BCGSuite for MFC v30.2

BCGSuite for MFC v30.2
Improves Chart tooltip functionality.


Feature Release

October 08, 2019 - 16:14
BCGSuite for MFC v30.2
BCGSuite for MFC
  • Chart Control
    • Implemented tooltip support for the chart objects: new SetTooltip, GetTooltip and GetDescription methods were added to CBCGPChartObject class.
    • Improved Chart tooltips support: using a new method CBCGPChartVisualObject::SetHitTooltipFlags you may now specify which chart parts should have tooltips. By default, tooltips are displayed for the Chart axis, data points, axis scale breaks and data table cells.
  • Miscellaneous
    • CBCGPComboBox: method CalcRowHeight is now virtual.
    • CBCGPDrawManager: new helper AreContrastColors tells whether 2 specified colors have enough contrast.
    • CBCGPDiagramVisualContainer: new method 'RemoveSelected' deletes selected diagram's objects and connectors.
    • CBCGPPlannerViewSchedule: implemented ability to show/hide the duration bar in schedule view. EnableDurationBar and IsDurationBarEnabled methods were added to this class.
  • Examples and Samples
    • BCGPChartExample: added object tooltips demonstration.
  • CBCGPCalendar and CBCGPDateTimeCtrl: addressed issue with incorrect treating December 30, 1899 as empty date.
  • CBCGPScrollDialog: addressed issue with slow scrolling on mouse wheel event.
  • CBCGPEditCtrl: addressed issue with incorrect caret position during the text block dragging.
  • CBCGPSVGImage: addressed issue with incorrect order of 'use' elements.
  • CBCGPVisualContainer: addressed issue with different graphics managers in several calls of ExportToBitmap method.
  • CBCGPCircularProgressIndicatorImpl: addressed issue with animation in marque mode when parent (owner) window is being destroyed.
  • CBCGPTreeCtrlEx: addressed some node toggling issues in Expand method.