Actipro WPF Studio 2019.1 build 0686

Actipro WPF Studio 2019.1 build 0686
Improves Grids, Docking/MDI and SyntaxEditor controls.


Feature Release

August 17, 2020 - 13:17
Actipro WPF Studio 2019.1 build 0686
Actipro WPF Studio


  • Added the AdvancedTabControl.TabDragReordered event, which is raised after a tab is reordered with internal drag/drop.
  • Improved the UI automation peer tree related to auto-hidden tool windows.
  • Updated Shift+Esc to close the active tool window.
  • Updated docking window close focus-moving logic to not possibly move focus into an auto-hidden tool window.


  • Added an IsNullAllowed property to DatePicker, DateTimePicker, and TimePicker, and changed their Value property type to be nullable DateTime.
  • Improved how numeric edit boxes parse whitespace within custom format string literals.
  • Updated the AutoCompleteBox.Text property to bind two-way by default.
  • Updated AutoCompleteBox to properly capture mouse events when the popup is open.
  • Updated Calculator to commit any pending operations when focus is lost.
  • Updated Calculator's handling and display of decimal points and trailing zeros.
  • Updated Calculator's handling of data entry following its Value property being changed externally.
  • Updated MaskedTextBox to always move the caret immediately after the last matched character when the mouse tries to start selection in the prompt area.
  • Updated MaskedTextBox to move the caret past the literal characters in the mask when gaining focus.


  • Updated PropertyGrid to prevent ObservableCollection property model refreshing when an item is replaced.
  • Improved the performance of moving a tree node to another location in the tree.


  • Updated the mini-toolbar to not close when unfocused and the Ctrl or Shift modifier keys are pressed.


  • Added the ShellListView.SortDirection and SortShellPropertyKey properties, which determine how the list is sorted.
  • Added the ShellListView.CanResetSortOnRootShellFolderChange property, which can be set to false to prevent sort reset when the root folder changes.
  • Added the ShellListView.UpdateColumns method and added support for the CanColumnsToggleVisibility property.
  • Significantly improved the speed by which ShellListView can sort Microsoft Windows shell objects by property.
  • Updated ShellListView to visually refresh property data like modified dates as changes occur.
  • Updated the logic used to retrieve the IShellObject.FileSystemPath for Windows shell libraries.


  • Updated the 'Adornments - Squiggles Intro' QuickStart to show a more realistic scenario of tracking developer-specified tagged ranges.
  • Updated the CollectionTagger.Clear method to accurately report the changed text range in the TagsChanged event when there are fewer than 100 tags being removed. Otherwise, the entire snapshot range is returned as before.
  • Updated the SyntaxEditor.FontFamily property to be set in its default Style.
  • Updated the virtual CodeSnippetSelectionSession.OnCompletionSessionInitializing method to perform sorting and be called after items have been added to the session, so that completion items and/or sorting can be customized prior to opening.
  • Updated touch taps over a collapsed outlining node to select the node's text range.
  • Adjusted the order of logic that executes when the SyntaxEditor.Document property is set.


  • Updated how WindowChrome's shadow is tracked with its owner Window, which prevents the shadow from showing up on other virtual desktops.


  • Updated InertiaScrollViewer to not handle various events for another inner ScrollViewer.


  • Updated PopupButton to prevent mouse wheel events from bubbling up when the popup is open.