DevExpress WinForms 19.2.4

DevExpress WinForms 19.2.4
Improves Spreadsheet, Scheduler and Reporting controls.


Feature Release

November 22, 2019 - 15:30
DevExpress WinForms 19.2.4
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms products

  • Captions in SuperToolTip Editor can be truncated if a non-default font is applied in the Designer
  • FluentDesignForm, BarItemLink - Setting the Image and Text item of a context menu doesn't affect BarItemlink's PaintStyle property
  • ImagePicker - A non-skinned tooltip is displayed when the Help button is clicked
  • ImagePicker - ArgumentException after renaming an image
  • ImagePicker - The Add button's tooltip isn't skinned
  • ImagePicker - The Filter button tooltip isn't skinned
  • ImagePicker - The help tooltip doesn't state that it is possible to add an image to resources using the Add button
  • MDIChild form isn't disposed of if it is closed when a FlyoutPanel is displayed
  • SkinHelper - There is no capability to fill a GalleryControl instance with palettes
  • SuperToolTip - The HyperlinkClick event is not raised
  • SvgImageCollection - The "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" exception is thrown when using the From Project References command if the project references contain a reference to a COM object
  • SVGImagePicker has small buttons when the 4k monitor is used
  • Swatch Picker does not display all palettes when its owner has a small size
  • System.OverflowException: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. when displaying a Dashboard using Winflector
  • The ConfigureDataConnection event is raised with an empty ConnectionName when a query is edited and the Async Mode is enabled
  • XtraForm - A form's icon incorrectly displays in certain cases when Windows 7 is used

Assembly Deployment Tool

  • The "DevExpress Assembly Deployment Tool" item is missing in the DevExpress menu with version 19.2

Coded UI

  • CodedUI fails to detect XtraMessageBox and its elements

Data Access Library

  • JsonDataSource - schema building algorithm is not optimal (the Fill method is very slow)
  • ObjectDataSource - Result schema is not initialized correctly in case parameters are specified after assigning a data member
  • SqlDataSource.RebuildResultSchema hangs with large XMLs

Data Library

  • Blank rows are displayed in GridControl if an empty ObservableCollection is assigned to the RealTimeSource.DataSource property

eXpress Persistent Objects

  • .NET Standard 2.0 DevExpress.Xpo NuGet package is unexpectedly added into a .NET Core 3 Desktop project when the Persistent Object or ORM Data Model Wizard Item Templates are used
  • LINQ to XPO - The 'Index was outside the bounds of the array.' exception is raised in certain circumstances
  • Parameterized XPObjectSource is not refilled when used in XRSubreport
  • TreeList does not display data after calling the ExpandAll method in a form's Load event handler if it is bound to XPCollection

MVVM Framework

  • Application hangs if it's minimized when a flyout dialog is shown using the MessageBoxService.ShowMessage method
  • Random crashes when using MVVM Messenger
  • The CanEdit method's parameter does not match the actual SelectedEntity value

PDF Viewer

  • Interactive form - Form data are not synchronized with form fields values
  • Interactive Forms - Radio buttons with the same export value cannot be checked separately
  • Rendering - A document that contains the 'startTextLineWithOffsets' operator with the offset beyond the architectural limit for real numbers is rendered incorrectly
  • Rendering - A JPEG image with YCCK colorspace is rendered incorrectly
  • Rendering - A progressive DCT image with YCCK colorspace is rendered incorrectly
  • Rendering - Some Tensor-Product Patch Meshes are rendered slowly
  • Rendering - There is no mapping for Latin characters in the Adobe-Korea1 character collection
  • The application hangs when searching text in large files in PdfViewer
  • Usability - There is no public API to create a .TIFF image with a predefined resolution
  • Usability - There is no public API to hide the progress indicator when the document is saved


  • SnapFieldListTreeView icons changed
  • The AfterExport event does not fire for a snap document

XtraBars Suite

  • AccordionControl flickers when docked to the right and uses DirectXPaint
  • AccordionControl's search produces results different from those GridControl produces for words containing "ß"
  • AdornerGuide in DesktopUIManager demo doesn't change its fore color in different skins
  • AdornerUIManager - Badges are incorrectly drawn for BarButtonItems
  • AdornerUIManager - Badges are still visible even though a target control is hidden
  • AdornerUIManager - Guides don't display their content in certain cases
  • After showing BackstageView in the designer, BackstageViewManager isn't removed
  • BarItem - An exception is thrown on assigning an image if the Resources.resx file does not exist
  • BarManager - A bar item cannot be dropped onto a bar from the Customization Form at design time if DockPanels are located under it
  • BarManager - It is impossible to drag and drop a command in the designer
  • BarToggleSwitchItem - The item does not show a shortcut even if the ShowItemShortcut property is set to DefaultBoolean.True
  • ButtonEdit on Ribbon prevents the Overlay Form from being shown
  • DockManager - A panel becomes floating even if the DockPanel.AllowFloating property is set to false
  • DockManager - DockPanel cannot be docked to Center in MDI mode
  • DockPanel - A caption is truncated when Chinese and 150% DPI are used
  • DocumentManager - A child control residing within a document receives focus after the second click after docking a panel to its document group
  • DocumentManager - TabbedView - A document is not activated when clicking within PanelControl
  • DocumentManager tab icon doesn't respect IconOptions when using an Svg icon
  • Expand-Collapse buttons in TreeList are hardly visible in Office 2019 Dark Gray skin
  • FluentDesignForm - Tooltips are not shown for RepositoryItemButtonEdit buttons
  • FluentDesignForm displays a wrong margin when it is maximized
  • It is not possible to access NavigationFrame's inner TransitionManager and subscribe to its events
  • Persistence Behavior - Floating tab containers are not saved
  • RecentItemControl - RecentControlContainerItem goes beyond its panel when this panel is scrolled
  • RibbonControl - An item is not focused when the ItemLink.Focus method is called
  • RibbonControl - ApplicationButton's popup menu isn't displayed after adding and removing a BackstageView
  • RibbonControl - BarEditItem's editor overlaps a neighboring ribbon page group when resizing the ribbon
  • RibbonControl - ExpandButton icon is inconsistent in the Bezier skin
  • RibbonControl - It is possible to add a ribbon page group to QAT by using a context menu shown for a Search Item's drop-down window
  • RibbonControl - The Options tab of the Ribbon Control Designer form displays an incorrect set of properties
  • RibbonControl doesn't update the displayed page groups on changing the page group collection when the Minimized mode is used
  • StackOverflowException when dragging a floating DockPanel with a tab
  • Tabbed Document Manager with an adorner element duplicates when moving the form
  • TabbedView - The EndFloating event does not raise when placing a form over another floating form
  • The AllowFloating property is not taken into account when panels are in TabbedView
  • The BarCheckItem caption is cropped when it is shown vertically
  • The Edit item has an invalid SVG icon in ImageUriGallery
  • The ToastNotification.ImagePath property can't be cleared
  • TileBarItem doesn't take the SVG icon palette into account for certain states
  • TileControl incorrectly draws content if it has the background image and the DirectX paint mode is enabled
  • ToolbarForm - A control box disappears on restoring the form state from Maximized and after minimizing the form in MDI mode
  • ToolbarForm - A control box is overlapped by an anchored child control if a form is a maximized child MDI form
  • WinForms - XafRibbonControlV2 raises an exception at design time when its wizard is called
  • WorkspaceManager - System.IO.FileNotFoundException is thrown on capturing a workspace when this workspace contains RibbonControl
  • XtraTabbedMdiManager - The active MDI child is determined incorrectly

XtraCharts Suite

  • An unhandled exception occurs during the zoom procedure when a single Series point is displayed
  • An unhandled exception occurs when modifying the Series point data source when an Annotation is linked to the corresponding Series point element
  • ChartControl's title is truncated in certain situations
  • Series Template - Unable to generate a Histogram chart without specifying the ValueDataMembers property value
  • Swift Plot Diagram - The Secondary Y-Axis element position is changed after upgrade
  • SwiftPlotDiagram - It is impossible to link a new Series to the Secondary Y-Axis element at runtime
  • The Any Linq function is not accessible for the Axis2D.CustomAxisLabelCollection object after upgrade
  • The Legend item is misaligned when a specific font is used
  • Usability - Additional Legends are displayed with the same name ("Legend") in the Chart Designer element's hierarchy
  • Usability - ChartControl does not provide the capability to change the Pie Total Label based on the total value
  • Usability - There is no capability to specify the scrolling offset programmatically
  • Waterfall demo module - A red cross is shown when invoking the Chart Designer
  • Waterfall Series Label - The WaterfallSeriesLabelPosition.Auto and WaterfallSeriesLabelPosition.OutsideEnd options work identically
  • XRChart - The ConstantLine.AxisValue property is not serialized when a TimeSpan scale is used
  • XtraReports hangs when setting PivotGrid as a Chart's datasource when Data Filters are applied


  • Diagram items that exceed the parent container are taken into account during routing
  • NullReferenceException is raised in DiagramControl's toolbox panel when the application is being closed
  • The main diagram demo does not scale on non-standard DPI settings

XtraEditors Library

  • A popup form's width is greater than the form set via the PopupBaseEdit.Properties.PopupFormSize property
  • CalcEdit - The editor's value is not updated until the drop-down window is closed
  • CalcEdit does not behave correctly once its BorderColor is changed
  • CalendarControl should display the current date range instead of the selected date
  • ColorEdit displays zero when changing the culture from en-En
  • DockManager - The EndDocking event fires when dragging starts and DockPanel remains floating no matter that the AllowFloat property is set to false
  • DXErrorProvider - ErrorInfo is not cleared automatically when an editor's EditValue is changed
  • EntryPointNotFoundException is raised on older Windows 10 versions after updating to version 19.2.3
  • ExpressionEditorForm - Incorrect translation of the Equal operator description for the Polish language
  • GridLookUpEdit - ArgumentException is thrown when searching in the editor with grouped columns
  • GridLookUpEdit - The Home and End keys do not work when a popup is shown
  • MRUEdit does not correctly filter items if they are represented by objects instead of strings
  • PictureEdit doesn't allow managing GIF animation
  • PopupBaseEditViewInfo - The Images property's getter doesn't take the AllowDefaultSvgImages property into account
  • RepositoryItemPopupBase.CloseUpKey help topic states that it's possible to set the CloseUpKey property to the Empty value to prevent using the ALT+DownArrow shortcut to close the popup window
  • RepositoryItemSearchLookUpEdit - A display value is shown on hovering the mouse over an edit box if the Instant Feedback Mode and PersistentRepository are used
  • SimpleButton - Setting the Disabled state for the button doesn't change its text color in certain cases
  • Skin Editor - There is no capability to open blob skin projects
  • Slow CheckAll method performance if CheckedListBox contains many items
  • SvgImageBox - How to customize and export a displayed image at runtime
  • SVGImageColorizationMode set to "None" is ignored when a control is disabled
  • The application hangs when searching text in large files in PdfViewer
  • The default tooltip overlaps the form's button when ToolTipLocation is set to TopRight
  • The RepositoryItemDateEdit.TimeEditWidth property works only for a standalone editor
  • The scrollbar is drawn above AutoHideContainer in Fluent mode
  • The SVG image with a gradient is not painted correctly in PictureEdit with SizeMode set to Zoom
  • There is no way to disable the DevExpress form shadow at the application level
  • TokenEdit - Null text is not shown after an editor loses focus
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog - A dialog is not displayed in the parent window center when the StartPosition property is set to CenterParent
  • XtraTabControl - SVG icons in the CustomHeaderButtons area don't take the Header Buttons icon palette into account


  • There is no capability to specify the full-day work time at design time
  • SplitterPosition is not stored/restored in layout
  • The NullReference exception is thrown when setting a Data Source if the KeyFieldName property is not specified
  • GanttControl doesn't update its rulers when a new data source is assigned
  • GanttControl jerks when resized in RTL mode
  • GanttControl throws OverflowException on Zoom

XtraGrid Suite

  • BandedGridView - The column width depends on when this column is created and whether the High DPI is used
  • Column header height is incorrectly calculated after DirectX Hardware Acceleration is enabled
  • EditorButton's image is not adjusted to match the current palette when the OptionsSelection.EnableAppearanceFocusedCell option is disabled
  • ExcelFilter - The Between operator editors don't allow selecting values for DateTime columns when PopupExcelFilterDateTimeValuesTabFilterType = List
  • Filtering UI Context - CheckedListBoxControl based filters do not reflect the applied client's filter after restoring its layout
  • FormatConditionRuleValue does not work for SearchLookupEdit
  • GridColumn.FieldName incorrectly displays nested properties
  • Setting the FindPanelLocation property to GroupPanel doesn't move the Find Panel to the Group Panel area
  • The Grid Designer Columns window flickers on opening a column's UnboundExpression editor
  • GridControl, FindPanel - The Clear button's tooltip isn't localized
  • GridLookUpEdit - ArgumentException is thrown when searching in the editor with grouped columns
  • Caption is incorrectly formatted after the r tag
  • Cells do not merge correctly when printing and when using unbound columns and PictureEditor
  • Group rows can be expanded / collapsed when clicking in a check box several times rapidly if ShowCheckBoxSelectorInGroupRow = True
  • Text in a column with the ProgressBarControl editor disappears when scrolling the view horizontally
  • The Clear button isn't visible when FindPanelLocation is set to GridFindPanelLocation.Panel
  • The FindPanelLocation property does not honor the WindowsFormsSettings.DefaultSettingsCompatibilityMode property
  • The GetThumbnailImage event fires for every visible row when a row cell value is changed
  • The GridColumn.AppearanceHeader.ForeColor property is ignored when data is exported
  • The search icon of the Find Panel overlaps merged group column headers
  • The Tag and Name properties of GridFormatRule are re-set after editing a rule in the Rules Manager
  • GridView doesn't take the RowStyle event into account during the export in WYSIWYG mode
  • LayoutView - NullReferenceException is thrown when the CustomCardCaptionImage event is used
  • NullValuePrompt is visible in documents created by the ExportToPdf method
  • ReportGenerator - HAlignment is not taken into account when printing Data Grid
  • ReportGenerator - Values of an unbound column are not passed to a report
  • The BestFit method incorrectly calculates text width if Windows 7 is used
  • The format of custom TimeSpan summaries is incorrect when GridView is exported to Excel
  • TileView - If the tile template has several rows, elements added via ItemCustomize are displayed only when the tile is pressed
  • TileView changes a focused tile on scrolling
  • VirtualServerModeSource with TileView doesn't return the next batch of data rows on scrolling
  • XtraGrid - TileView - MarqueSelection allows selecting disabled items
  • XtraGrid Column Multi-line Text automatically converts to a Single-line text after the export to Excel

XtraLayout Suite

  • FlyoutPanel does not take screen bounds into account
  • A fixed item's size is incorrect on High DPI systems
  • The EditBinding window doesn't display items
  • The OptionsPrint.AppearanceItemCaption property affects control appearance
  • TablePanel grid lines are not visible at design time when they are placed in XtraTabPage
  • Text is invisible when renaming a layout group with the Visual Studio 2013 Dark skin


  • Support the Hotine Oblique Mercator Azimuth Center projection


  • TileBar - Few selected items are displayed when using keyboard navigation

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • NullReferenceException is raised on setting a conditional formatting using an expression to an Unbound Field in UseSummaryValues or UseAggregateFunctions expression mode
  • Pivot Grid - The filter popup incorrectly switches its mode from Excel-style to Classic when handling the Classic mode's events
  • PivotGridControl incorrectly restores the layout saved in previous versions if fields were retrieved with the PivotArea.DataArea value as a parameter
  • The "Value cannot be null" error occurs in Pivot Grid in Asynchronous mode in certain cases
  • The ArgumentOutOfRange exception is raised if you modify field settings in FieldValueDisplayText and similar events
  • The IncorrectAsyncOperationCall exception may be thrown even if the IsAsyncInProgress and UserAction properties show that an async operation can be started

XtraPrinting Library

  • The Page Setup Dialog opening fails if document margins exceed the page size

XtraReports Suite

  • "Fail to run wizard '...\XtraReport.vstemplate'. Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error occurs in Visual Studio 2019 while trying to add "DevExpress Report" item to the project
  • A control whose EditOptions are enabled displays values of a multivalue parameter as 'System.String[]'
  • CreateDocumentAsync error
  • DbDocumentStorage - "Sequence contains no matching element" exception is thrown if a document is not found in the database
  • Mac OS, Linux - .NET Core 3.0 reporting application failed with 'PlatformNotSupportedException: System.Windows.Extensions types are not supported on this platform'
  • Parameterized XPObjectSource is not refilled when used in XRSubreport
  • Print Preview - The order of page navigation buttons was changed after the upgrade to v19.2
  • Reporting Demos - NET Core 3 - The ReportMainDemo solution cannot be run from Visual Studio
  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown when the Filter Editor of a chart's FilterString property is invoked
  • The DevExpress.XtraReports.Design.DesignToolHelper.AddToContainer method is missing - 'DesignToolHelper' does not contain a definition for 'AddToContainer'
  • The 'Font' tag does not work correctly in the HTML-inspired Text Formatting
  • The Visual Studio's Report Designer crashes after modifying the report in case the application was run by using the "dotnet watch run" command
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - The Undo command of the Report Designer is triggered when the same command is executed in an in-place editor
  • XRChart - The ConstantLine.AxisValue property is not serialized when a TimeSpan scale is used
  • XRRichText - A mid-line page breaks occurs while splitting rich content between report's pages (line is cut)
  • XtraReports groupings are not maintained after delete and undo
  • XtraReports hangs when setting PivotGrid as a Chart's datasource when Data Filters are applied


  • OpenOfficeHyphenationDictionary "An item with the same key has already been added."
  • A hyperlink that occupies several paragraphs is incorrectly saved to OpenXml
  • Bullet characters are incorrectly exported to the RTF format after the upgrade to v19.2.3
  • Check box values are incorrectly imported from an OpenXML document
  • Embeded image is missing the "image/png" Mime-information
  • Preserve non-breaking hyphens on document import/export
  • RichEditControl - The caret becomes invisible after a user types the newline character in the last visible row
  • The GetRevisionInfoIndex method throws NullReferenceException on an attempt to accept or move to the next revision from the document comment
  • Usability - There is no way to render pages in the Right-To-Left order

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Date Navigator doesn't allow date range selection using the CTRL or SHIFT key
  • The "Full Week" text is not translated to Spanish
  • AllDay appointments are displayed incorrectly when ClientTimeZoneId isn't equal to UTC
  • Appointments' HTML text is shown with tags when printing the control
  • The AdjustForDaylightSavingTime option does affect the time rule when the daylight-saving time function is disabled at the system level
  • The WindowsFormsSettings.ScrollUIMode property settings do not affect the SchedulerControl's scrollbars
  • XtraScheduler - Editors in the "Go to date" form can overlap their captions


  • Buttons in the Spelling form are misaligned if the "cs-CZ" locale is used


  • A wrong character is inserted in the custom in-place editor after pressing a number on the numeric pad if the Czech keyboard language is used
  • Cell content pasted from the Clipboard is split into several cells if data is pasted in the CSV format
  • InvalidOperationException - Multithread calculations are disabled
  • InvalidOperationException during a worksheet copyfrom operation, when a picture is present in the header/footer
  • Provide the capability to substitute functions from Add-ins with user-defined functions
  • Spreadsheet - Ctrl A + Ctrl D, Select All then Fill Down freezes the application
  • Spreadsheet control crashes with combination of CloseCellEditor calls and Enabled changes
  • SpreadsheetControl calculates the Round function with specific arguments differently than Microsoft Excel
  • There is no public API to obtain the actual visible range when a worksheet is scrolled, zoomed or resized

XtraTreeList Suite

  • A TreeList descendant layout is not restored in the default TreeList
  • State images in TreeList are not working with rectangular images
  • The expand/collapse button of a parent node is not shown in Compact mode
  • A child node disappears after adding a new child to its parent node when data is filtered
  • Columns added via SmartTag are deleted on the VS Undo button press after TreeList resizing
  • NullReferenceException is thrown during the data reload
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the TreeList.InternalSetFocusedRowIndex method when the UnitOfWork CommitChanges method is called
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a node is expanded
  • There is no option to take validation icons into account during best-fit calculations
  • Top node drawn in the CustomDrawNodeCell event is incorrectly rendered on scrolling
  • TreeList and GridControl use a different caption font size in some skins
  • TreeList does not display data after calling the ExpandAll method in a form's Load event handler if it is bound to XPCollection
  • TreeList incorrectly filters values of the int? type
  • TreeList.EnableDynamicLoading has no effect in v19.2.3
  • TreeListLookUpEdit - The ChildListFieldName property does not work when the editor is located in BarEditItem

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • A focused cell with an invalid value may lose focus when fPropertyGridControl is focused
  • RepositoryItemButtonEdit password chars are shown only when a cell is focused
  • The Padding property in the row header is not taken into account
  • PropertyGridControl doesn't update the bound editor's EditValue on changing a property of the SelectedObjects' item in certain cases
  • The hot-tracking functionality does not work for inactive cells when ShowButtonMode is set to ShowAlways
  • VerticalGrid - Header text is truncated incorrectly in some cases
  • VerticalGrid displays CheckEdit and ToggleEdit incorrectly when the RowHeaderPanel.TextOptions.HAlignment property is set to Far
  • VerticalGrid does not change a row's position based on the index assigned via the SetOrder method