DevExpress WinForms 18.2.8

DevExpress WinForms 18.2.8
Improves Grid, Editor and Reports controls.


Feature Release

April 26, 2019 - 11:08
DevExpress WinForms 18.2.8
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms Controls

  • An exception is raised on an attempt to provide data to FilteringUIContext via QueryGroupData
  • ContextButton - An image specified using the ImageOptions.ImageUri property is not shown
  • DirectX - A COMException with the D2DERR_RECREATE_TARGET error code is incorrectly handled
  • DPIAwareImageCollection - Visual Studio crashes on an attempt to access the removed image
  • Image Picker - ArgumentException is thrown when the resource file is located outside its default directory
  • SkinEditorV2 - The Use LightView check box caption is cut off
  • SvgPolygon - The SvgImage.Create method generates an image with incorrect point data
  • TaskbarAssistant, JumpListItemTask - The Click event isn't raised when an application is run under administrative privileges

Data Access Library

  • SqlDataSource - CustomSqlQuery queries with an empty result set are not added to ResultSchema when a data source is saved to XML

Layout Assistant

  • Visual Studio 2019 works with a delay when the LayoutAssistant extension is used

MVVM Framework

  • MVVM Scaffolding - A detail entity cannot be edited by double-clicking it in a detail grid if a master entity was updated


  • There is no capability to update resource files when a project uses NuGet packages

Scaffolding Wizards

  • A confirmation message title shows text with extra " - " if getEntityDisplayNameFunc returns an empty string


  • A separator inserted into SnapList is removed after resizing SnapList columns if a caret is located within the SnapList table
  • SnHyperlink fields don't display any placeholder if there are no rows in a data source
  • The "Use for Mail Merge" menu item is not displayed if ObjectDataSource is used as SnapControl's data source

XtraBars Suite

  • The Smar Tag menu of an auto-hide dock panel is closed at design time when the panel is hidden
  • AccordionControl - A resizing vertical line has a break where a search control is shown
  • AccordionControl - All groups are expanded on maximizing after minimizing when DisplayMode=Overlay and ExpandElementMode = Single
  • AccordionControl - Pressed element flickers when the cursor crosses its boundaries
  • AccordionControl - The ContextButtonClick event is not raised in the overlay form when the Hamburger menu is minimized
  • All documents in DocumentManager are closed when the DocumentManager is moved to another form and an original form is closed
  • An additional form button appears on clicking near the XtraForm icon when the right to left (RTL) layout is enabled
  • BarManager - A bar does not change its location based on the DockCol and DockRow properties when the ApplyDockRowCol method is called
  • BarManager - The "Add button" list doesn't contain BarLargeButtonItem
  • Bars and popup menus are unskinned when being used in PopupControlContainer
  • Change the English Translation of 'BarString.FullScreenButton' to Ribbon Display Options instead of Auto-hide Ribbon
  • DockManager - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when the layout is restored from XML
  • DockManager - It is possible to dock a floating DockPanel to the main form even if another floating DockPanel is hiding it
  • Fluent Form - A form's title is incorrectly drawn when it is wider than AccordionControl
  • NavigationFrame - An exception occurs when a selected page is changed if transition animation is enabled
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the BarLinkViewInfo.HasImage method at design time
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on resizing a dock panel via the upper right edge when the Light style is enabled
  • Popup - The toggle switch doesn't render
  • PopupMenu - A group separator is drawn incorrectly when DrawMenuSideStrip is set to true
  • RadialMenu throws NullReferenceException on calling ShowPopup after the Collapse method call
  • RepositoryItemGridLookUpEdit - ArgumentException is thrown if the editor's data source has an image equal to null
  • RibbonControl - A bar item link becomes focused but is not highlighted after the BarItemLink.Focus method call
  • RibbonControl - Residual image when using Office 2019 and animation is disabled
  • RibbonForm - The Text property of a child MDI form is used excessively
  • RibbonMiniToolbar - A large BarButtonItem with the DropDown button style has an incorrect layout
  • SVG Icon Palette not working with BarButtonItems
  • SVG icons in a borderless Toolbar are colorized using an incorrect palette
  • TabbedView - An empty frame appears for forms whose FormShowMode property is set to AfterInitialization
  • TabbedView - NullReferenceException when closing document using the Windows customization form
  • TaskBarAssistant - Provide the capability to flash a window in the TaskBar
  • The ItemAppearance.Hovered property is not in effect for BarStaticItem
  • ToolTipController - e.MouseArgs is null in the HyperlinkClick event
  • WindowsUIView - TileContainer doesn't allow assigning images to tile elements from an image collection by an image index
  • WinForms - The 'CTRL+F1' key combination does not work after a user opens a view or a tab
  • WorkspaceManager doesn't restore locations of floating bars

XtraCharts Suite

  • The Shift button shows a magnifier icon even if zooming is disabled


  • CalcHitItem doesn't return a correct result when custom DPI settings are used

XtraEditors Library

  • ArgumentException when TextBoxMaskBox is being disposed of
  • CalendarControl ignores the TouchUIMinuteIncrement property in TouchUI mode
  • CheckedComboBoxEdit - The EditValueChanged event fires every time the popup form is closed if EditValue's List type is used
  • FileDialog - The CustomPlaces property does not work correctly
  • GridLookUpEdit - The CustomDisplayTextEventArgs.Value property contains an incorrect value type on the CustomDisplayText event
  • ImageComboBoxEdit with ContextImage and item images defined shows both images overlapped
  • InvalidComObjectException fires in RangeControl when its size is changed during painting in DirectX mode
  • LabelControl - An image specified via the ImageOptions.ImageIndex property is visible in a single state of the control
  • Localization - Mask properties are serialized and added to the RESX file
  • NullReferenceException occurs when passing null as the SvgElementProperties parameter to the SvgElement.Create method
  • SaveFileDialog does not contain a resource for the SVG image filter in the German localization
  • SVG - It should not be necessary to set the WindowsFormsSettings.SvgImageRenderingMode property to HighSpeed if True is passed to the SvgBitmap.Render method
  • The maximized XtraForm is shown incorrectly when the FormBorderStyle property is set to FixedSingle and a vector skin is used
  • The SVG image is rendered with a jagged edge
  • TimeSpanEdit - The AllowNullInput property does not work as expected
  • TokenEdit does not process the Esc key if it is placed into a form shown as a dialog
  • WinForms - SidePanel flicks on resizing when the size of the bottom panel is fixed
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog - Breadcrumb navigation does not work for UNC paths
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog - Folders are not sorted properly
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog - Hidden Folders are not shown
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog still shows the NewFolder button in Wide mode even if ShowNewFolderButton is disabled
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - NullReferenceException is thrown on the ShowDialog method call
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - An incorrect node is focused when nodes are expanded and collapsed via the "+" and "-" keys
  • XtraTabControl - The tab caption is displayed in the wrong place in RTL mode when an image is used

XtraGrid Suite

  • AdvBandedGridView - The Up and Down arrow keys navigation doesn't work as expected if there is a column with AllowFocus = False
  • Conditional Formatting is not applied to a row when NewItemRowPosition is shown at the Bottom
  • Custom group summary items are not exported when the AlignGroupSummaryInGroupRow option is enabled
  • Excel Filter - ArgumentException occurs when a new item is added to the e.DataItems collection in the FilterPopupExcelData event handler
  • GraphicsCache's DrawRectangle method throws ArgumentException if a pen with a custom dash pattern is used and DirectX Hardware acceleration is enabled
  • GridControl - Impossible to localize the search control filter dropdown in Excel popup
  • GridControl - The group row's expand/collapse button color is not changed when the EnableAppearanceFocusedRow property is set to false
  • GridLookUpEdit - The first character is lost on typing in Auto Filter Row
  • #VALUE! is displayed as a summary value when using ExportToXlsx
  • A format rule with the IconSet style is incorrectly exported when its ColumnApplyTo property is specified
  • EditForm modifies a value of another row when FindPanel is used
  • Selected cells are incorrectly rendered when the DefaultAllowHtmlDraw option is enabled
  • The conditional formatting menu generates an expression with a syntax error when the corresponding FieldName includes square brackets
  • When the AllowSortAnimation option is enabled, animation does not use display values provided by the CustomColumnDisplayText event
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when a user types arbitrary symbols into a DateTime column's Excel popup filter
  • LayoutView - Cells are activated from left to right in RightToLeft mode
  • Popup Window closes immediately when a top form is maximized and the Windows taskbar is auto-hidden
  • RepositoryItemRichTextEdit cannot load the Doc document stored as a byte array when the DocumentFormat option is set to Doc
  • Scrolling a grouped grid does not work correctly if the AlignGroupSummaryInGroupRow property is enabled
  • TabbedView does not change the grid focus when the editor is opened in the grid
  • The Drag And Drop Behavior - Rows disappear in a source grid if more than four rows were dropped to another grid
  • The selection is not reset after sorting or filtering in Infinite Scrolling mode (VirtualServerModeSource)
  • VirtualServerModeSource - The MoreRows event is raised twice sometimes
  • WinExplorerView - A grid is scrolled in small steps when the top or bottom scrollbar button is clicked
  • WinExplorerView - TextColumn content is unreadable when PaintStyleName is Flat
  • WinExplorerView - The CalcNoGroupRowIndexByPosition method throws DivideByZeroException
  • WinExplorerView uses an incorrect font for disabled items when OptionsView.Style = Content
  • WinForms - Enum images are incorrectly displayed in the grid's column filter popup

XtraLayout Suite

  • CustomHeaderButtons are incorrectly drawn in LayoutControl when the Blue skin is used and the high dpi is enabled
  • An item that contains a CheckEdit editor does not show a tooltip when its field has the Description attribute
  • ColorPickEdit is missing in the Editor Type combobox of the Data Source Binding Manager
  • How to fix the SplitterItem location when the group size is changed if FixedStyle is used
  • LayoutControlItem cannot be moved in Table layout mode


  • An unhandled exception occurs when updating a map item at runtime when the clustering feature is enabled
  • Certain MapPath segments are rendered incorrectly when the DirectX render mode is enabled
  • InvalidCastException occurs when clicking Map Pie Items with the pressed Shift button
  • KML - Pushpin elements are displayed with an offset when loading a newly created KML file
  • MapControl does not raise the MapItemClick event if a tooltip is shown when a map item is clicked
  • MapEditor - Unhandled exception (NullReferenceException) when selecting a map item programmatically
  • Svg - shapes are loaded in reverse order

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Customization Form - It is impossible to Collapse/Expand all folders
  • InvalidCastException is thrown on an attempt to open a summary filter popup in the pivot grid
  • OLAP - It is impossible to expand rows because the OLAPUseNonEmpty property does not work
  • "The '_PCA' function is not found" error occurs when several unbound fields without names are added to the pivot grid and the default data processing engine is used
  • It is impossible to capture the GroupInterval property change in the FieldPropertyChanged event handler

XtraPrinting Library

  • RichTextBoxLink - Text lines in the print preview can be split in half

XtraReports Suite

  • "An item with the same key has already been added." error occurs while loading reports created in earlier DevExpress versions
  • "The document cannot be exported to DOCX format correctly with the specified settings." error occurs on an attempt to export a report with the XRCharacterComb control when the TableLayoutOption is enabled
  • A page footer is printed on top of the first report page
  • An expression binging for the XtraReport.Visible property is lost after loading a report layout
  • DocumentViewer - Document Map nodes are recreated twice
  • DocumentViewer - The "Waiting for parameter values" message is not displayed until the report surface is clicked
  • DocumentViewer - The initial "No pages" status message is incorrect
  • End-User Report Designer - The PropertyGridDockPanel's ShowCategories property cannot be set to False at design time
  • End-User Report Designer - 'The specified value does not match the 'ParameterName' parameter type' error occurs when a multi-value cascading parameter is submitted in some scenarios
  • Export To Excel - The value of a multi-value report parameter of the String type is exported as the 'System.String[]' string if the 'Value' text export mode is used
  • ExportOptionsTool Dialog - Provide a way to assign an owner to the dialog
  • Expression Bindings - A data source is not refreshed
  • Interactive Sorting - Sorting icons are reversed
  • Interactive Sorting - The 'Sequence contains no matching elements' error occurs when a report with a subreport is sorted
  • It is impossible to change the XRCrossBandLine visibility after a layout was exported in XML
  • JsonDataSource causers a memory leak
  • Object Data Source Wizard - The "PrivateImplementationDetails" item is displayed on the data source type selection page
  • Print Preview - A click on a Margin line should not change the value
  • Print Preview - Margin values are inconsistent
  • Print Preview - The DefaultSvgSettings.AllowDefaultSvgImage property value should not be read from the registry
  • Report Designer - A memory leak occurs when you open the Expression Editor
  • Report Designer - the NullReference exception is thrown upon dragging a field into an existing control with the CTRL key pressed
  • Report Designer - XRChart's Colorizer feature does not work
  • Report Gallery - The original XRTable size is not preserved
  • The 'Expressions' tab appears in the Property Grid after showing the 'Designer Options' dialog for a report which uses the Bindings mode
  • The image does not preserve its transparency during the export to an xlsx file
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - Anchored controls with the "private" field modifier should not be resized (the inheritance issue)
  • XRCheckBox - The CheckState property is set to Checked if a control receives null or DBNull.Value in the expression bindings mode
  • DetailReportBand renders the latest printed record on all occurrences (the Expression Bindings caching issue)
  • The auto scale feature fails with the StackOverflow exception for multi-column subreports


  • A cropped image is rendered blurred in version 18.2
  • An application freezes when GridControl uses RepositoryItemRichTextEdit and the RowAutoHeight option is disabled
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to select a page break
  • NullreferenceException is thrown when loading a specific document in RichEditControl
  • RichEditControl incorrectly displays a certain EML document
  • RichEditControl incorrectly formats a certain string as a hyperlink
  • RichEditControl incorrectly renders strikethrough text
  • SimpleView - The Horizontal scrollbar is reset to the initial position on typing
  • System.ArgumentException "null' is not a valid value for 'stream'" is thrown if the loaded stream is null starting with version 18.1
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on rendering a document with the footer that ends with a table
  • Tab stops are differently processed in a specific document as compared to Microsoft Word
  • The "Document Properties" dialog layout is messed up under the German culture
  • The "Lock aspect ratio" value is incorrectly imported for an image from an Rtf document
  • The PreserveInsertedContentFormatting option doesn't allow keeping content formatting when the default font of the inserted document differs from the font of the target document
  • The Spelling dialog is displayed under a form which has the TopMost property set to true

XtraScheduler Suite

  • RecurrenceControls don't increase their height when TouchScaleFactor is specified
  • iCalendarExporter - Custom Properties are added after all VEVENTs
  • InvalidCastException is raised in DirectXPaint when SchedulerControl is disposed of
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the CreateAppointmentComparerProvider method when XtraSchedulerReport is opened at design time
  • Resources' images are not displayed in a report
  • An incorrect time interval is calculated when the FetchAppointments event fires and DateNavigator is used
  • DateNavigator unpredictably changes selection after switching months via month navigation buttons
  • NullReferenceException occurs on the "Recurrence" RibbonControl command click
  • The "<SomeDate> is not a valid value for 'End'" ArgumentException is thrown when synchronizing with Google Calendar
  • The Appointment Trimming Settings do not work in 18.2.7
  • The CustomDrawView event isn't raised on resizing
  • SchedulerDataStorage - SchedulerControl uses an incorrect TimeZone to raise a reminder
  • The appointment label imports with a color when the Gray Scale/Black and White scheme is used
  • The NullReferenceException is thrown in the GetCellIndexByStart method


  • The Language dialog is displayed under a form which has the TopMost property enabled


  • A corrupted document can be produced after changing a pivot table's data source in a specific document
  • A corrupted document can be produced after refreshing a pivot table in a specific document
  • Clipboard is cleared when resizing a column
  • It is impossible to generate the SpreadsheetControl's ribbon or toolbar menu at runtime
  • Provide the capability to hide outline symbols in the worksheet view
  • SpreadsheetControl cannot import UInt16 values from external data sources
  • SpreadsheetControl hangs on an attempt to get the Range.Precedents property value if there are circular references in formulas
  • SpreadsheetControl produces a corrupted XLSX document if a defined name with an invalid value of the DefinedName.RefersTo property is added
  • The Name Box's value isn't updated after creating a defined name for the selected range
  • The Range.DirectDependents property value is calculated incorrectly for a defined name
  • Unable to display hidden rows when using frozen panes
  • Usability - The Range.Name property does not return a defined name declared with the workbook scope
  • Usability - There is no way to select a range from another worksheet while editing a formula using the Function Arguments dialog

XtraTreeList Suite

  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the CreateViewInfo method when TreeList's layout is reset on loading
  • Drag and drop icon indicators do not have high DPI support
  • Unhandled ArgumentNullException when сlicking the Node Indicator


  • TreeMap data processing performance is not optimal

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • An in-place editor ignores its EditFormat in PropertyGridControl starting with version 18.1
  • Complex editors don't work if the Property Grid has a small width
  • PropertyGridControl - Low performance when clicking on a cell or resizing a form
  • RepositoryItemToggleSwitch is incorrectly drawn when PropertyGridControl's ActiveViewType is set to Office
  • The DefaultDraw method works incorrectly in the CustomDrawRowValueCell event handler
  • The vertical scrollbar overlays a category row's expand button under certain conditions
  • GetRecordObject returns an incorrect value when a filter is applied