InstallShield Premier 2020

InstallShield Premier 2020
Create Modification Packages for any MSIX package.


Feature Release

May 13, 2020 - 8:58
InstallShield Premier 2020
MSIX Modification Packages
  • MSIX Modification Packages - You can now use InstallShield to create Modification Packages for any given Microsoft MSIX package.
  • Support for MSIX Core - You are now able to create and install MSIX packages targeting Microsoft Windows 7 and older versions of Windows 10 (prior to 1709). In addition to this, you can create a single Suite Installer that installs the MSIX package in all supported platforms.
  • Pure 64-bit Installers - You are now able to create installers using 64-bit launchers for Basic MSI Projects and Suite Projects.
  • Support for AWS CloudHSM Based Digital Signing - You can now use InstallShield to digitally sign your installers using an AWS CloudHSM based digital certificate.