.NET Reflector VSPro 10.1.7

.NET Reflector VSPro 10.1.7
Adds support of equality operators for tuples comparison.


Feature Release

September 25, 2019 - 16:26
.NET Reflector VSPro 10.1.7
.NET Reflector VSPro
  • Supports equality operators for the tuples comparison.
  • A warning will be shown when "Go To Decompiled Definition" is not possible for selected code in .NET Reflector VS Extension.
  • RP-4180: Fixed misinterpreted increment and decrement operators.
  • RP-4191: Fixed invalid order of expressions.
  • RP-4195: Exception handler range is now respected in all cases, preventing unrelated code to be wrongly included in the catch block.
  • RP-4196: Fixed incorrect IL offsets of expressions produced by 'dup' instruction.