BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC v31.0

BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC v31.0
Improves Ribbon Bar, Toolbar and Menu controls.


Feature Release

November 17, 2020 - 16:40
BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC v31.0
BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC
  • New class CBCGPMultiViewFrameWnd implements a multi-view single-document interface (SDI). The following examples and samples now use this new frame type:
    • BCGPChartExample.
    • BCGPControls.
    • BCGPDiagramDemo.
    • BCGPGaugesDemo.
    • GraphicsManagerDemo.
    • OutlookMultiViews.
      • In addition, Application Wizard (for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 - 2019) has a new interface option: Multi-view SDI.
  • Ribbon Bar
    • Improved Ribbon controls appearance and paddings in high DPI mode.
    • CBCGPRibbonBackstageViewItemPropertySheet: controls layout can now be loaded from MFC dialog resources. The class constructor has a new optional parameter 'bLoadMFCResourceLayout'.
    • CBCGPRibbonBackstageViewItemPropertySheet: a new optional parameter of class constructor 'nListWidth' allows you to specify a left-aligned page list width.
    • CBCGPRibbonBar::ReplaceRibbonElementByID has a new optional parameter 'bIncludeTabElements'.
  • Toolbars and Menus
    • New class CBCGPToolbarLabel implements a static label located on the toolbar.
    • CBCGPPopupMenu: new static method SetTopmost allows you to create an active popup menu with WS_EX_TOPMOST style.
  • Dialogs and Forms
    • Implemented loading layout from MFC dialog resources: a new optional parameter bLoadMFCResourceLayout was added to CBCGPDialog::EnableLayout, CBCGPDialogBar::EnableLayout, CBCGPFormView::EnableLayout, CBCGPPropertyPage::EnableLayout and CBCGPPropertySheet::EnableLayout.
    • Added optimized dialog/forms controls background erasing: if dialog/form has a default (not textured) background, you may call SetControlsDefaultDlgBackground method and redrawing controls will be much faster.
  • Gauge Controls
    • CBCGPCircularProgressIndicatorImpl: added ability to specify progress angles. New members m_dblStartAngle and m_dblAngleRange were added to CBCGPCircularProgressIndicatorOptions structure.
    • CBCGPTagCloud: implemented tags vertical scrolling.
    • CBCGPNumericIndicatorImpl: implemented visual manager support. CBCGPNumericIndicatorColors structure constructor has a new optional parameter bIsVisualManagerTheme.
      • In addition, CBCGPNumericIndicatorImpl has a new method SetVisualManagerTheme: call it to enable/disable visual manager theme for this gauge. A new method CBCGPVisualManager::GetNumericIndicatorColors allows you to customize numeric indicator appearance in CBCGPVisualManager-derived classes.
  • Grid and Report Controls
    • Added grid item(s) pasting from external data sources.
    • Improved Grid items search customization: the following new members were added to BCGP_GRID_FINDREPLACE_PARAM structure:
      • bStartFromCurrent - specifies whether a current item should be included in the search results.
      • nSearchColumn - specifies a zero-based Grid column index where search should be performed.
    • Override a new virtual method CBCGPGridItem::IsOptionPrefix if you wish to customize drop-down item selection by keyboard.
  • Controls
    • CBCGPDateTimeCtrl: virtual method OnDateChanged is now always called when a check box is toggled.
    • CBCGPEdit::EnableFileBrowseButton method has a new optional parameter 'bOpenFileDialog'.
    • CBCGPSliderCtrl: method 'GetSelectionRect' is now virtual.
    • CBCGPShellList: column names are now loaded from the localized resources.
    • CBCGPPropList: added groups with optional check box. A group constructor has a new optional parameter 'bHasCheckBox'.
    • CBCGPTreeCtrlEx::InsertItem now supports TVI_SORT flag.
    • CBCGPTreeCtrlEx: added quick item search by keyboard. You can type an item name prefix and first matched tree item will be selected.
  • Miscellaneous
    • New method CBCGPEditCtrl::LoadXMLSettingsFromResource simplifies loading XML settings from application's resources.
    • A shared Search icon is now used in all edit controls (CBCGPEdit, filter bar in CBCGPGridCtrl and CBCGPRibbonEdit).
      • In addition, in Microsoft Office 2013-2019 and Visual Studio 2012-2019 visual themes, the search icon will be drawn using an accent color. A new method CBCGPGlobalUtils::SetCustomSearchIcon allows to specify a custom search icon.
    • CBCGPTasksPane: improved MSAA support.
    • Integration Wizard automatically creates Visual Studio user properties on machine with clean Visual Studio 2019 installation (without previous Visual Studio versions).
  • Examples and Samples
    • BCGPChartExample: the main frame is derived from new class CBCGPMultiViewFrameWnd. Added controls background optimized erasing.
    • BCGPControls: added accent color chooser (Office 2013-2016 and Visual Studio 2013-2019 themes). The main frame is derived from new class CBCGPMultiViewFrameWnd. Added controls background optimized erasing. Add properties grid group with check box demonstration.
    • BCGPEdgeDemo: added persistent custom documents demonstration.
    • BCGPVisualStudioGUIDemo, ChatEditor, EditorMarkers and MDIEditorDemo: added CBCGPEditCtrl::LoadXMLSettingsFromResource demonstration.
    • GraphicsManagerDemo: the main frame is derived from new class CBCGPMultiViewFrameWnd.
    • OutlookMultiViews: the main frame is derived from new class CBCGPMultiViewFrameWnd.
    • ResizableForm: demonstrates how to load layout data from MFC dialog resources.