Infragistics Ultimate 19.1

Infragistics Ultimate 19.1
Get Windows Desktop support with .NET Core 3 - Apps run 30% faster, plus grids and charts for Angular & React.


Feature Release

April 17, 2019 - 14:04
Infragistics Ultimate 19.1
Infragistics Ultimate
  • Get Windows Desktop Support with .NET Core 3 - Apps Run 30% Faster - Modernize your WPF desktop applications with .NET Core 3 for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Include Fast Grids and Charts for Angular and React - Ignite UI includes lightning-fast, pixel-perfect scrolling and interactive grid experiences in Angular & React, including Hierarchical Grid and Tree Grid in Angular.
  • Get the Best of Excel without Excel’s Cost - Infragistics offers a complete Spreadsheet & Excel Library for Angular, React (Excel Library Only), jQuery, WPF, and Windows Forms. Read, write, and create Excel documents, visualize data with charts and sparklines, apply conditional formatting, and create tables with filtering and sorting.
  • Use New Spreadsheet Controls for the Desktop and Web - Enable rich reporting with data visualizations in spreadsheet controls for the desktop and web, including Angular & jQuery - all without requiring Microsoft Excel on the client machine.
  • Custom Brand your Entire Application with One Click from Sketch - The new theming and styling plug-in for Sketch lets you custom brand your entire application with one click, then sync to the cloud to share with users and get Angular code.