Telerik Reporting R1 2020 SP1

Telerik Reporting R1 2020 SP1
Adds support for cookie-based two-factor authentication.


Feature Release

February 20, 2020 - 12:26
Telerik Reporting R1 2020 SP1
Telerik Reporting
  • Add WebServiceDataSource Timeout property
    • The property enables control over web request duration.
  • Support cookie-based two-factor authentication in WebServiceDataSource
    • Add support for web services utilizing cookie-based two-factor authentication, including OpenEdge application server.
  • Add version to the web viewers and designer resources requests
    • This will reduce the chances of using old resources and enable better resources cache for already available resources.
  • What's Improved
    • Add a parameter to Round() built-in math function that specifies the number of fractional digits used for rounding.
  • Common
    • Instantiating reports in multiple threads might throw an exception.
  • Web Service Data Source
    • In design time the data is requested from the service when both inline JSON and service URL are set.
  • Desktop Designers
    • LineType changes only in Preview Mode.
    • Renaming calculated field to the name of deleted field throws error.
  • Standalone Report Designer
    • Adding reports with spaces in the name breaks the Report Book.
  • Visual Studio Designer
    • Upgrade Wizard is not starting in VS 2010.
  • Web Designer
    • Adding the WebReportDesigner service throws error when running in a .NET Core 3.1 app.
    • An error occured while loading the data schema for WebServiceDataSourceName JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1.
    • Changes to the DataSource property of a data item are not saved in the report definition.
    • Context menu items contain incorrect "Edit" entry when the selection is changed through the design surface.
    • DataSource schema is not cleared when the connection string or another relevant field is reset.
    • Delete command on Style sheet from Explorer tree does not work.
    • Graph's axis misses CrossAxisPositions editor.
    • Report parameter cannot be deleted from Explorer.
    • ReportParameter.AvailableValues.DataSource is not set correctly.
    • Setting DataSource to none corrupts the report definition.
    • The SQL DataSource Wizard does not skip the parameters pages when no SQL parameter is needed.
    • WebServiceDataSource properties are not saved correctly.
    • An error appears in the console when the SQL DS wizard finishes.
    • Crosstab wizard closing animation lags.
    • Expression editor does not insert the selected value on the cursor position.
    • Multiselect of explorer tab doesn't work in IE11.
    • Multi-selection can't be deselected.
    • Removing DataSource doesn't reset the data item DataSource property.
    • The SQL DataSource Wizard's Preview page does not clearly notify the user if no data is retrieved upon command execution.
  • Installation
    • Dev example projects refer to Trial NuGet packages.
    • Telerik.Reporting.OpenXmlRendering is missing dependency to DocumentFormat.OpenXml.
    • Telerik.Reporting.Services.AspNetCore NuGet is missing dependency to Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.NewtonsoftJson.
  • Paging
    • An error occurs when rendering report with cacheDefinitionProperties turned off.
    • Report renders too many pages in Linux or Mac.
  • Processing
    • A NullReferenceException might be thrown when reports are simultaneously rendered in multiple threads.
    • Boolean Report Parameter value not updated when evaluated from another parameter.
    • PaperSize Custom doesn't calculate the height correctly.
    • When a symbol is not supported by the Encoder of a Barcode item a non-informative error is thrown.
  • CSV Rendering
    • Rendering a report with Choropleth item causes an error.
  • HTML Rendering
    • When exporting report containing images to HTML or HTML5, the image files referred in the html lack extensions.
  • PDF Rendering
    • Fonts are not embedded correctly when the report is rendered in PDF in Mac OS.
  • Word Rendering
    • TOC doesn't appear when exported with ReportProcessor.
  • Services
    • File Cache of the reporting engine is not cleaned by the REST Service.
  • HTML5 Report Viewer
    • The /api/reports/formats request does not respect the authenticationToken value.
    • The Print button doesn't invoke print dialog in Chromium Edge.
    • When ReportsController is authorized and User is NOT logged in the viewer displays "loading report..." instead of an error.
  • Web Forms HTML5 Report Viewer
    • Failed requests due to incorrect paths to Kendo font.