DevExpress Reporting 20.2.5

DevExpress Reporting 20.2.5
Improves End-User Report Designer, Expression Editor and Report Wizard controls.


Feature Release

January 21, 2021 - 15:45
DevExpress Reporting 20.2.5
DevExpress Reporting
  • The XRSubReport.Visible property is cached after a report is recreated.
  • A drop-down list with export formats is cut after zooming a page with ASPxWebDocumentViewer.
  • A report throws the "Invalid data member" error in preview because Microsoft Visual Studio Report Wizard preserves dots in the report's DataMember.
  • Crash in the WPF Report designer when adding a new query if another query references a deleted table.
  • Cross Tab Report - Blank row appears in XRCrossTab.
  • CrossTab Wizard Displays Alias Names Instead of Caption Names.
  • DocumentPreviewControl throws an exception after a search for text is executed and page thumbnail items are clicked.
  • End-User Report Designer - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown on assigning an expression for a property that was registered via the ExpressionBindingDescription(boolean) constructor.
  • Export - A signed document becomes invalid after it is signed in Adobe Reader.
  • Expression Editor - Code completion incorrectly works for fields with display names.
  • ExpressionEditor - Some validation errors cannot be localized using ExpressionEditorLocalizer.
  • How to highlight interfaces in the DataSource Wizard.
  • Parameter is not in the ParameterCollection Error in Reportviewer after upgrading from 19.2 to 20.2.
  • Report scripts in Microsoft .NET Core - It is not possible to use an API from .NET Framework class libraries.
  • Report Wizard - DetailReport bands generated by the wizard repeat multiple times if multiple data members were selected in the wizard.
  • Text is trimmed in a report on exporting this report to a PDF file.
  • Text localization applied via End User Report Designer works incorrectly.
  • The "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." occurs in the ExternalDataSetConverter file on an attempt to convert an RDLC report.
  • The Angle property is still available in the property grid if the AllowMarkupText property is used, although it doesn't affect text rotation.
  • Visual Studio 2019 v16.8.2 hangs on opening a project that has an active tab with a REPX report designer.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - "Failed to connect to the database" error occurs when connecting PostgreSQL database.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - A report control's size and location are reset after saving a report.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET Standard project - A blank report is created after the Report Wizard is completed.
  • WPF End-User Designer - SVG extension is missing in the open dialog that is invoked for the XRPictureBox ImageUrl property.
  • WPF End-User Report Designer - The "Could not find a part of the path" exception is thrown on saving a report in certain cases.
  • WPF End-User Report Designer - The binding Expression cannot be set on dragging a calculated field onto the report designer pane.
  • XRChart - "The datasource doesn't contain a data member with the "X" name" error occurs on an attempt to calculate a summary by a report's calculated field.
  • XRPivotGrid designer - An incorrect item is added from the Field List after a search.
  • XRRichText does not render floating objects in the drawing layer.
  • XtraReports - The 'Out of memory' exception is thrown in Preview on scrolling.
  • XtraSchedulerReport - The Project Item template is missing a partial class and uses the global namespace.