumeration.
  • Added ImprovedTableLineAnchoring to LlOption enumeration.
  • If a TOC, IDX or GTC file did not exist at print time, the wrong error message could be displayed ("invalid job handle" instead of "file not found").
  • Added ImprovedTableLineAnchoring to LlOption enumeration.
  • The OData constructor now consumes an ICredentials interface instead of a NetworkCredential instance.


  • The CsvDataProvider now recognizes an undelimited, empty field correctly and thus is more fault tolerant.
  • The DbCommandSetDataProvider now also supports fields with a "." in the field name.
  • In native support of expressions, the handling of BOOL fields is now improved to get rid of unnecessary nested comparisons.


  • Improved treeview performance for a huge number of variables.
  • The RTF editor always changes the keyboard layout according to the current selection. This can now be switched off.


  • If the USER printer had a different USER format than the project, the project's USER format is now added to the paper formats as "Default" and can be re-applied.
  • Printers that were defined using a formula were not editable in the print dialog. Now, if they are encapsulated in a "ChangeType(<formula>, "const") wrapper, they are editable again.
  • For label printers where the paper size is modified after a project was created, there was a problem detecting that the visible paper size was not the paper size stored in the project. Now the dimensions are shown in the layout editor.


  • JSON Export now includes custom label information for each table.

Report Server

  • Improved client error handling when the connection to the report server database cannot be established at runtime.
  • Improved handling of corrupted designer extension settings.
  • Selecting data sources with resulting bad access rights in a report template results in a warning indicating that some selected groups are invalid, instead of removing them without the user's knowledge.
  • Access rights in a report template now only show available groups determined by the selected data sources.
  • The built-in administrator group is now automatically added to newly created data sources.
  • If the PostgreSQL dataprovider can't recognize the internal database type of a routine parameter, it will now fallback the parameter type to text.
  • Disabling Rest API will now automatically disable OpenAPI specification.
  • Printers that don't have LPT, COM or USB ports are now also available if the port is not PORTPROMPT or FILE.
  • SMTP configuration now supports more encryption settings and implicit SSL via port 465.
  • When selecting "selected tables" in a SQL datasource the selection list for the tables will be shown automatically if no tables are selected.
  • Improved error handling on exceptions inside middleware.
  • Implemented RestartApp into the SystemInfo page.
  • Improved client field validation on report template name.
  • Adjusted gap between comparative value fields in SQL assistant condition editor.
  • Field type icon in SQL assistant condition selection is more better visible when selected.


  • If an old LicensingInfo is passed, LL now displays a helpful message (again) that describes what to do to fix this.
  • The preview ribbon allows yiu to temporarily select a slideshow transformation, if the project itself doesn't define one. Now, the transformation names in the dialog are localized with a user-friendly display name.