DevExpress WinForms 18.2.5

DevExpress WinForms 18.2.5
Improves the Spreadsheet, Scheduler and RichEdit controls.


Feature Release

January 25, 2019 - 10:10
DevExpress WinForms 18.2.5
DevExpress WinForms

All WinForms Controls

  • A custom skin project cannot be opened when one custom skin is a template of another skin
  • A custom skin that is based on a bonus skin isn't applied completely
  • ImageOptions - An image is set to the Image property despite its size when it is changed using the smart tag

Coded UI

  • Coded UI - Testing cannot find a control when the CodeMeter Runtime is installed on a machine
  • CodedUI - Add the capability to set the DXTreeListColumnHeader.SortOrder property

Data Access Library

  • Query Builder - The TreeList-based view is rendered blank with the enabled DirectX

PDF Viewer

  • API - The PdfViewer.MouseDown event isn't raised when the Cursors.SizeNS or Cursors.SizeWE cursor is used
  • Skinning - Parent LookAndFeel is not properly inherited in a find panel


  • A snap field cannot be properly bound to a data source field via the Properties menu when the Mail-Merge mode is turned on
  • It is impossible to bind the SNHYPERLINK field to a parameter
  • SnapControl does not retrieve data from data columns whose names contain the "(" or "/" characters

XtraBars Suite

  • A click on the hamburger menu's footer element with the 'more' button triggers the click event multiple times
  • AccordionControl - AccordionControlElement.Tag is set to null when a layout is restored
  • AccordionControl - Drawing artifacts are shown on fast scrolling
  • AccordionControl - Incorrect nested indents are used in the Office 2019 Colorful skin when the ActiveGroupDisplayMode property is set to GroupHeaderAndContent
  • AccordionControl - The HeaderControl background is changed after its item is expanded
  • AccordionControl - The MouseDobleClick and DoubleClick events do not fire when the control is in Overlay mode
  • AccordionControl does not refresh items' state when it is scrolled using the mouse wheel
  • An item's separator is not shown on TabbedForm
  • BarEditItem's height is incorrectly calculated when the item displays multi-line text
  • BarItem displays ShortcutKeyDisplayString in its popup menu when an item doesn't have an actual shortcut
  • DockManager - A panel docked to the top has an incorrect size
  • Floating panels can be docked to panels behind the topmost panel
  • How to change the space between tab headers and bar items in TabbedForm
  • MDI child form's buttons are barely visible in the Office 2019 Colorful skin
  • PopupControlContainer is scaled each time it is displayed if a user changed its size with the size grip
  • Ribbon Customization Dialog - The left tree's context menu operates elements of the right tree
  • RibbonControl - An MDI child form displays bar items incorrectly when the Simplified command layout is used
  • RibbonControl - New bar items cannot be added to BarSubItem when Visual Inheritance is used
  • RibbonForm - It is impossible to focus bar edit items placed at the right side of the form's title bar
  • TabbedView - NullReferenceException is thrown in the BeginInvoke method called within the TabbedView.RestoreDelayedSelection method
  • TabForm - NulReferenceException is thrown in the TabFormControlPainterBase.DrawPageBackgroungCore method in an inherited form at design time
  • TabForm - Visual Studio closes after an inherited form is closed at design time
  • The AccordionControl element click event doesn't fire after a layout is restored
  • The BarButtonItem text is unreadable in the Quick Access Toolbar when the Bezier skin is used
  • The BarEditItem.Edit property is ignored when the item is not activated
  • The BarManagerProperties.BarItemHorzIndent property is ignored if it is set at runtime
  • The BarManager's Customization form - The selected category index is decreased when a new command is added to this category
  • The MouseWheel event does not fire when TileControl content is scrolled
  • TileControl is rendered incorrectly when the DirectX mode is enabled and TileControl.BackColor is Transparent
  • ToolboxControl - Provide a way to select items in code
  • ToolboxControl - The dragged image freezes when the default drag function is canceled in the DragItemMove event handler
  • XtraBars - A checked BarButtonItem with the CheckDropDown button style has a different color compared to a checked BarCheckItem
  • XtraTabbedMdiManager - An exception is raised when PinPage buttons are shown and the Bezier skin is used

XtraCharts Suite

  • A chart's Summary Function dialog is not displayed
  • A WPF .NET Core project cannot be compiled when the DevExpress.XtraCharts assembly is referenced
  • An extra border appears when printing the ChartControl in certain situations
  • Chart Designer - The Options tab is empty when the "Auto-created series" item is selected
  • Chart displaying many points is rendered slowly if any item is selected
  • ChartControl resets DataSource to null after a capture is selected from WorkSpaceManager
  • Data aggregation - Certain points are aggregated incorrectly when a custom measurement unit is defined
  • Documentation - Update the LegendTextPattern topic according to the BC4098 Breaking Change
  • Report Chart Designer - The designer doesn't use custom names if a report data source implements the IDisplayNameProvider interface
  • The Bar Series demo is shown without animation when the DirectX render mode is enabled
  • The scrollbar element is incorrectly drawn on zooming when the RangeControl is attached to the ChartControl
  • Usability - There is no capability to cancel changes in the Palettes Editor


  • DiagramControl's Background bar item is not fully displayed when it's opened for the first time

XtraEditors Library

  • DropDownButton does not change its appearance on hovering when the Bezier or custom skin is used
  • Localization - German resource for StringId.PictureEditOpenFileFilter lists PNG twice (and SVG is missing)
  • OverlayForm - InvalidOperationException is thrown in the OverlayWindowController.UpdateOverlayClipRegionCore method
  • PopupContainerEdit is displayed incorrectly when changing its size in the BeforePopup/Popup events
  • RadioGroup - Some items aren't visible when an item layout is set to Columns and the ItemHorzAlignment property is Near
  • RatingControl - The ItemIndent property is not synchronized when an editor is activated
  • RepositoryItemRadioGroup - An item caption has an incorrect color in the Main Menu Bar with certain palettes
  • RepositoryItemRatingControl doesn't display text in inplace mode
  • The button text is unreadable in FlyoutPanel when the Blue skin is used
  • The use of SplashScreen can affect the main thread's CurrentUICulture
  • ToolTip closes when the cursor is over it and the KeepWhileHovered option is enabled
  • XtraMessageBox incorrectly renders strings with tab characters

XtraGrid Suite

  • A ConditionalFormatting rule is applied to a summary row during export
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the FocusedRowHandle property is set on load
  • GridControl - The Excel Filter popup window can be resized but the size grip is not shown
  • GridView Drag&Drop cursor is flickering
  • LayoutView - An image is not animated for the first row in Carousel mode
  • LayoutView - An incorrect background card image is shown in Carousel mode
  • LayoutView - Data of unbound fields isn't displayed in background cards in Carousel mode
  • LayoutView - Images in background cards are clipped in Carousel mode
  • LayoutView - Part of field text disappears after search when the Xmas2008Blue skin is applied in DirectX mode
  • The Empty item of the Excel-inspired dropdown filter cannot be unchecked if the All item is checked
  • TileView - The item has the incorrect RowHandle value in the ItemCheckedChanged event handler on sorting
  • TileView does not clear its images cache on changing a data source when CacheThumbnails is set to true
  • WinExplorerView - An item under the cursor becomes hovered when showing the view in PopupContainerControl
  • WinExplorerView - The TextOptions.VAlignment property doesn't work for a record's title
  • XtraGrid freezes on grouping when it is bound to a large data source via an InstantFeedback source

XtraLayout Suite

  • DashboardLayoutControl - The FontStyleDelta and FontSizeDelta properties are not applied to a layout control item until re-sizing it


  • A delay occurs when running MapControl with the OSM provider in the offline environment
  • A duplicate Print Preview window is shown at runtime
  • Documentation - The example from the Vector Items data source article does not work in a non-US locale
  • Map Editor - MapPath vertices are drawn after removing the corresponding MapPath at runtime
  • MapControl - NullReferenceException occurs with certain zoom levels when OsmGeocodeDataProvider is used
  • The BackgroundDrawingMode=None option does not work if MapCustomElement displays text with a custom background and the AllowHtmlText option is enabled

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • NullReferenceException is raised if you pass the null value instead of an empty object as a parameter to the GetCellValue method
  • OLAP - Calculated dimension data sets defined with the OLAPExpression property do not work
  • Pivot Grid - The "Defer Layout Update" option is ignored when double-clicking hidden fields in the customization form

XtraReports Suite

  • Add a Tag property to XtraReport parameters
  • An empty DataSet set as XtraReport's data source throws an exception on the CreateDocument() call
  • End-User Report Designer - The Save message does not appear on an attempt to close the modified report in the MDI interface
  • End-User Report Designer - Provide detailed validation information for the Name property
  • End-User Report Designer - Switching to the preview tab disables Windows bitmap scaling on high-DPI devices
  • End-User Report Designer - The Field List context menu is not shown for SqlDataSource
  • End-User Ribbon Designer crashes with an unhandled exception upon switching to the preview tab (the MS Office Add-in issue)
  • Export to Image - Vector images embedded into RTF are not preserved (the EMF+ issue)
  • JsonDataSource - An incorrect end point URL crashes the entire Report Designer
  • Report Designer - A runtime change of the properties panel view from the office-inspired to regular clears the property list
  • Report Designer - Expression Editor mangles complex expressions
  • Report Wizard - The "Configure Page Settings" page cannot be localized through Localization Service
  • Scripting - It is not possible to define a member variable with the same name as a parameter
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - Expressions button (f) is not visible in the Property Grid window in Visual Studio 2019
  • XRDesignerRibbonForm -  The initial DockPanel size does not scale properly on high DPI monitors
  • XRPictureBox - The 'Data at root level is invalid' exception is thrown if a non-SVG markup string is passed to the ImageSource property
  • Group page numbering is incorrect (the XRPageInfo component issue)
  • The originally collapsed drill-down report does not refresh its subreports


  • A hyperlink attached to a floating picture isn't exported to Html
  • A text box/shape's "Vertical alignment" setting is ignored when the RichEditControl document is rendered
  • ArgumentException is thrown after Html text is pasted from the clipboard
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException on an attempt to load a specific RTF document
  • Bookmarks that are not linked to any hyperlink in a document are not exported to PDF
  • InvalidCastException occurs on an attempt to delete paragraphs between two tables in a specific document
  • Shapes have an incorrect position and size when a relative size is used and certain effects are applied
  • Text on a shape is rendered with an incorrect font size in RichEditControl
  • The "bordercolor" and "border-width" tags do not operate properly
  • The Comment control does not adjust colors according to skins
  • There is no DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.Forms.TabsForm(e.ControllerParameters) constructor in v18.2

XtraScheduler Suite

  • An exception is thrown when there are no resources and grouping is applied to a view
  • Appointment icon no longer clips to fit available space
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown if the RecurrenceInfo.AllDays option is enabled and the RecurrenceInfo.Start property is set to DateTime.MaxValue
  • DateNavigator lacks a border
  • Different visual artifacts appear in TimeRuler when scrolling SchedulerControl with the 3D Style applied
  • A bound RangeControl shows all appointments even if the corresponding resource is hidden
  • Flickering occurs when an appointment is dragged outside an interval specified by the LimitInterval property
  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown on scrolling
  • RecurrenceInfo has an incorrect value when the appointment pattern is modified
  • SchedulerDataStorage - Redundant events are raised when the AppointmentCollection.ReadXml method is called
  • Scheduling - Wrong names of CellsAutoHeight icons
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when recurrence appointments are exported from Outlook
  • The "Cannot specify both default reminders and overrides at the same time" exception is thrown when a new reminder was added if the Google calendar is synchronized
  • XtraSchedulerControl - AutoAdjustForeColor incorrectly works with certain skins


  • Several Spelling form buttons are disabled after releasing the Alt key


  • Copy/paste operation - The Range.CopyFrom(Range, PasteSpecial) method with parameters copies borders' style from a source cell range
  • Groups on a protected worksheet cannot be expanded/collapsed on clicking outline buttons when the CollapseExpandOnProtectedSheet option is enabled
  • Setting PasteSpecialFlags in the CopiedRangePasting event handler does not have any effect
  • SpreadsheetControl uses incorrect row height after loading a specific document
  • The "Function Arguments" form does not display the resulting value for UDF functions if a field contains a reference to a cell
  • The "Show formatting rules for" combobox does not display localized items under Czech locale
  • The DisplayText property returns "0" for cells with zero values when the ShowZeroValues option is disabled
  • ValueChecked and ValuedUnchecked properties are ignored when CheckEdit is used as a custom in-place editor for the cell

XtraTreeList Suite

  • An indent is not treated as a part of a row when ShowIndentAsRowStyle is enabled
  • A fluent scrollbar is not shown when a tree is hosted within an auto-hidden DockPanel
  • Nodes are not selected properly by using the mouse or keyboard if clearing and selecting them in code before


  • Group Header text is drawn in another group area when a big number of nested groups is displayed

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • PropertyGridControl - Tab buttons overlap property editors in some skins
  • PropertyGridControl - The scrollbar has an incorrect location in ScrollUIMode.Fluent or ScrollUIMode.Touch mode
  • PropertyGridControl ignores the editor's DisplayFormat settings
  • Records are not selected correctly when a user is holding the Control key while clicking them
  • The DatePicker is not displayed correctly in the PropertyGridControl
  • The grid keeps multiple rows selected after the MultiSelect option is disabled
  • VerticalGrid - Opening the Filter Editor via a smart tag doesn't work when MultiSelect is set to true