Data Abstract for .NET 9.6.113

Data Abstract for .NET 9.6.113
Includes a new sample server.


Feature Release

March 21, 2019 - 14:45
Data Abstract for .NET 9.6.113
Data Abstract for .NET
  • Created a new sample server.
  • Auto-adding references to Remoting SDK assemblies by "Connect to..." tooling corrupts the VS project properties for Elements projects.
  • BeforeExecutingGetDataReader event is not raised for direct SQL data access.
  • Incorrect CodeGen language is used for TableDefinition classes in Elements projects.
  • Incorrect parameter processing mode is set for Pervasive driver.
  • RemoteScriptDebugger RODL is not merged properly into the resulting server RODL.
  • Table Definitions wizard uses different default languages for code file extension and code generator.