Code Compare Pro V5.0.85

Code Compare Pro V5.0.85
Adds support for comparing JavaScript and TypeScript editors in Visual Studio.


Feature Release

December 19, 2018 - 10:37
Code Compare Pro V5.0.85
Code Compare Pro
  • Support for JavaScript and TypeScript editors in Microsoft Visual Studio - When opening a comparison, the programming language in use is defined automatically depending on the file extension.
  • Preliminary Comparison of Large Files - After running comparison you will see a dialog box with information about the size, date and last modification for each file and info about file differences.
  • Improved Support for 4-5K Monitors and Usability - For more convenient scrolling, Code Compare now supports the  Shift + mouse wheel shortcut
  • Folder Comparison Improvements
    • The ‘Launch Code Compare‘ command is now called ‘Compare Files‘ or ‘Compare Folders‘.
    • The Ignore line breaks option has been renamed as  ‘Ignore empty lines‘.
    • The node_module folder has been added to the default list of ignored folders for the folder comparison, and the resources folder has been excluded from this list.