Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2019 Volume 2

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2019 Volume 2
Improves JavaScript (Blazor, Angular, React, Vue), ASP.NET Core and Xamarin controls.


Feature Release

July 12, 2019 - 14:36
Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2019 Volume 2
Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise

Xamarin Mobile

  • Ease your mobile app development with the all-new Switch and StepProgressBar controls.
  • The Charts control is enhanced with WPF support in Xamarin.Forms.
  • In the DataGrid, add multilevel headers with stacked-header support and span them across columns.
  • In the Scheduler control, effectively view and focus appointments for an individual or group with timeline and resource view support.
  • Also in the Scheduler control, easily navigate across decades and centuries using the century and decade views.
  • Develop applications with accessibility support in PDF Viewer.
  • Also in PDF Viewer, add custom stamps to PDF documents with custom stamp support.
  • Text input layout support was added for the Autocomplete, ComboBox, and DataForm controls.

FileFormats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Add comments, reply to them, and set their review status with new features in the PDF library.
  • You can now convert single-frame and multi-frame TIFFs to PDFs in ASP.NET Core using the PDF library.
  • Easily create Excel files by importing data from SQL Server through an Excel data connection using the Excel library.
  • Create better visualizations in a spreadsheet with area and line charts using drop-line support in the Excel library.
  • Now execute mail-merge using ADO.NET objects in the ASP.NET Core and Xamarin platforms by using the Word library.
  • Create group shapes in a Word document and preserve them in Word-to-PDF conversion.
  • Protect PowerPoint presentations by enabling write-protection with the PowerPoint library.

Essential JS 2 Web

  • Syncfusion Blazor components now support the following features to provide native experience in developing Blazor applications.
    • Two-way data binding
    • Template rendering
    • Localization
    • Right-To-Left
    • Form Validation support for Syncfusion Blazor input components
  • Edit Blazor Data Grid with CRUD support.
  • Generate 1-D, QR, and Data Matrix bar codes in web applications with the new Barcode Generator.
  • File Manager now supports file system service providers such as SQL Server database, Microsoft Azure cloud storage, Node.js, and Google Drive cloud storage.
  • Load large data instantly and provide a seamless vertical scrolling experience with virtual scrolling support in the TreeGrid control.
  • New canvas rendering support in the Charts control improves rendering performance.
  • Restrict editing in a particular region of a document in the Word Processor.

WinForms Desktop Applications

  • Easily match your application with the high-contrast black theme of Windows 10 using Theme Studio.