DevExpress WinForms 19.2.7

DevExpress WinForms 19.2.7
Improves PDF Viewer, Charts and Grid controls.


Feature Release

March 27, 2020 - 14:33
DevExpress WinForms 19.2.7
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms products

  • A memory leak in RibbonControl.
  • ExpressionEditor does not support the ToDateTime function.
  • Form Filling - An interactive form containing several fields with the same names is filled incorrectly.
  • Project Settings - The selected palette is reset when showing a form designer of a neighboring project.
  • RadialMenu - The BeforePopup event does not fire.
  • SplitContainerControl - DevExpress properties are not shown in the context menu for the first time.
  • StackPanel - Width is incorrectly calculated if AutoSize is set to true.

Data Access Library

  • A data source filter string works incorrectly when a multi-value parameter is used with the 'Is Null' and 'Is Not Null' operators.
  • QueryBuilder crashes when an invalid statement is entered.
  • SqlDataSource Query Builder - The Filter Expression Editor shows the "Invalid column" message for tables from a non-default schema.
  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown when an object that contains a property only with the set accessor is used as a report data source.
  • WinForms Dashboard Designer - NullReferenceException is thrown in the Query Builder of the Federation Data Source when the same data source is added twice to the "Join" type query.

MVVM Framework

  • BarToggleSwitchItem does not implement the ISupportCommandBinding interface.

PDF Viewer

  • Form Filling - Multiline text disappears in a text field if the text field height is not enough to fit it.
  • Localization - The content of the 'Annotation Properties' form cannot be localized via the localization service.
  • Parsing - A document containing a font with a number represented as a reference cannot be opened.
  • Printing - A specific document cannot be printed on a printer that doesn't support native XPS printing.
  • Rendering - A page that contains an inline image with the 'Filter' value represented as an array cannot be rendered.
  • Rendering - A text that is drawn using the Type1 font with explicitly defined encoding cannot be rendered.
  • Rendering - A Type3 font glyph with the 'd0' operator that has invalid arguments cannot be rendered.
  • Rendering - Large memory consumption when rendering many images of small height.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown on an attempt to open a specific PDF document.
  • The Navigation Pane shows button captions instead of icons when the Turkish culture is used.


  • A newly inserted calculated field is removed after closing the Manage Query dialog.
  • The Modified property is not set to True after performing modifications in the data source.

XtraBars Suite

  • AdornerUIManager - The badge offset is applied incorrectly when High DPI settings are used.
  • An incorrect item is deleted when the item list is filtered.
  • Application Menu - SVG images are incorrectly drawn for disabled bar items.
  • ArgumentException: 'A circular control reference has been made.' on closing FlyoutDialog when BackstageView is shown.
  • BackstageViewControl - The form's system menu is shown on pressing the spacebar key after showing BackstageView's key tips.
  • BackstageViewControl - ItemPressed isn't raised when an item is right clicked.
  • BackstageViewControl - It's necessary to press a key tip twice to select a tab.
  • BackstageViewControl - Page Header Items are not shown if the BackstageViewControl.BackstageViewShowRibbonItems option is set to PageHeaderItems.
  • BarEditItem - Editor buttons are incorrectly highlighted when an SVG image is assigned to a button.
  • BarItem's ImageOptions ignore SvgImageSize when an image is taken from an SvgImageCollection.
  • BarManager - A floating bar does not increase its size if a large image is assigned to a bar item.
  • BarManager - Quick customization menu is hidden when hovered by the mouse cursor in PerMonitorV2 Dpi mode on Windows 10.
  • BarManager - The DockChanged event is not raised when a bar is docked by double-click.
  • BarManager - The ItemClick event is generated when clicking an item placed in a BarSubItem in the PopupMenu's designer.
  • BarManager's customization form does not take into account the TopMost option set during initialization.
  • BarToggleSwitchItem - HTML formatting does not work if an item is added to PageHeaderItemLinks.
  • ContextButtons in AccordionControl ignore TextOptions.HAlignment.
  • DockManager - A float form does not restore a previous position size on screens with different DPIs.
  • DockManager - It is impossible to enter text in text boxes located within DockPanels after buttons of RepositoryItemComboBox shown within RibbonStatusBar are disabled.
  • DockManager - Tab Container flickers when visibility of one of docked DockPanels is changed.
  • Fluent Design Form - How to extend Hamburger Menu to the form's title bar when the EnableAcrylicAccent property is disabled.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when obtaining a skin-related pen from the SystemPens collection.
  • Inner popup menu cannot be shown when using the SetPerMonitorDpiAware method.
  • KeyTips appear in RibbonControl even after mouse clicks.
  • MDI child form is incorrectly shown on loading when the UpdateMdiClientOnChildActivate option is disabled.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the BaseGalleryViewInfo.OnAnimation method.
  • PageGroup - Setting the Properties.Margin property is not in effect until re-sizing a parent form.
  • PopupMenu's designer does not work correctly if RibbonControl is added into a form with BarManager.
  • RibbonControl - BarEditItem overlaps neighboring items after a large SVG image is assigned to it.
  • RibbonControl - Ribbon page headers are not scrolled if the mouse cursor doesn't hover over them.
  • RibbonControl - The ApplicationButtonClick event is not raised.
  • RibbonControl is incorrectly docked to the top.
  • RibbonStatusBar - Height is not recalculated when using the PerMonitorV2 mode and the AutoHeight option.
  • Search Item displays an untranslated message when no items are found.
  • TabPane - The selected page is not highlighted when the Whiteprint skin is used.
  • The AccordionControl elements are not refreshed in minimized mode.
  • The HideDropDownWindow method does not work when WaitForm is shown.
  • The Inspect tool cannot detect RibbonControl's Search Item.
  • ToastNotificationManager - The data argument in the ToastNotificationActivator's OnActivate method can be null.
  • ToolBarForm - BarStaticItem does not take into account the AllowGlyphSkinning property.
  • ToolbarForm - Caption buttons have an offset when the form icon is hidden.
  • WidgetView document headers are scaled inconsistently when PerMonitorV2 DPI awareness is enabled.
  • WinForms - AccordionControl with ExpandElementMode.Single mode doesn't show navigation items.

XtraCharts Suite

  • An unhandled error (System.OverflowException) occurs on displaying the WilliamsR indicator in certain situations.
  • Chart Designer - The Secondary Y-Axis setting does not persist.
  • Chart Designer - The WholeRange.MinValue property is unexpectedly changed after setting WholeRange.MaxValue.
  • Export - A chart image is incorrect when running the ExportToImage method via multiple threads.
  • The ChartControl.SelectedItems collection is cleared on zooming and scrolling.


  • OutOfMemoryException occurs in DiagramControl when the begin and end connector arrows are attached to each other.

XtraEditors Library

  • BreadcrumbEdit - Scrolling becomes intermittent if a drop-down list contains a lot of nodes.
  • ButtonEdit - The beep sound is played when the key combination assigned to the EditorButton.Shortcut property is pressed.
  • CalendarControl - NullReferenceException is thrown on clicking a day in multiselect mode.
  • CameraControl - "Cannot use the device" message occurs when the PictureEdit's Camera dialog is shown.
  • DateEdit accepts a popup value on clicking outside the popup when CalendarView = TouchUI.
  • FilterControl - Nodes are not updated after calling the SetFilterColumnsCollection method.
  • Focus returns to a previously focused control after closing the Overlay Form.
  • Form icon is flipped horizontally after enabling the RTL mode.
  • GridLookUpEdit - Found symbols are incorrectly highlighted when the editor is in RTL mode.
  • GridLookUpEdit - The GridView.AutoFillColumn property setting is ignored.
  • GridLookUpEdit AutoSuggest mode - Characters are added at the beginning of a field when typing.
  • Images containing several SVG items are rendered incorrectly.
  • LookUpEdit - The focus rectangle is not displayed on a HighDPI screen.
  • PictureEdit - A form is painted incorrectly when a Metafile object is assigned to PictureEdit's image.
  • PictureEdit - An image is centered differently after resizing in Clip size mode.
  • RatingControl may produce an empty result when used in AutoFilterRow.
  • RepositoryItemCheckEdit with CheckBoxOptions.Style = Custom is not highlighted in white for selected rows.
  • RepositoryItemHypertextLabel - The hyperlink is shifted to the top and changes its color after string trimming.
  • SpinEdit height differs from other editors' height in vector skins when the TouchUI mode is enabled.
  • SVG - An image is rendered incorrectly.
  • SVG - Custom palette colors are not taken into account when SVG icons are used in TabbedView's document headers.
  • SVG - The SvgImageSize property is not in effect when specifying an image by using the ImageUri property.
  • The Navigation Pane shows button captions instead of icons when the Turkish culture is used.
  • The SearchLookUpEdit popup form does not have a shadow when it is shown above the parent form.
  • TimeSpanChartRangeControlClient - Label is not aligned.
  • ToggleSwitch - The toggle is almost invisible when turned on and disabled in the Basic skin.
  • TokenEdit - The Beak Panel is overlapped by the Windows taskbar.
  • TokenEdit doesn't move the cursor to the next line if there is no space to insert a new token.
  • TrackBarControl - A bar line is highlighted when the thumb is on the minimal value.
  • WaitForm content isn't visible in the Office 2010 Black skin after upgrading to version 19.2.
  • XtraDialog - An embedded control has an incorrect size and the dialog buttons have an incorrect position when the dialog has a long caption.
  • XtraForm - A memory leak occurs due to an internal subscription to FormIconOptions events.
  • XtraForm - Borders are not visible in some skins when the FormThickBorder option is enabled in MDI mode.
  • XtraMessageBox - A black background is drawn when using RTL.
  • XtraMessageBox - A redundant black line is drawn when using the Office 2016 Colorful skin in RTL mode.
  • XtraTabControl - A selected page is shown with a bottom border in Visual Studio skins on high DPI.


  • GanttControl - The Chart area is not updated correctly when data is changed in the treelist area.
  • The print preview form is not localized for GanttControl.
  • ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in GanttControl without data when the ShowRibbonPrintPreview method is called.

XtraGauges Suite

  • Usability - An edit value cannot be processed from the parent RepositoryItemAnyControl container.

XtraGrid Suite

  • ShowEditForm does not show the Edit Form if a view has an active editor.
  • AdvBandedGridView - The selection column cannot be focused using arrow keys.
  • CSV Export - Some Grid control cells are missing in an exported CSV file.
  • Filtering produces different results when GridView is grouped.
  • Find Panel does not search through the Enum values under certain conditions.
  • Find Panel's search results take into account the built-in selection column's values.
  • GridControl - An invalid value is shown in a Grid cell when the PasteMode parameter is set to RowPasteMode.Force in the ClipboardRowPasting event handler.
  • GridControl - HTML images are not shown in the Print Preview.
  • GridControl - The Embedded data navigator is docked to the left side in RTL mode.
  • GridControl doesn't provide a way to disable the touch gesture support.
  • GridLookUpEdit - The GridView.AutoFillColumn property setting is ignored.
  • GridView - An exception is thrown when checking a filter item in an Excel filter drop-down window.
  • GridView - Incorrect text is highlighted when searching through HTML-formatted display cell values.
  • GridView - Random cells are blank after changing the control's DataSource in a multi-threaded application.
  • GridView - The Values tab of the Filter Excel Popup is not populated with items when the cursor is located over the popup form in RTL mode.
  • RepositoryItemHypertextLabel - Setting the AllowHtmlDraw property to false does not affect an exported WYSIWYG Excel document.
  • Scrollbar Annotations are shown for incorrect rows when errors are obtained via IDXDataErrorInfo.
  • SvgImage - Images are not rendered correctly in GridControl and PictureEdit.
  • The autofilter icon changes when a column uses an in-place editor with ContextImage.
  • The FocusedRowObjectChanged event fires twice when AutoFilterRow is focused and a data source is refilled.
  • TileView ignores the element's stretch option when this view is printed.

XtraLayout Suite

  • Core - Collapsed layout groups change their Direction after a layout is customized.
  • LayoutControl - LayoutControlItem size is incorrectly calculated when this item has LabelControl.
  • XtraTabControl - NullReferenceException is thrown on adding LayoutControl to the control collection in RTL mode.


  • An unhandled exception occurs on loading a shape with a background image in the Cartesian Coordinate system.
  • MapEditor - MapEllipse with ShapeTitle set in CartesianMapCoordinateSystem is moved incorrectly.
  • MapEditor - MapPolygon is rotated and scaled incorrectly if CartesianMapCoordinateSystem is set.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • ChartControl connected to PivotGrid does not display data when the OptionsData.OptimizeSummaryTypeCalculation option is set.
  • Pivot Grid - Customization Fields form - Filter popup menus are shown behind the control.
  • PivotGrid incorrectly sorts rows by summary values of unbound fields that contain aggregated functions in Optimized mode.
  • PivotGridControl - Field lines disappear when scrolling in DirectX mode.
  • PivotGridControl - Horizontal lines have an extra pixel in the end in DirectX mode.
  • PivotGridControl - Horizontal scrolling operates incorrectly in RTL when the DirectX mode is on.
  • PivotGridControl - Top cells are not re-drawn on vertical scrolling in RTL mode if DirectX is used.
  • The field customization form layout is not saved in the Pivot Grid layout.

XtraPrinting Library

  • Export to DOCX - Text with NewLine and with the Justify alignment is exported incorrectly.
  • HighDPI - The XRLine width is calculated incorrectly in a specific scenario.
  • Print Preview window hangs if the WindowsFormsSettings.ScrollUIMode property is set to Fluent.
  • RepositoryItemHypertextLabel - Setting the AllowHtmlDraw property to false does not affect an exported WYSIWYG Excel document.

XtraReports Suite

  • Calculated Fields - The reserved [Index] keyword overrides a data field under the same name.
  • DocumentViewer - The "datasource is busy" exception occurs when submitting report parameters twice.
  • End-User Report Designer - Changing a data binding in the Edit Bindings window may not check this field in the list.
  • End-User Report Designer - Tab icons in the Office-Inspired Property Grid are not shown when restoring a saved workspace.
  • Export - Font styles of non-embedded fonts without the PostScript name are incorrectly exported.
  • Export to DOCX - Text with NewLine and with the Justify alignment is exported incorrectly.
  • Export to HTML - Text disappears if the text font size is larger than the label height.
  • Export to HTML - Text in a control is truncated on exporting a report in the build.
  • Export To PDF - Text after a space is cut in a non-Windows OS.
  • Print Preview - A context menu of the ColorPickEdit editor doesn't use a global skin.
  • QueryBuilder crashes when an invalid statement is entered.
  • Reporting - The String.EndsWith() function has a typo in the description.
  • SqlDataSource Query Builder - The Filter Expression Editor shows the "Invalid column" message for tables from a non-default schema.
  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown when an object that contains a property only with the set accessor is used as a report data source.
  • The IsNull operator returns an incorrect result if no option is selected for a multi-value report parameter (AllowNull = True).
  • XRCrossTab - System.NullReferenceException is thrown when opening a report with the XRCrossTab control if XtraReport.HorizontalContentSplitting is set to Smart or XRCrossTab.PrintOptions.PrintLayout is set to AcrossThenDown.
  • XRPivotGrid - some strings cannot be localized.
  • XtraReport - The KeepTogether option does not work for XRPictureBox.


  • ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to check spelling in RichEditControl.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on an attempt to replace a table with text pasted from the Clipboard.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when merging successive tables.
  • Custom mark coordinates might be incorrectly rounded when a custom mark is located in TextBox.
  • RichEditControl - Table cell text disappears when ActiveViewType is Simple and cell alignment is Center.
  • RichEditControl and RichEditDocumentServer generate corrupted RTF from a specific HTML document.
  • RichEditControl in 'Simple View' renders html links incorrectly when Wordwrap=False and a horizontal scrollbar is used.
  • RichEditControl incorrectly interprets the light-green highlight color from an OpenXml document.
  • RichEditControl incorrectly renders background after loading a specific HTML document.
  • RichEditControl inserts an empty paragraph and moves a character at the next paragraph on an attempt to enter a character when the entire paragraph is selected.
  • Screen readers do not read text in RichEditControl.
  • Table content is partially missing in a document with a multi-column layout.
  • The caret located in a table may disappear when the Draft view is used as an active view.
  • ToggleShowWhitespaceCommand shows tabs, spaces, and paragraph mark whitespace symbols if the corresponding FormattingMarkVisibility options are set to Hidden.
  • XtraRichEdit - An error occurs when a certain RTF file is opened.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • An all day appointment is shown in all resource tabs even the AppointmentDisplayMode property is set to SelectedResource.
  • DateNavigator - CustomDrawDayNumberCell is raised too many times when a cell is clicked.
  • DateNavigator does not highlight a cell when an appointment is dragged over it in v19.2.
  • DateNavigator doesn't raise EditValueChanged when a date is selected in single selection mode.
  • DateNavigator throws an exception on right-clicking selected dates.
  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown when a multi-seconds time scale is used.
  • QueryStart has an incorrect value when data is loaded in the FetchAppointments event handler.
  • SchedulerControl - An appointment's description in the Agenda View is not visible in "The Bezier" skin.
  • SchedulerControl - Appointments are duplicated on dragging.
  • SchedulerControl - The appointments subject is not visible when many resources are shown in AgendaView.
  • SchedulerControl - The SchedulerLocalizer class does not affect the From/To appointment caption in some views.
  • SchedulerControl - The StretchAppointments feature stops working when the resource height is small.
  • SchedulerControl - TimeLine view doesn't take the cursor position into account when zooming.
  • SchedulerControl doesn't allow moving a regular appointment to the place of a deleted occurrence.
  • SchedulerControl doesn't take a selected interval into account on changing the current time scale.
  • SchedulerControl is slowly scrolled when RangeControl is used.
  • SchedulerControl, TimeLineView - A visible interval is unpredictably changed in certain cases when custom scales are used.
  • The "Cannot access the 'ResourceIds' property of a disposed object" exception when double clicking and dragging simultaneously.
  • The AppointmentChanging event fires multiple times for the ResourceIds property.
  • TimeLine View - There is no capability to create a custom appointment layout and control the appointment location and size.
  • XtraScheduler - Reminder form doesn't use localized resources.


  • ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to check spelling in RichEditControl.
  • SpellChecker - The context menu doesn't use a global skin.


  • "Resized range is invalid" when inserting a column to a specific document.
  • A data validation rule with an input message longer than 255 characters can be created through the API.
  • Filtered cells are updated after pasting data into a filtered range.
  • Spreadsheet - A file becomes corrupted after saving.
  • Spreadsheet - A worksheet name containing TAB characters is incorrectly parsed on the document load.
  • Spreadsheet - OpenXML document containing specific formulas cannot be opened.
  • Usability - There is no public API to copy cell range formatting in a style.
  • XtraSpreadsheet - A chart is incorrectly generated for a certain data set.


  • Export to Image - A border element is displayed in the exported file regardless of the BorderOptions.Visible property value.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the CustomRowFilter event is used and a node is removed.
  • BestWidth of columns in GridControl hosted by AnyControlEdit is calculated incorrectly.
  • RepositoryItemCheckEdit with CheckBoxOptions.Style = Custom is not highlighted in white for selected rows.
  • The TreeList designer closes when the Bands tab is opened and one band is added.
  • TreeList - Cell values are not shown in a PDF document if format rules are applied.
  • TreeList - NullReferenceException in TreeListViewInfo.CalcColumnsInfo on minimizing the form when the iMaginary skin is applied and there is a fixed left column.
  • TreeList - NullReferenceException is thrown when the e.Node.GetDisplayText method is called.
  • TreeList - The header's AutoHeight mechanism doesn't take into account multiline captions in a customization form.
  • TreeList - There is no way to localize the "Print Designer" string.
  • TreeList does not display records after filtering if AllowPixelScrolling is enabled.
  • TreeList duplicates child nodes in VirtualMode after RefreshDataSource is invoked and EnableDynamicLoading is disabled.


  • An unhandled exception (System.InvalidCastException) occurs in certain situations.
  • Sunburst Labels do not handle new line symbols in the TextPattern expression.
  • Usability - Unable to change the selected Tree Map tile color.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • A focused CheckEdit is not visually distinguished in the Office view of PropertyGridControl.
  • An empty column is added to a category row when VGridControl is exported.
  • End-User Report Designer - Tab icons in the Office-Inspired Property Grid are not shown when restoring a saved workspace.
  • Found symbols are incorrectly highlighted when using HTML text.
  • PropertyGridControl - A modified row caption is unreadable in certain old raster skins.
  • PropertyGridControl - Incorrect focus (reading with NVDA) when navigating in the control.
  • PropertyGridControl - NVDA reader reads the name and value of a previously focused field.
  • PropertyGridControl - RepositoryItemTokenEdit partially draws the next line.
  • PropertyGridControl ignores UITypeEditorEditStyle.Modal for properties with the PasswordPropertyText attribute.
  • RepositoryItemHypertextLabel - The hyperlink is shifted to the top and changes its color after string trimming.
  • The BestFit method incorrectly resizes the first column.
  • VGridControl - The GetSelectedCells method returns only visible selected rows.
  • VGridControl - The RecordIndex property returns incorrect values in the RecordCellStyle event handler.
  • XtraVerticalGrid - Find panel overlaps the control in BandsView mode.