DevExpress ASP.NET 18.2.5

DevExpress ASP.NET 18.2.5
Improves the HtmlEditor, Scheduler and Charts controls.


Feature Release

January 25, 2019 - 10:17
DevExpress ASP.NET 18.2.5
DevExpress ASP.NET

ASP.NET Web Forms

All ASP.NET Controls

  • Documentation - Describe what information should be stored in the control's layout in the ClientLayout event articles for all controls


  • ASPxComboBox - Scrolling changes the vertical scrollbar's horizontal location when scaling is enabled and ASPxComboBox EncodeHtml is false
  • ASPxDateEdit - The editor's value is changed after a postback if an end-user sets the "08.10.2018" date and the Australian time zone with DST is used
  • ASPxSpinEdit - It's not possible to enter the 0 symbol after a decimal point on an Android device
  • ASPxTextBox - The second input element doesn't have the aria-label attribute when NullTextDisplayMode="UnfocusedAndFocused" and accessibilityCompliant="true"
  • ASPxFormLayout - The ClientVisible property is not available in a control


  • "Currency" symbols are incorrectly exported to PDF and XLSX formats if these symbols are manually added to summaries' display text in the CustomColumnDisplayText event handler
  • A new GridViewDataDropDownEditColumn value is empty in the RowUpdating event if the SetValue method is used
  • Additional markup is generated after binding a grid using a smart-tag
  • GridViewDataComboBoxColumn is not bound to a server mode data source
  • It is not possible to use a custom editor in the embedded Filter Control if the editor is in ASPxDropDownEdit's DropDownWindowTemplate
  • The last column's border is missing if RightToLeft=true and horizontal scroll bar is visible
  • The layout is incorrect if fixed columns and the RTL mode are used
  • The SettingsPopup.EditForm.MinHeight property shows whitespace between content and popup borders
  • Toolbar items' font is large in Office365
  • ASPxGridView, ASPxCardView - Office365 border issues
  • ASPxGridViewExporter - RenderBrick's TextValueFormatString property doesn't work


  • The "Insert link" dialog cannot be opened when ASPxTextBox with ValidateRequestMode is set to 'Disabled' and the page contains some dangerous content
  • The "Invalid argument" exception is raised in IE 9 after selecting the "Design" tab
  • The opened dropdown of a nested combobox is shifted on window resizing when adaptivity is enabled
  • System.IndexOutOfRangeException is raised while renaming files using the File Manager control which is invoked from the Insert Link dialog


  • A document renders incorrectly if a paragraph's text is justified
  • An image is cut off when it occupies the whole page width
  • Incorrect table size if a floating object is placed over this table

ASPxScheduler Suite

  • "Cannot set property 'dateCustomizationInfo' of undefined" error occurs on closing the Edit Appointment Form if the AppointmentFormVisibility property is set to the "FillControlArea" value
  • "TypeError: dxo is undefined" client-side error occurs on submitting the Edit Appointment Form values in the Mozilla Firefox browser
  • ASPxScheduler - Script errors occur when the ShowAppointmentToolTip, ShowSelectionToolTip and ShowAppointmentDragToolTip properties are disabled
  • ASPxScheduler - The Delete button is not disabled in the Edit Form if deleting is restricted
  • The "TypeError: this.scheduler.getActiveViewRenderManager(...).getViewType is not a function" error occurs on changing appointments using a custom Appointment Form if EnableClientRender is set to true


  • A certain document cannot be saved and printed correctly


  • A check box does not respond to a mouse click when it is clicked in the center if the Office365 theme is applied    

Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls

  • "Zip file cannot be extracted" error occurs when the Windows File Compression Tool is used to unzip the archive downloaded from File Manager control
  • ASPxFormLayout - The layout is incorrect when AdaptivityMode="SingleColumnWindowLimit" and row spans are used
  • ASPxPager - The hovered Next/Last items have a black color in Office365
  • ASPxRatingControl - The CssClass property is not in effect if the MaterialCompact, Material or Office365 theme is applied
  • ASPxSplitter - The Collapse button works incorrectly when the SaveStateToCookies property is set to true
  • ASPxTabControl - How to set tab width to occupy the whole control
  • ASPxUploadControl - An uploaded file's content type is "application/octetstream" if an application is deployed to a server
  • Documentation - ASPxFileManager - Add a VB.NET code snippet to the ResolveAccount article
  • Performance issues while arranging elements in the Form Layout control in version 18.2

XtraCharts Suite

  • Line Series - Standalone points are displayed when Line markers are hidden


MVC Data Editors

  • Button - The DisabledStyle.BackgroundImage.ImageUrl property doesn't work if base64 url is used
  • DateEdit - An incorrect month is selected if a current culture is changed
  • TokenBox - What does the TokenBoxExtension.GetSelectedValues method return

MVC GridView

  • AutoFilterByColumn doesn't allow forwarding a custom filter expression to an MVC controller's filtering action for a DateTime column
  • GridView - Batch Editing - New rows are added to a data source in a wrong order
  • GridView - Custom Binding - A column's AutoFilterCondition is reset when it is initially specified

MVC HtmlEditor

  • HtmlEditor - An image is uploaded to a wrong folder if it was uploaded through the "From the gallery" tab

MVC Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Extensions

  • FormLayout incorrectly arranges items in multiple columns after an upgrade from v18.2.3 to v18.2.4
  • Menu - The FindByName method called for the Items collection doesn't search items recursively when creating Menu settings
  • PopupControl - The popup is shown at an incorrect position above a popup element when it contains ListBox with the enabled SelectAll functionality

MVC Report

  • HTML5 Document Viewer - A PDF file name doesn't support special letters when a report is exported in Firefox
  • HTML5 Document Viewer - Required validation does not work for multi-value parameters
  • Provide the capability to clone an active report in the End-User Report Designer
  • Web Dashboard - It is impossible to assign a number parameter to a filter condition where the field with the same type is used
  • Web Reporting Demo - The 'Large DataSet' demo should contain only the 'Export To PDF' export option

MVC RichEdit

  • ASPxRichEdit - Footnotes are removed on saving a document
  • Numbering lists with different formatting are rendered incorrectly in a printed document
  • RichEdit - Copying and pasting an existing image does not work in IE11

MVC Scheduler

  • A View's GroupType property value is reset after changing views in the MVC Scheduler control

MVC Spreadsheet

  • Spreadsheet - Hyperlinks don't work in non-Chrome browsers if they are placed in a merged cell with text wrapping enabled

ASP.NET Bootstrap

.NET | ASP.NET Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap Controls - Office components layout is not correct in Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap CardView

  • Endless Paging - Dynamically loaded items are inserted before the second item

Bootstrap GridView

  • A client-side exception with the 'ASPx.GetScriptCode is not a function' message is thrown when DataBind() is invoked in a detail grid defined in the DetailRow template
  • BootstrapGridView - The server-side Click event of the Submit button does not fire when the button's CausesValidation is enabled and the grid has a combobox column with validation enabled
  • BootstrapGridView inside an iframe - The "Unable to get property 'split' of undefined or null reference" JS error occurs if the Refresh method is called in the EndCallback event handler (only in IE11)

Bootstrap Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls

  • BootstrapCallbackPanel - Loading Panel is not visible with Bootstrap 3
  • BootstrapPopupControl - The vertical scrollbar doesn't work in Chrome and FireFox when the adaptivity setting is Always and ShowPageScrollbarWhenModal is enabled

Bootstrap Scheduler

  • The HtmlTimeCellPrepared event is raised for cells with an empty resource even if the GroupType property is not set to the "None" value

ASP.NET Core Bootstrap

Editors (ASP.NET Core Bootstrap)

  • BootstrapRadioButtonList for ASP.NET Core - The ValidationSettings options are not available

GridView (ASP.NET Core Bootstrap)

  • BootstaprGridView for Core - Publish the CustomCellMerge event
  • BootstrapGridView for ASP.NET Core throws an exception in .NET Core 3

Layout (ASP.NET Core Bootstrap)

  • Button - The RouteValues property works incorrectly when UseSubmitBehavior=true