BCGSuite for MFC v30.6

BCGSuite for MFC v30.6
Edit control adds the ability to draw text with syntax highlighting on selected or marked areas.


Feature Release

September 30, 2020 - 12:16
BCGSuite for MFC v30.6
Draw text with syntax highlighting
  • Added WinAppDriver (Microsoft Windows Application Driver) support.
  • Dialogs and Forms
    • CBCGPPropertySheet - Added support for the page swipe gesture.
    • CBCGPPropertySheet - SetActivePageWithEffects method is virtual now.
  • Chart Control
    • CBCGPChartAdvancedFormula - Added new moving average type MA_CUMULATIVE.
    • CBCGPChartAdvancedFormula - Added new methods SetOutputSeriesType and SetOutputSeriesCategory.
    • Added new class CBCGPChartMAENVFormula - Adds "Moving Average Envelopes" for the Stock charts.
    • CBCGPChartMACDFormula - Added 2 result calculation types - VA_MACD - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator (current calculation type) and VA_PPO - Percentage Price Oscillator (new).
    • CBCGPChartMACDFormula - Added 2 new methods: SetValueType and GetValueType.
    • CBCGPBaseChartStockSeries::StockSeriesType enumerator has a new member "SST_BAR_HLC".
    • CBCGPChartStockSeries - Added Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks data calculation type.
    • CBCGPChartVisualObject - A new method SetOptimizedDiagramArea allows to optimize diagram's layout after one of axes moves inside/outside the diagram's area.
  • Grid and Report Controls
    • CBCGPGridColumnChooser - this class is exportable now and can be customized according to customer's needs.
    • CBCGPGridCtrl - Added the ability to enable/disable Grid zooming by the mouse wheel (when Ctrl is pressed) or gesture zoom.
    • CBCGPGridCtrl - Added EnableZoom and IsZoomEnabled methods.
    • Added new method CBCGPGridCtrl::SetFilterBarText which allows you to programmatically specify a filter bar content.
  • Controls
    • CBCGPStatic::SetPicture allows to load SVG images now.
    • CBCGPComboBox doesn't redraw itself anymore when control receives CB_SETCURSEL message and WPARAM contains an index of already selected item.
    • CBCGPGroup - Added the ability to hide/show all controls located inside the group.
    • CBCGPDateTimeCtrl - Added touch mode.
    • CBCGPDateTimeCtrl - Added the ability to display a new date/time list popup window when user clicks drop-down button.
    • CBCGPDateTimeCtrl - Added DTM_DROPLIST flag to this control.
    • Added a new class CBCGPDateTimeList which implements a touch-friendly date-time picker.
  • MSAA and CodedUI Tests
    • CBCGPButton - If description (text below label) is specified, get_accDescription method returns this text now.
    • CBCGPCalendar - get_accValue returns a range of selected dates now (if multiple days selection is specified).
    • CBCGPCalendar - Added accessibility support to popup month picker window.
    • CBCGPScrollBar - Improved accessibility support.
    • CBCGPDateTimeCtrl - Improved accessibility support.
  • Edit control
    • Added the ability to draw text with syntax highlighting on selected or marked areas.
    • The following new methods were added to CBCGPEditCtrl class:
      • EnableSyntaxHilightingOnSelection
      • IsSyntaxHilightingOnSelection
      • EnableSyntaxHilightingOnColorLine
      • IsSyntaxHilightingOnColorLine
      • EnableSyntaxHilightingOnHiliteMarkers
      • IsSyntaxHilightingOnHiliteMarkers
    • CBCGPEditCtrl - Added new virtual method OnGoToNextMarker which allows to customize markers navigation behavior.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added a new class CBCGPTextGaugeCtrl which provides an easy way to add text gauge (CBCGPTextGaugeImpl) to the dialog or form view.
    • All calls to lstrcpy were replaced with StringCchCopy (for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or later).
    • CBCGPTagCloud - Added visual manager support.
    • CBCGPTagCloud - Added new methods SetVisualManagerTheme and IsVisualManagerTheme to this class.
    • CBCGPPlannerManagerCtrl - Added vertical scrolling during appointment dragging and time range selection.
    • CBCGPPlannerManagerCtrl - Added new methods EnableDragScroll and IsDragScrollEnabled to this class.
  • Examples and Samples
    • BCGPChartExample - Added demonstration of new stock chart features (SST_BAR_HLC series type and "Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks").
    • BCGPCalendarDemo - Added week number type demonstration.
    • BCGPGanttDemo - Demonstrates usage of new date/time list in the Gantt grid.
    • BCGPGridExample - Demonstrates usage of new date/time list.
    • EditorMarkers - Added demonstration of syntax highlighting inside colored areas.
    • PropSheetDemo - Demonstrates new "Page Swipe Gesture" feature.
    • Added new example BCGPControls.
    • The following samples are not included in the product installation anymore:
      • BreadcrumbDemo
      • CalculatorDemo
      • DateTimeCtrl
      • EditBoxDemo
      • GroupBoxDemo
      • InfoBoxDemo
      • ListBoxDemo
      • TreeCtrlDemo