DevExpress WinForms 18.2.7

DevExpress WinForms 18.2.7
Improves VerticalGrid, TreeList and RichEdit controls for WinForms.


Feature Release

March 14, 2019 - 10:04
DevExpress WinForms 18.2.7
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms Controls

  • A custom skin is not completely created when the blob file is used.
  • DirectX rendering - NullReferenceException is thrown when DockPanel is hidden in AutoHide mode.
  • PersistenceBehavior - The maximized form's position is not saved when the form is moved to the second monitor via hotkeys.
  • PictureEdit - A custom SVG image is not painted grayscaled when PictureEdit is disabled in version 18.2.4.
  • Skin Editor v1 - NullReferenceException is thrown on creating a new skin.
  • SvgBitmap rendering may fail with multiple threads.
  • The TreeListLookUpEdit Data Source Wizard blocks Visual Studio when opening it in the designer.
  • TreeList - The scrollbar works incorrectly when the customized drag-and-drop behavior is used.

Data Access Library

  • EditQueryWithQueryBuilder always returns true regardless of which button is pressed.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET Core - Connecting to Entity Framework's DBContext results in various issues.

Excel Export Library

  • Usability - There is no API to specify an active cell for the created document.

MVVM Framework

  • Bar items are removed on the Reset Layout button click in an MVVM scaffolded project.

PDF Viewer

  • Parsing - Documents that contain signature build properties with an incorrect version cannot be opened.
  • Usability - The FindText method does not allow specifying or resetting the search start position.


  • A TOC field with "\f "TC IDENTIFIER" is not built only from specific TC fields in SnapControl.
  • ArgumentException on an attempt to insert a column into an existing SnapList.
  • NullReferenceException on loading a document after applying a custom appearance theme.
  • SnapBarCode is incorrectly created from CreateSnBarCode if DataFieldName is used.
  • SnapControl - Symbols are incorrectly inserted in a document on typing after a column is deleted in SnList.
  • Text typed before an SnList instance disappears after updating fields when formatting symbols are visible.
  • The "Field" tab is not activated for changing a field formatting on selecting an entire SNLIST column or a cell in the column.
  • The Summary Editor Form is not shown starting with v17.2.

XtraBars Suite

  • A document's FloatLocation is not taken into account if the document was created using the AddDocument method.
  • AccordionControl - ContentContainer disappears in DirectX.
  • AccordionControl - Setting the ChildLevelIndent property to 0 is not in effect.
  • AccordionControl - The AccordionControlElement.Tag property is not copied to elements of the popup form's control when the control is minimized.
  • AccordionControl - The Handled parameter specified in the CustomDrawElement event handler is ignored when OptionsHamburgerMenu.DisplayMode is Minimal or Overlay.
  • AccordionControl - The reveal effect and the selected color do not work for the root element.
  • An exception is thrown when dragging DockPanel docked as a tabbed document (DocumentManager).
  • Application name isn't shown in TaskBar if BackStageView is shown.
  • BarButtonItem images using indexed images are not shown as disabled.
  • BarEditItem's height is incorrectly calculated when the item displays multi-line text.
  • BarItem - ShortcutDisplayString isn't displayed without an actual shortcut.
  • BarStaticItem - Text is not visible while hovering when using the "Office 2010 Black" skin.
  • DockManager - AutoHideContainer tabs are incorrectly drawn after changing the skin.
  • DXPopupMenu cannot be hidden manually when the menu manager is not used.
  • DXPopupMenu ignores the DropDownButton.HideDropDown method.
  • Fluent Form - The Acrylic Effect is not disabled if DirectX Hardware Acceleration does not work.
  • FluentDesignForm - AccordionControl is partially visible when it is hidden.
  • GalleryControl - After assigning an image to an item's ImageOptions.Image property, the image has incorrect size if a different image was provided via GetThumbnailImage.
  • GalleryControl - There is no capability to refresh the state of items' context buttons.
  • GridControl - Validation occurs twice when activating a DockPanel on a form.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown on displaying PopupMenu that contains bar edit items.
  • Memory Leak occurs when using a ribbon control and showing a context menu for GridView.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a TabForm descendant is resized at design time.
  • PopupMenu is shown behind the Windows Taskbar in some skins when it's invoked on a NotifyIcon click.
  • Provide a way not to show a BarSubItem popup on hovering when a popup of another BarSubItem is shown.
  • Radial Menu - An item's image is still shown when the PaintStyle property is set to Caption.
  • RadialMenu - Sub items are not shown when BarButtonItem with the DropDown style is used.
  • RibbonControl - ArgumentException is thrown when the scale factor is 2.
  • RibbonControl - The ShowExpandCollapseButton property is not taken into account in the minimized state.
  • RibbonControl - There is no capability to prevent an item from hiding when resizing the simplified ribbon in the Office2019 style.
  • RibbonForm - The title bar is painted black in certain skins.
  • SerializableAppearanceObject is not generated when the dock panel's CustomHeaderButton is changed.
  • SVG colorization is ignored if an icon is assigned to CustomHeaderButton's Glyphs property.
  • SVG images are not auto-colorized with the inverse color palette when BarManager menus are used.
  • TabbedView - A new host window is not created when calling the AddFloatingDocumentsHost method and passing a single document there.
  • TabbedView - StackOverflowException occurs when Document.Appearance is specified and the Office 2016 Colorful skin is applied.
  • The GalleryControl.Gallery.GetThumbnailImage event is raised even though an item already has an image.
  • The OnShowingDockGuides method throws the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.
  • The StandaloneBarDockControl layout restores incorrectly when StandaloneBarDockControl is re-created.
  • TransitionManager - Animation is incorrectly shown in the MDI child form.
  • Wrong accessible visibility property for BarItems.
  • How to disable automatic SubMenu opening on hovering over BarSubItem.
  • It's impossible to delete StandaloneBarDockControl.

XtraCharts Suite

  • "The type of the "Arguments" argument data member isn't compatible" error occurs in ChartControl bound to PivotGrid in certain cases when the AutoBindingSettingsEnabled option is disabled.
  • A chart hides overlapped Axis Labels in a wrong way if scrolling is enabled.
  • A realtime chart is updated with delays when the Crosshair popup window is shown.
  • Certain points cannot be selected by dragging the mouse with the pressed Control key.
  • Crosshair Cursor - The Step Line snapping behavior is not convenient in certain situaions.
  • Financial Series is rendered incorrectly if AxisX.ScaleBreaks are set.
  • Switft Plot Series is rendered with artifacts when the line thickness is increased.
  • The chart's Diagram background fill style (Color2) is not effective.
  • The 'Column 'columnName' does not belong to table tableName' error occurs on assigning a data source to a chart at runtime if a chart data series contains a data filter.
  • The DevExpress.XtraCharts.v18.1.Extensions assembly is requested while restoring a report by using the XtraReport.FromStream method.
  • The Line Series style is not effective when the DirectX rendering mode is enabled.
  • Unnecessary invalidate operations are performed when moving the mouse pointer in the empty area.


  • Connectors are not routed according to the minimal distance when item centers are connected.
  • Setting the SmoothingMode property in the CustomDrawItem event handler has no effect.
  • The "Width and Height must be non-negative" exception is thrown if DiagramControl's viewport is small.

XtraEditors Library

  • BaseEdit - Binding the EditValue property to OracleDataTable throws an exception.
  • CalendarControl - The Up arrow is invisible when certain palettes are used.
  • CameraControl - The video stream does not start when the Device property is set.
  • CheckedComboBoxEdit - The "System.Collections.Generic.List'1[System.object]" text is shown when the string.Empty value is assigned using the SetEditValue method.
  • ColorPickEdit - The last item in the dropdown is clipped when certain font settings are used.
  • ColorPickEdit - The touch scrollbar is not shown until a user scrolls the mouse wheel.
  • ColorPickEdit ColorToolTipFormat shows Argb in Hex mode.
  • DataTable cannot be moved to XtraUserControl from the Data Source window.
  • DateEdit - An incorrect date is highlighted and selected when the RightToLeft mode is used.
  • DateEdit - Setting the VistaCalendarViewStyle property is not in effect after opening a drop-down window.
  • Fluent Design Form - RepositoryItemSearchControl's Keydown and Keypress events ignore the Enter key.
  • ImageComboBoxEdit - An item is not selected when typing text in an edit box and HTML formatting is used.
  • ImageSlider - Context buttons change their visibility only once when a new value is assigned at runtime.
  • Incorrect skin when using the runtime collection editor window.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when RepositoryItemTreeListLookUpEdit is filtered.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the Backspace key is pressed.
  • ProgressPanel - The Ring animation type does not show the message caption and description.
  • RepositoryItemDateEdit crashes with DisposedObjectException when CalendarTimeEditing is set to True and a ribbon on which it is located is merged into another ribbon.
  • RepositoryItemTextEdit - A system password character is replaced by * when a cell editor is closed.
  • SearchControl - A sender does not return a correct column caption in the QueryIsSearchColumn event handler.
  • SearchLookupEdit - NullReferenceException is thrown when closing a form that contains the control.
  • SearchLookUpEdit - NullReferenceException occurs on pressing the Escape key when SearchLookUpEdit is placed onto an MDI Child form.
  • Smart Tag - The SmartDesignerAcytionList.GetInstanceFilter method call slows down an editor's designer show.
  • Special skin colors are not justified with the background color of unfocused rows when EnableAppearanceHideSelection=false.
  • Special skin colors are not justified with the background color when used within HTML text.
  • SplitContainerControl - The CustomButtonUnchecked event isn't raised in version 18.2.
  • TransitionManager incorrectly determines control height within a widget.
  • WindowsFormsSettings - A form's border color is incorrect when the FormThickBorder option is enabled.
  • WinForms - The Accordion navigation control does not restore the width after collapsing and expanding.
  • XtraDialogs~ - Localization resource files are not automatically added.

XtraGrid Suite

  • DockPanel is closed on pressing Escape instead of removing an error from the grid.
  • DragDropBehavior - The drag operation doesn't start when the ALT key is pressed.
  • ExcelFilter - The value tree disappears on an attempt to expand a node in RTL mode.
  • ExcelFilter - When the Range filter type is applied and a value less than a minimal value is entered in an editor, the caret is moved.
  • Excel-Style Filter Dialog - The values list is empty in the top position in RightToLeft mode.
  • FormatConditionRuleDataBar - Negative values are not completely visible if they are wider than a bar.
  • Grid Designer - FieldList is reset if RepositoryItemSearchLookUpEdit is stored in PersistentRepository.
  • ArgumentException occurs when the Grid's data source is changed and OptionsFind.Behavior is set to Search.
  • The error message produced in the MoreRows event of VirtualServerModeSource has an incorrect position on the second screen.
  • The Like operator is incorrectly converted during the export.
  • GridControl's Layout designer cannot be opened when TileView is applied.
  • GridView - Icons associated with format conditions have an incorrect color in a focused row.
  • GridView - Incorrect day count when the TimeSpanEdit's value is specified with a custom filter.
  • GridView - StackOverflowException is raised during animation when OptionsBehavior.AllowSortAnimation is enabled.
  • GridView - The Top/Bottom Rules menu item of the conditional formatting group does not work for a string column.
  • GridView doesn't provide a way to specify export options when exporting to word (RTF, DOCX).
  • GridView doesn't render line breaks in the row preview area in DirectX mode.
  • Images that were created using the CreateThumbnailImage method are not disposed of when the form is closed.
  • LayoutView - An opened editor has an incorrect background color when the Bezier skin and the Office Black palette are used.
  • LayoutView - Customization of the view's parameters from a thread other than the one that created the grid control may break the DirectX rendering.
  • TileView - A long group caption is cut off if the RightToLeft mode is used.
  • TileView - An incorrect RowHandle value in the ItemCheckedChanged event handler when XPCollection sorting is used.
  • VGridControl's FocusedRowChanged event doesn't fire when a datasource is assigned.

XtraLayout Suite

  • An item added using the Add Control context menu item does not have text at runtime.
  • Item captions are invisible in the Office 2010 Black skin paint scheme.
  • The HiddenItems collection does not take an item's CustomizationFormText property on sorting into account.
  • LayoutControl located on PopupControlContainer is re-sized each time PopupControlContainer is shown if a DPI value is greater than 100%.


  • Image Layer - Tiles in the visible map area are not reloaded in certain situations.
  • The map data provider's Kind property change is not effective at runtime.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • The field filter behavior is not correct in certain situations when the DataProcessingEngine = Legacy mode is enabled.
  • The PivotGridField.OptionsFilter property does not display a name in PropertyGrid if UseResourceManager = true.

XtraReports Suite

  • Effective values applied to the Font and Padding properties are not taken into account when an expression is used to modify these properties.
  • End-User Report Designer - Filtering by DateTime parameters does not work (the value formatting issue).
  • End-User Report Designer - Opening a new report calls the XtraReport.EndInit method and as a result a custom page size value is lost.
  • End-User Report Designer - The application crashes when the default Series Pane is deleted.
  • Expression Editor - Names of summary functions should not be case-sensitive.
  • JsonDataSorce - The "Null object cannot be converted to a value type." error is thrown while loading JSON data with nullable DateTime columns.
  • Multi-Column mode works incorrectly if XRCrossBandBox is used.
  • Report Designer - The "Invalid name character in '#LayoutVersion'. The '#' character, hexadecimal value 0x23, cannot be included in a name." error is thrown by a report with the TreeList control when the Report Script's code editor is activated.
  • Report Designer - The NewParameterEditorForm dialog is displayed with an incorrect value of the 'ownerWindow' parameter.
  • Report Server End-User Report Designer - Submitting parameters results in an error.
  • Storing Report Documents - A memory allocated by an XtraReport object is not released after creating ContinuousExportInfo.
  • The first page is blank when XRTableRow data does not fit into the page and the XRTableRow.KeepTogether property is enabled.
  • The old expression editor is shown on an attempt to set an expression binding if the WindowsFormsSettings.DefaultSettingsCompatibilityMode property is set to a version that doesn't support expression bindings.
  • There is no capability to add the table of contents to the report header's subband.
  • Vertical Bands - A group field placed into VerticalHeaderBand always shows the first group value.
  • Visual Studio Report Wizard - "Cannot access the list of saved connections" error occurs when a linked configSource is used to store the connectionStrings configuration.
  • XPObjectSource - Display Names are ignored by the field list in the Filter Expression Editor.
  • XRPageInfo RunningBand results in "Index was outside the bounds of the array." at DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.GroupingManager.ArrayStartsWith.
  • XRPivotGrid - RowArea is repeated twice on the first page.
  • XRRichText - The control content is exported to DOCX with a smaller font size if the control is split between pages.
  • XtraReport - Certain master-detail report layouts produce an incorrect ToC hierarchy.
  • XtraReport - Group page numbering is incorrect (the XRPageInfo component issue).
  • XtraReport - Move the default padding values from the XRTableCell level to XRTable.
  • XtraReports - Extreme memory consumption with bound XRPictureBoxes in v18.1.8 and v18.2.3.


  • A double-click on an image in RichEditControl's document selects the document header.
  • A table cell cannot be split vertically via the UI command.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs on invoking the DocumentLayot.GetElement method in the SelectionChanged event handler after removing a section break.
  • Comments are incorrectly positioned when SimpleView is active.
  • Creating and executing the NextLineCommand in a loop constantly increases memory consumption.
  • Exporting a specific document to a Word document (.docx) cannot be opened in Microsoft Word.
  • Fields located in a text box in a document inserted in a DOCVARIABLE field are not updated automatically.
  • Formatting marks are visible even if the corresponding property in FormattingMarkVisibilityOptions is set to Hidden and the ToggleShowWhitespaceItem button is clicked.
  • Images set by an index of an ImageCollection on some toolbar items are overriden by the default DevExpress images.
  • Invoking the context menu in TextBox clears the current selection in this TextBox.
  • It is impossible to copy an inline image to the end of a document.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to obtain the next column in the RepositoryItemRichTextEdit document.
  • Removing the TextBox outline isn't preserved on saving a document to RTF format.
  • Selection is incorrectly processed when using the Shift + Down key combination in multiline text.
  • Selection is processed incorrectly after selecting multiple empty cells using the Shift+Left and Shift-Up key combinations.
  • Selection is reset after selecting text using the Shift + End key combination and pressing Shift + Left.
  • Specific document characters are not exported to the print preview.
  • Table columns may not preserve their widths after removing a table row.
  • The "In Line with Text" wrapping for the image is changed on an attempt to set the rotation angle for this image in the "More Layout Options" dialog.
  • The "Unable to sort because the IComparer.Compare() method returns inconsistent results." exception occurs on deleting symbols after loading a specific document.
  • The AdjustColorsToSkins property does not affect a line numbering color in SimpleView.
  • The caret cannot be set between two neighboring images with the "In Line with Text" wrapping using the arrow keys.
  • The DocumentLayout.GetElement method doesn't return the appropriate layout element by the start position of the in-line picture.
  • The InsertDocumentContent method call with the InsertOptions.KeepSourceFormatting parameter changes the source document's content formatting.
  • The Table Properties form's resource file contains incorrect string Ids for the Table Alignment and Table Cell Alignment items.
  • Usability - There is no way to enter text with several paragraphs into RichEditControl at design time.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • An additional normal appointment is generated when exporting a changed occurrence to Outlook.
  • AppointmentLabel - The CustomFields property is not available.
  • Appointments disappear on scrolling MonthView.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in the CalculateMinRowHeight method.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in the DayViewDateTimeScrollController.Scroll method.
  • Bezier Skin - Appointments can't use their resource colors when grouping by resources.
  • GanttView - NullReferenceException is thrown when closing a form.
  • RemoveService in the Scheduler control causes System.ArgumentNullException.
  • ResourcesTree is not sorted if the TreeListColumn.SortOrder property is set.
  • An infinite loop occurs when exporting a changed occurrence to Outlook.
  • Appointment text is not shown in the Print Preview for some Appointments.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when a Resource is added to the underlying DataSource.
  • Drawing artifacts are shown for appointment subjects in the Agenda view.
  • FileNotFoundException occurs if an incorrect file name is specified when importing an iCalendar (*.ics) file.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the AppointmentChangeHelper class.
  • System.ArgumentException is thrown on changing selection via the Tab key.
  • The control automatically scrolls when the mouse is outside its boundaries after a double-click on an appointment.
  • SchedulerControl doesn't update its values automatically when it's bound to the same DataTable as another control and a value is changed.
  • SchedulerControl, DayView - SnapToCellsMode works in Disable mode incorrectly.
  • SchedulerStorage.RefreshData does not raise the FetchAppointments event.
  • The HorizontalWeek control in tile mode doesn't correctly split over multiple pages in version 17.2.7.
  • The preview window does not show its content when SchedulerReportDesignTool is used.


  • Mnemonics underlines disappear in the Spelling form after releasing the Alt key.
  • SpellChecker processes ellipses incorrectly if no space symbol is inserted before and after these symbols.


  • ArgumentException occurs on document saving when the inserted image Id matches the Id of the object located in the shape group.
  • Array dimensions exceed the supported range when changing fill properties in a certain way.
  • Chart grid lines are rendered with an incorrect color in SpreadsheetControl.
  • Formula bar's editor is disposed of after disposing of the linked SpreadsheetControl.
  • Lines between row/column headers and between cells are thick when SpreadsheetControl's document is zoomed in.
  • Memory leaks when using SpreadsheetControl with a linked ToolTipController.
  • Newly added BarSubItems don't appear in SpreadsheetControl's Ribbon after the "Create All Bars" smart tag item is clicked.
  • Performance penalties on updating a pivot table data source containing a lot of different data.
  • Spreadsheet does not use the regional decimal separator of the numeric pad.
  • SpreadsheetControl incorrectly populates cells with values when using the fill handle if the source range contains filtered rows.
  • Text with the "=" prefix is parsed as a formula in a spreadsheet column with the Text number format.
  • The "All checked", "All unchecked" and Close buttons are not shown in the Column AutoFilter dialog with the French locale.
  • The "Insert ->Table Rows Above" action does not extend the conditional formatting range as Excel does.
  • The "Insert Sheet Rows" action does not extend the conditional formatting range as Excel does.
  • The cut and paste operations do not properly work for worksheet images.
  • The formula does not use the spreadsheet control's culture when inserting subtotals in a data range from UI.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • The Drag and Drop behavior has an incorrect cursor in TreeListMainDemo.
  • Appearance settings set in the CustomDrawRowFooterCell event handler are applied to all summaries.
  • Show all selected nodes on dragged nodes' preview.
  • Text that shows the number of selected items is partially visible on dragged nodes' preview.
  • The IndicatorArgs.DisplayText property is not reset.
  • The parent node changes the check state when its child nodes are checked and the AllowRecursiveNodeChecking option is disabled.
  • TreeList throws ArgumentNullException when expanding a node and DirectX is enabled.
  • WinForms - NullReferenceException occurs in the Object Model dialog in some circumstances.


  • The TreeMapControl.LayoutAlgorithm property change is not effective.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • Property Grid Child rows are incorrectly sorted using a custom PropertyDescriptor.
  • PropertyGridControl - System.FormatException is thrown on typing in the Dock property cell.
  • PropertyGridControl - The display text set in the RepositoryItemTextEdit.CustomDisplayText event handler is not taken into account for cells.
  • RepositoryItemLookUpEdit shows the selected Guid (ValueMember) when the selected text (DisplayMember) is empty.
  • RepositoryItemPopupContainerEdit can't work in PropertyGridControl with OfficeView.
  • VerticalGrid - GetRecordObject returns an incorrect value when a filter is applied.
  • VGridControl - Fixed Row captions are not redrawn.