DevExpress WPF 19.2.4

DevExpress WPF 19.2.4
Improves Grid, Editors and PDF Viewer controls.


Feature Release

November 22, 2019 - 15:28
DevExpress WPF 19.2.4
DevExpress WPF

All WPF products

  • Random Exception in FrameworkElementExtensions
  • The ProgressPercentage property contains incorrect values when the ExportProgress event is raised
  • Unbound columns don't show their data when GridControl is printed using ReportGenerationExtensions

Assembly Deployment Tool

  • The "DevExpress Assembly Deployment Tool" item is missing in the DevExpress menu with version 19.2

Data Access Library

  • ObjectDataSource - Result schema is not initialized correctly in case parameters are specified after assigning a data member
  • SqlDataSource.RebuildResultSchema hangs with large XMLs

Data Library

  • Blank rows are displayed in GridControl if an empty ObservableCollection is assigned to the RealTimeSource.DataSource property

DXBars for WPF

  • Text in BarEditItem inside ToolBarControl is not centered
  • The customization window of toolbars generates incorrect command categories
  • ToolBarControl disappears after changing a theme and double-clicking it

DXCharts for WPF

  • An unhandled exception (InvalidOperationException) occurs when specifying the SeriesBorder.Brush property
  • An unhandled exception occurs during chart layout initialization in certain situations
  • PieSeries3D - Unable to detect a Series Label element using the ChartControl.CalcHitInfo method
  • The Chart control displays incorrect border in the Area series if AllowSeriesBitmapCaching="True"

DXControls for WPF

  • Binding Errors in ThemedWindow if WindowKind is set to "Tabbed"
  • Certain SVG image parts are drawn with an incorrect color
  • DXTabControl integration failes if the first tab is added later
  • Moving the scrollbar after editing with the inline edit form causes InvalidCastException
  • The SVG parser raises exceptions when certain color formats are used
  • The width of the HeaderItemControl becomes smaller when changing the theme to Office2013Touch or Office2016ColorfulTouch
  • Touch theme is not applied to ThemedMessageBox in v19.1.6
  • WcfServerModeDataSource throws TargetInvocationException

DXDiagram for WPF

  • DiagramControl draws certain SVG shapes with a black background
  • DiagramControl requires an additional click to open the context menu when it's used in ElementHost
  • The FitToDrawing method call throws an exception in certain scenarios

DXDocking for WPF

  • DockLayoutManager does not raise serialization events for SerializationInfo's properties of its child groups
  • DockLayoutManager with WindowsFormsHost - An auto-hidden panel is not closed after a click on WindowsFormsHost content
  • DockLayoutManager's Japanese localization does not follow the Microsoft Japanese Style Guide

DXEditors for WPF

  • An empty token is added if a new token is canceled and ComboBoxEdit is bound to a collection of simple types
  • Cell values disappear after opening the filter popup if cell editors use Server Mode components
  • ComboBoxEdit and LookUpEdit do not hide their Wait Indicator when they are bound to asynchronous server mode sources
  • ComboBoxEdit with an empty item in the ItemsSource collection resets its selection on the Enter key press if IsTextEditable is set to true
  • DataLayoutItem within LayoutControl does not remove a validation error when data annotation attributes are used
  • DateEdit does not update its dates in the popup when this editor is placed in ListBoxEditItem
  • DateTime validation issue if the AllowRoundOutOfOangeRalValue property is used
  • DropDownButton does not show its dropdown on the first click in certain scenarios
  • Incremental Search does not allow selecting an already focused item in ListBoxEdit
  • RatingItem class does not contain the index property
  • ShowNullTextIfFocused does not affect in-place editors
  • TextEdit with TimeSpan MaskType throws NotSupportedException after entering certain symbols into the edit box

DXGantt for WPF

  • Connectors and Tasks don't display ToolTip if AllowEditConnectors is set to true

DXGauges for WPF

  • LinearScaleMarker value is not displayed correctly after setting the value to double.NaN and EnableAnimation is set to False

DXGrid for WPF

  • Cell values disappear after opening the filter popup if cell editors use Server Mode components
  • Exported documents contain incorrect values when PrintSelectedRowsOnly is set to true
  • ExtendedColumnChooserControl causes a memory leak
  • GridControl calls IEditableObject.BeginEdit and validates the current row when a user cancels editing and moves focus to another row
  • GridControl doesn't hide update row buttons after pressing the Esc key twice
  • GridControl/TreeListControl don't save/restore the attached TreeListSummarySettings.IsRecursive property value
  • If the AllowColumnFiltering property is set to True in all columns in GridControl, filter editor is disabled
  • Moving the scrollbar after editing with the inline edit form causes InvalidCastException
  • Switching the ShowGroupPanel property when the Paging feature is enabled changes the search panel alignment
  • The Conditional Formatting feature uses GridColumn headers in the Formatting Manager to calculate formatting
  • The ExcelSmart filter dropdown checks all items with different cases unlike other filter dropdowns
  • TreeListView - The TreeListNode.IsLast property always returns true for root level nodes

DXLayoutControl for WPF

  • DataLayoutItem within LayoutControl does not remove a validation error when data annotation attributes are used

DXMap for WPF

  • MapControl placed inside LayoutControl keeps scrolling after releasing the mouse button

DXPivotGrid for WPF

  • The NullReference exception is raised on layout restoring if PivotExcelFieldListControl is used

DXPrinting for WPF

  • Export - Text with 'near' alignment is exported incorrectly if the StringFormatFlags.DirectionRightToLeft flag is set
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in Xpf.Printing if CompositeLinkCreatePageForEachLink is called
  • ReportDesigner - Hiding the "Preview" Ribbon tab does not work (DefaultBarItemNames.PreviewPage)
  • The ribbon menu of DocumentPreviewControl is not merged

DXRibbon for WPF

  • BarCheckItem in GalleryDropDownPopupMenu.Items does not show a checkmark
  • TextBlock in BarStaticItem doesn't initially inherit the foreground color
  • The ribbon menu of DocumentPreviewControl is not merged
  • ThemedWindow - A binding error is shown in Visual Studio's Output when a panel with a child RibbonControl is undocked

DXRichEdit for WPF

  • Selected TextBox content cannot be dragged
  • System.InvalidCastException is thrown when getting the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.UserPrincipal.Current property value
  • The GetRevisionInfoIndex method throws NullReferenceException on an attempt to accept or move to the next revision from the document comment

DXScheduler for WPF

  • A WinForms Scheduler appointment cannot be dragged and dropped to the WPF Scheduler with the help of StartAppointmentDragFromOutside
  • SchedulerControl's selection disappears when all day cells are selected and ShowAllDayArea is disabled
  • The Title in AppointmentEditForm does not contain a subject

DXSpellChecker for WPF

  • The "Add to dictionary", "Ignore", and "Ignore All" SpellChecker items are disabled in RichEditControl's context menu if RichEditControl is read-only

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • After removing formula in formula bar does not allow additional input in Spreadsheet
  • Input focus is lost in certain cases after clicking a cell
  • KeyNotFoundException thrown on copy after upgrading to v19.1.7
  • Provide the capability to substitute functions from Add-ins with user-defined functions
  • System.UriFormatException that is user handled is thrown when debugging a specific XLSX document
  • The New/Edit Conditional Formatting Rule and Format Cells dialogs still provide the capability to set up transparency
  • There is no public API to obtain the actual visible range when a worksheet is scrolled, zoomed or resized

DXTreeList for WPF

  • NullReferenceException occurs after dragging a node to another empty node when the HasChildNodesPath property is used
  • TreeListView nodes are expanded slowly if the Scrollbar Annotation feature is used

eXpress Persistent Objects

  • .NET Standard 2.0 DevExpress.Xpo NuGet package is unexpectedly added into a .NET Core 3 Desktop project when the Persistent Object or ORM Data Model Wizard Item Templates are used
  • Parameterized XPObjectSource is not refilled when used in XRSubreport

MVVM Framework

  • Random crashes when using MVVM Messenger
  • ThemedMessageBoxWindow's ThemedMessageBoxContent is focusable

NuGet Packages

  • The DevExpress MVVM Framework for .NET Core 3.0 is not available as a separate NuGet package

PDF Viewer for WPF

  • A custom ribbon button works incorrectly after opening a context menu for PdfViewerControl
  • Interactive Forms - Radio buttons with the same export value cannot be checked separately
  • Rendering - A document that contains the 'startTextLineWithOffsets' operator with the offset beyond the architectural limit for real numbers is rendered incorrectly
  • Rendering - A progressive DCT image with YCCK colorspace is rendered incorrectly
  • Rendering - Some Tensor-Product Patch Meshes are rendered slowly
  • Thumbnails becoming left aligned when changing documents in PdfViewerControl
  • Touch - Check boxes are not checked when using a stylus
  • Usability - There is no public API to determine if a specific document position is visible
  • Usability - There is no public API to retrieve a page size

Theme Designer

  • ThemeDesigner does not launch the complex preview

Windows UI

  • Disabled Hamburger Menu buttons are not grayed out
  • WinUIMessageBox does not have its own focus scope

XtraReports Suite

  • CreateDocumentAsync error
  • NullReferenceException occurs while closing the relation editor in the WPF Report Designer's Query Builder
  • Parameterized XPObjectSource is not refilled when used in XRSubreport
  • Reporting Demos - NET Core 3 - WPF Reporting demos are not available in the Demo Center
  • The "Invalid cast from System.String to 'DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.XRControlStyle'" error occurs on an attempt to define a style in the End-User Report Designer
  • The chart designer ignores the DisplayName attribute for data fields on an attempt to define chart data
  • The XML file produced by ReportDesigner.SaveLayout is truncated
  • Unhandled exception when dragging fields from the Field List if they are highlighted on the End User Report Designer