DevExpress Reporting 18.2.4

DevExpress Reporting 18.2.4
Improves End-User Report Designer and HTML 5 Document Viewer.


Feature Release

January 02, 2019 - 17:00
DevExpress Reporting 18.2.4
DevExpress Reporting


  • HTML 5 Document Viewer - "The requested document operation cannot be performed" error occurs when using the DocumentOperationService
  • It is not possible to add a new XtraReport component into an ASP.NET Web Site project by using an item template
  • Web Report Designer - the "Parameters binding" feature loses the subreport's parameter

Windows Forms

  • ChartControl - The 'The datasource doesn't contain a data member with the "..." name.' error occurs when assigning a data source to a chart whose series contains a value member with the nullable type
  • Data Source Wizard - EFDataSource cannot be added to a report
  • Designer - Expression editor - The PrintOnPage event should not contain DataSource
  • Designer - PropertyGrid crashes after converting data bindings to expressions
  • End-User Report Designer - A report layout displays incorrect reserved space in multi-column mode
  • End-User Report Designer - Dock panels disappear when the designer is switched to the Preview tab and then to the Designer tab if the designer's ribbon is merged with the main window ribbon
  • End-User Report Designer - Expression Editor should show all tables in "Advanced Bindings" mode
  • End-User Report Designer - Provide SVG support for ColumnImageProvider
  • End-User Report Designer - ResourceManager should not be used to retrieve localized resources for the base XtraSchedulerReport class
  • End-User Report Designer - System.NullReferenceException is thrown on selecting a control in a report if the main application form uses the Office2003 style
  • End-User Report Designer - System.NullReferenceException is thrown when closing the floating Design Panel
  • Export to DOCX - An image placed to the XRRichText control is not exported if a text was displayed prior to this image
  • Export to DOCX - The "Index was out of range" exception is thrown for certain reports
  • Export To Pdf - An extra blank line at the end of text should be trimmed
  • Export to PDF - Wrapped text is truncated in the produced document
  • Expression Bindings - A control doesn't show any value if its expression is set to the DataSource.CurrentRowIndex or DataSource.RowCount variables
  • HTML5 Document Viewer - A brick added to the page on the report's AfterPrint event is not visible on the preview
  • Invoke a Filter Editor form for XtraReport at runtime to modify the report's FilterString expression
  • Print Preview - Text selection is very slow
  • Report Designer - Fit Bounds To Container command may work incorrectly for controls put into an XRTableCell with borders
  • Report Designer - Intersection of the control's bottom bound is not highlighted as an export warning
  • Report Wizard - A data member of a report data source is selected by default when DataSet is used as a report's data source
  • ReportPrintTool - Expanding a drill-down report makes it disappear from the print preview
  • SqlDataSource - Calling the Dispose method right after BeginFillList throws an unhandled exception
  • The "DXperience.Reporting" tracer does not log XRPictureBox control's image loading errors
  • The content of a specific report disappears on preview when a certain XRCrossBandLine control is visible
  • The DevExpress.XtraReports.Wizards.XtraReportModelUI class is missing in version 18.2
  • The same image is displayed for all master rows in XRPictureBox when this picture box is drawn inside the XRSubreport control
  • The Save message does not appear on an attempt to close the modified report in the End-User Report Designer
  • The size of the control created in the FillEmptySpace event handler changes when the report is previewed
  • The XRChart control doesn't show data for detail records in a master-detail report
  • The XRSubreport.CanShrink property does not work in certain report layout configurations
  • Visual Studio crashes with System.NullReferenceException when opening a report in Visual Studio Report Designer with the WebSite project type
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - The undo/redo hotkeys do not work in the script tab
  • Visual Studio Report Designer crashes on an attempt to expand a drill-down report (the ConnectionProvider issue)
  • VS Report Designer - It is possible to create a parameter whose name is equal to a property name of the XtraReport class
  • XPObjectSource - Filtering by a multi-value parameter does not work
  • XtraReport - The EvaluateBinding event arguments do not provide any information about a bound report parameter
  • XtraReport - Changing preview margins resets the page summary value (the ITypedList issue)
  • XtraReport - 'The datasource doesn't contain a data member with the "..." name' error occurs when loading a specific report with a chart
  • XtraReport hangs VS 2017 in Expression builder
  • XTraReport.CreateDocument throwns a NullReference exception in the ExpressionBindingEvaluator.SaveInitialPropertyValues method
  • XtraSchedulerReport - ReportDayView is removed from the Views collection when a report is saved to a .schrepx file


  • An image in the Label Report designer is not translated
  • DocumentPreviewControl - The "Zoom In" button works incorrectly when the "Wrap Pages" page layout is used
  • DocumentPreviewControl - The 'Export' button is not disabled when export starts
  • DocumentPreviewControl - The Watermark dialog should be of a fixed size
  • Export - An existing file is overridden without confirmation when a report is exported to any format with a default file path
  • In Light mode QueryBuilder does not search against a table list based on typed keys like the WinForms version does
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the DocumentPreviewControl control is loaded
  • Pivot Grid Designer - Fields change their order when opening the designer in a specific report
  • WPF End-User Report - The "Data Binding" property editor does not respect UserDesignerOptions.DataBindingMode
  • WPF End-User Report Designer - IConnectionStorageService.SaveConnection is not called for the "Add Data Source" action
  • WPF Report Designer - It should be possible to change the control's SizeF property value through ReportDesignerDocument.MakeChanges
  • WPF Report Designer - The OfficeInspiredRibbonTemplate should not be using private IValueConverters