TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise X17

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise X17
Adds DPI aware support for all controls including the document itself, rulers, status bars and the ribbon.


Feature Release

May 29, 2019 - 11:27
TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise X17
DPI Aware Applications
  • DPI Aware Applications - Display technology has improved by adding more pixels into the available physical space on monitor panels. The result is that the dots-per-inch (DPI) of modern displays is way higher. For years, 96 pixels was the magical number, but nowadays 300 DPI is no longer an exception. TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X17 implements DPI aware support for all controls including the document itself, rulers, status bars and the ribbon to scale pixel-perfect and to provide a crystal clear visual experience.
  • High Resolution Icon Set - A new, vector-based icon set with 800+ illustrations for the integrated button and ribbon bars. Depending on the selected DPI, the pixel-perfect bitmap in the requested size and resolution is used for all various ribbon tabs and groups. With TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X17, you can upgrade your applications to support high resolutions without any additional efforts.
  • Resource Provider - The new TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.ResourceProvider gives access to the all high resolution images used in the built-in ribbon tabs and toolbars. The ResourceProvider is also returning other built-in resources such as item texts and tooltips. This way, you can use all TX Text Control resources in other user interfaces to provide a consistent user experience. The ResourceProvider allows developers to request a specific resource with a custom resolution, a culture and colors for icons that provide color settings such as "Text Color" or "Text Highlight Color".
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Compatibility - TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X17 is 100% compatible with Visual Studio 2019. Setups, the toolbox support, help integration, IntelliSense support and many more features to guarantee compatibility.
  • Access TextControl with UI Automation - TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X17 supports various UI Automation interfaces to retrieve the textual content including the corresponding format and style attributes from an application that implements TX Text Control. This enables external applications such as screen reader or dictation software to access the content programmatically from outside the application. Additionally, UI testing can be implemented based on UI Automation interfaces to automate UI related tests.
  • Text Field Highlight Options - Text fields, such as HypertextLinks, ApplicationFields and PageNumberFields, can be highlighted with a highlight color using the TXTextControl.TextField.HighlightMode property. Whether a field is highlighted can be defined and set to Always, Never or Activated. Similar to SubTextParts, the highlight color can have an alpha channel for transparency. Each field can be highlighted with a different color which enables you to distinguish between different field types.
  • Merge Field Navigator Sidebar - The RibbonReportingTab can be connected with the new FieldNavigator sidebar to show the structure of merge fields and nested merge blocks. Merge field names can be also changed in the tree view directly by clicking them twice or pressing F2. A double-click on a merge field node opens the appropriate merge field dialog. Additionally, the sidebar can be used to search for merge field names in the list of fields.