Review Assistant V4.1.223

Review Assistant V4.1.223
Adds support for Visual Studio 2019.


Feature Release

April 02, 2019 - 8:41
Review Assistant V4.1.223
Review Assistant
  • Now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Preview 4
  • Now supports TFS 2019 and DevOps 2019
  • Iterative review for pre-commit - An iterative review can be currently used for shelvesets. You can easily view file versions from different shelvesets in the same review, as well as write comments the same way as in a simple review.
  • Two modes of opening Work Item - Now supports two modes of opening a work item the same way as in Visual Studio:
    • Visual Studio compatible view - for Visual Studio 2017 and lower.
    • Default web browser - for Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019.
  • Auto-detection of renamed/moved files
    • Now, in the Code Review Board, there is no need to select an added file with a new name and a deleted file with an old name.
    • A renamed file is displayed as a single one with a new and an old names in square brackets as in Visual Studio.
    • Tracking renamed files is supported for all VCS including shelvesets in TFS.
  • Use single diff-tool window for comparison
    • With this option, you can disable the behavior of comparison being opened "in a single window".
    • Disabling this option will be useful for those who want to view changes made to multiple files in a review simultaneously.
  • Other improvements
    • The Status column is added to the Reviews Status report.
    • Minor UI improvements in the Reports tab of Review Assistant.
    • Displaying of an active user on the Users tab and an active project in Projects has been significantly improved.
    • Possibility of adding comments without linking them to a revision for Perforce repositories.
    • Minor UI improvements in Code Review Board.