Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 20.1 Build 20.1.20201.104

Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 20.1 Build 20.1.20201.104
Improves ThemeManager, ComboEditor and DataGrid.


Feature Release

November 06, 2020 - 11:26
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 20.1 Build 20.1.20201.104
Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF


  • DataPresenter:
    • Modified CellVPBorderActiveBrush in MetroDark.
    • Modified the CellValuePresenter padding in MetroLight&Dark and Office2013.
  • Editors:
    • Modified spinButtonStyle (Metro themes).
    • Added label and textbox styles and modified all existing textbox styles to override CoreImplicit styles.
    • Changes in XamMaskedEditor triggers.
  • ComboEditor and MaskedEditor:
    • Padding and margin changes.
    • Added new MultiTrigger in XamComboEditor.
    • Removed setters in XamDateTimeEditorBaseStyle.


    • Bullet Graph/Linear Gauge are not formatting labels correctly.


    • XamComboEditor not closing dropdown when in xamtilemanager.


    • Axis annotation remains displayed after value overlay's value is set to double.NaN.
    • A scenario where an axis annotation associated with the value overlay could be orphaned was fixed.


    • Saving milliseconds is inconsistent when calling SaveCustomizations on the data grid.
    • Grid is reporting misplaced pinned row separator when column summaries are removed (top row summary removed not pinned row separator).
    • Merged Cells in XamDataGrid do not work with grouped Fields.


    • Can't bind AllowResize of XamDiagram. AllowResize is DependencyProperty.


    • System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception is thrown when a floating window is dragged over docking indicators if multiple monitors with different DPI scales are used.
    • Docking indicators do not appear on the correct location if multiple monitors with different DPI scales are used.

    Microsoft Excel

    • A complex formula using SUMIF with INDEX sometimes does not work.
    • System.ArgumentException is thrown when a file is loaded.


    • Japanese characters which are automatically committed by IME are not displayed when some other Japanese characters are continuously committed.


    • FormatException is thrown in the Microsoft Visual Studio designer if the target platform is x64.


    • An inner exception FormatException is thrown if its ValueType is of integer, if its value is negative and if a negative sign customized in the regional settings in Microsoft Windows.


    • After expanding a few hierarchies, PivotCellControls lose their tooltips.


    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when loading a RFT file.


    • Memory is not released when the control is unloaded if Office2013 theme is used.


    • Argument exception on loading workbook with charts into spreadsheet.


    • Dragging a tab resets its selection if XamControls.ItemsSource is bound.


    • Cell texts are not fully displayed in edit mode when Metro, MetroDark, Office2010Blue and Office2013 are applied.
    • Made several fixes in the editors to fix text cropping when editors embedded in DataPresenter.
    • Editors express changes:
      • XamTextEditor padding and margin fixes.