Telerik Reporting R3 2020 SP1

Telerik Reporting R3 2020 SP1
Adds Visual Studio Template for the Web Report Designer.


Feature Release

November 04, 2020 - 11:49
Telerik Reporting R3 2020 SP1
Telerik Reporting
  • Add Microsoft Visual Studio Template for the Web Report Designer
    • The web report designer can now be added to Microsoft ASP.NET Core 3+ and ASP.NET projects using a Microsoft Visual Studio item template.
  • Web Service Data Source
    • Two step authentication request fails when TokenPath is not set.
  • Web Designer
    • CSV data source's field and record separators do not allow multi-select.
    • Property editors of input fields are not updated on change from the design surface.
    • ServiceUrl value without a trailing slash causes the designer to hang.
    • The error message shown when a datasource fails to connect to a database, is not descriptive.
    • An error occurs when the WebServiceDataSource.ServiceUrl contains inline parameters.
    • Cannot add a second WebService data source that has a request header name which is already used by a previously declared WebService data source.
    • The DataSource Wizards' Preview page is not updated when the configuration data is changed.
  • Processing
    • PictureBox does not support URLs longer than 250 characters.
  • Microsoft Excel Rendering
    • PictureBox that has Style.BackgroundImage set and doesn't have Value set causes exception when rendering in XLS and XLSX formats.
  • PDF Rendering
    • Graphic primitives are rendered with incorrect LineCap and LineJoin properties.
    • PictureBox with SVG contents is rendered in PDF documents using raster bitmap rather than vector primitives.
  • WebForms Report Viewer (legacy)
    • PictureBox and BackgroundImage contents are not rendered in the legacy Web Forms Viewer.